Customer Testimonial: Public Utilities Company – Matt Korek

February 26, 2020

So with my role what I basically end up
doing is I work with the business to create solutions for them using things
like SharePoint or Flow or Power Automate whatever you want to call it now. We were using SharePoint 2010 and it was more so kind of an end-of-life thing. I think it was basically like you either upgraded to 2013 at the
time or it was getting close to the 2016 version or you go to Microsoft Office 365 and I think they finally just decided to make the jump to go full cloud. So it was about one-and-a-half
terabytes and it was about 1,100 sites Ten months, yeah it was ten months. We wanted an easy way to move content between sites just in case like we needed to do
that again and also to be able to map metadata between sites in case they
happen to not be the exact same type of feel We did use that and what that helped us
to do was to create a, we had this spreadsheet of all of our sites in our
environment and from there we were able to group based off activity and amount of
content, we were able to put the sites into migration waves and that was
basically what got us to start or in the planning phase of our migration was using that tool. Yes, I think downtime is a pretty
big issue with just about everybody. I don’t think a lot of people realize how big it
is until it’s down so that was one of the things that we tried to do with our
migration is we broke it up into waves and we we would basically make it where
like our whole like process was where we would take these sites to talk to site
owners and tell them when they were going to move and so once that day
would come, that Monday we would move all the content from 2010, or not move. We would copy the content from 2010 into Microsoft Office 365 and do a new site and then on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we would basically check to make sure
everything kind of worked all right and then on Thursday night we would migrate
any changes that happened in 2010 over into Microsoft Office 365 and then Friday morning we would cut permissions to 2010 and then people were now using that site in
SharePoint Online into Microsoft Office 365 So we were able to do that pretty easily
with the pre-built plan feature to basically set everything up beforehand
and then that helped us to move the deltas on Thursday and all we had to do
was basically just click run, so that helped a lot. I will say that it did save a ton of time to have the the pre-built plans and for the incremental because I mean we already
knew what we wanted to move we just wanted me to changes so instead of
having to rebuild everything out we just already had our plan and then we just reran it on Thursday night everything worked out. Yes, we flattened everything out in
the site collection so we had everything in sub-sites the way I guess everyone
pretty much did it before and we saw this as an opportunity to break every
sub site out into its own site collection I would say if you have the opportunity to
invest in something to help you out with this I would definitely say do so. From planning to execution the testing of the migration, that’s a full-time job
right there so we were lucky enough to also have contractors to help us with
day to day work while we were doing this migration because there was no way we
could have done this on our own.

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