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Creating Time Boxes in TEUXDEUX

February 28, 2020

Do you want to know how to use timeboxes with TEUXDEUX? Find out in this week’s new series of Working With Time Boxes… I think. INTRO MUSIC Hello and welcome to a brand-new series
of videos that I’m going to do, which is showing you how you can set up my time
boxes, or time box, is not really “my” time boxes, but setting up time boxes in many
different productivity apps. And this week, as the first one I’m going to show
you I’m going to show you how to set this up in TEUXDEUX that’s T E U X D E U X. This
is a wonderfully minimalist to-do list application. It is designed for the
person on the go, somebody who just needs to see what they have to do today and
just by a simple tap, it shows that it’s actually being completed. It is very
simple. For those of you who like tags and project folders and all sorts of
other stuff TEUXDEUX is not for you. This is a really simple, minimalist application
and I want to show you how… and it is actually perfect for setting up time
boxes. And I want to show you how to do that today. Now, before we go any further
I would just like to point out that no I am not planning on leaving Todoist. Todoist is my go to to-do list manager. I have no plans to change that in the
future, long term or short term. But what I really want to do with this mini
series is just to show you guys a few different options but still being able
to use a wonderful simple organisation structure for your To-dos. Okay without
further ado, let me take you into TEUXDEUX right now so that you can see for
yourself how you can set up time boxes in this wonderfully minimalist app. Right, so here is the basic user interface of TEUXDEUX, and what I really like about this
app is that it is incredibly simple. Now essentially what you have is you have
two sections inTEUXDEUX. You have the bottom section where you can create your very
own lists So you could create a shopping list, you could create a a project list if you
wish. You can create whatever you want. Now, obviously in this what I
want to do is to show you how you can set up your very own time boxing system
in TEUXDEUX so what I’ve done is I’ve created the project folders, if you like,
at the bottom so we got this week, next week, this month, next month and long term. And essentially what I’ve done is I’ve just dropped the tasks in here. And the
top section, you have the days of the week. So you’ve got Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Because I’m recording this on Thursday ,so I’ve got
this here and it shows me the previous day. So I can actually just have a look
to see any tasks that I have completed the day before. It’s kind of like a mini-review of the day. So what I would do in this particular case is I
would be looking at this week and I’m thinking, right when am I going to do
these tasks? So here, review next month’s travel plans I’ll do that on Friday. I
can drop that up there drop termination agreement for Dr Lee,
I put that there and invite Strangways for drinks on Saturday. So I better do
that today so it gives him some time. Review maps of crab Key, I’ll do that
on Saturday. Organise transportation, I’ll do that
both together. And get follow-up to date, we’ll do that on Friday. And essentially
that’s all you would have to do if you were doing your weekly planning session.
And this is one of the things that I absolutely love about TEUXDEUX. Now it’s the
perfect minimalist to-do list. There’s no bells and whistles. There’s no labels,
there’s no context, there’s no project folders. Essentially, you have what you
can create down here and you can create additional ones here. What I would want
to do if I was using TEUXDEUX, I would actually like to keep all my tasks at
the bottom so I would just have this week, next week, this month, next month and
long term. It’s how I would organise it myself. If you wished you could create a
project list by just clicking this T here and you can create project lists
and you can actually just create your own projects, if you wanted to keep them
there. Personally I don’t want to do that I
just want to keep this nice and simple with this week, next week, this month, next month and long term. But essentially then you can just drop the things in here. Now
I have just removed all my to do is because I refreshed the page but you can
say you can just drag here and on a big screen this works
really well. And the and the iPhone app, which I’m afraid I don’t believe there’s
an Android app, but on the iPhone app you can actually just create you can do just
get to see on the iPhone today’s date and if you don’t do any of the tasks,
what will happen is they automatically move forward to the next day. So it’s a
really really simple, very very easy to use to-do list manager. Maybe not for
everyone, but if you are truly looking into a minimalist to-do list manager
then the the most minimalist I found, except for say just a simple text file,
would be this TEUXDEUX. It’s just a wonderful wonderful application for
those of you who are into the more simplistic things. So let’s just imagine
that ok I’ve reviewed my travel plans for tomorrow, for the next
month, and I’ve done the termination agreement. As you can see, all that
happens is it greys out. Now you do have a few let’s say you do have a few
editing options, you can use markdown text. So I can do the two stars here put
two stars there, I’ll hit return and then I get this bolded. If you wished to be
able to use your 2+8, you could do it that way. iIf you wish,
personally I probably wouldn’t and I will try and minimize the list because
it’s just showing ten tasks and as you go through them you get them done. I can
say right I’ve having a really good day. Let’s say we go into next week, I just
move along here I can go into next week by doing the stars there. So I’ve got
just go back one day Monday, Tuesday so I can actually start doing I would call
Jamie about the wok, oh I need to do on the 25th, so let’s do that on Tuesday
just put that there. Let’s just imagine that I don’t want to forget that so I’m
going to bold that. So I’ll just do the markdown text and make sure that that
comes up. So do the two stars and then hit that. So that comes up there. I need
to investigate Professor Dents laboratory, or we’ll do that on Wednesday.
And you know, this is just how easy it is to manage your tasks as and when you’re
doing it. Now the only thing that I’ve found is that you can’t specify when you
add a task you do actually need to be in the app, and you need to actually go into
the actual list to add a task. You can email a task to yourself with TEUXDEUX and that just will then send it to the task to today and then you can reorganise
it from there. But essentially it’s just dragging and moving things around. If I
don’t do this task let’s go back to later this week if I don’t do these
tasks they just automatically move forward to the next day. So it’s actually
a really simple, easy to use to-do list manager and if you don’t want a lot of bells and whistles and you just want a simple to-do list manager, then have a look at
TEUXDEUX. It costs about I think it’s about twenty-five dollars a year it’s not too
expensive and for what you get I think it’s actually worthwhile. It’s been
around for a long time, I don’t see many reviews about it, but as I was looking at
different to-do list managers that could operate the timeboxing
organisation structure, then TEUXDEUX is definitely a contender for something
that’s really simple and very very easy to use. Okay, so there you go. That is my
little quick review and how to set up my time boxing organisation in TEUXDEUX and
maybe for you those of you who are a little bit on the fence about what
applications to use, then perhaps this is an app that maybe you want to consider.
Well thank you very much for watching this episode, it just remains for me now
to wish you all a very very productive week. Thank you very much for watching
this video. Now I have a question for you. Are you ready to go beyond the to-do
list? Now, the reason I asked that question is because your to-do list
is never going to do the work for you. Your to do list is only ever going to
show you what needs to be done and that often can cause a lot of anxiety, a lot
of stress and a lot of overwhelm. What really helps you to get your work done
and what really helps you to become much more productive is developing your own
workflow. A workflow that you work from every single day that makes sure that you stay focused on the things that you have identified
are the most important things to you. Now that could be your work, it could be your
goals, it could be your family, it could be your personal life, it could be your
self-development. Whatever that is, that is entirely personal to you, but the key
is to develop the workflows so that you are consistently making small steps
towards achieving the things that you want to achieve every single day. And
that’s why I have developed my Productivity Mastermind Course | Creating Your Very Own Custom Workflow and I would love for you to check out the
course. The course is available now. Details of which are in the notes below.
And I would just love to see you in this course. So please join me in the
Productivity Mastermind Course | Developing Your Very Own Custom Workflow
because this is a course that’s going to take you way beyond the to-do list, so
that you start to really move forward on the goals and the things that you have
identified are important to you thank you very much.

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  • Reply Toran February 25, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    Don't think this one's for me, as I'd rather stick to just Todoist and Notion, for my to-do lists.

  • Reply E.F. kotlinski February 25, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Do you know the app called suru? I think it is very minimalist too, unfortunately too minimalist for me.

  • Reply Mark R February 25, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    Interesting app.
    Side note, WorkFlowy would work really well for your time boxing system. I've been using it for GTD but am modifying my setup to add Evernote to my workflow.

  • Reply Daniel Wyss February 25, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    I used it maybe 8 years ago. Maybe in 2013. Still looks exactly the same.

  • Reply Joe A February 25, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Very interesting. this would be a perfect beginner-level task management app. Just build your task list, decide roughly when you would like to see them done…then batch-focus on the work to be done today/this week. If I weren't already deeply invested in Todoist, i would have liked to give it a try

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