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November 30, 2019

Singapore one of the developed countries
is very interesting and fascinating. This small island nation is truly
international. It has multi cultural traditions, different languages, international and local cuisines, shopping malls everywhere, casinos, iconic sites and Gardens you should never miss. With all this it is one of the cleanest
and safest places to visit. That is why it is called “Fine City” but this has a hidden double meaning. They have some strange and weird laws that really makes you wonder, Are they really serious? Walking Naked In Your House You can say house you can say my house my rules
but not in Singapore. You can smoke at home but can’t walk around naked this is charged under pornography act since pornography is a serious crime in
Singapore. You can be imprisoned to repay a big penalty next time close your curtains before taking a shower. no chewing gum If you are a fan of chewing gum then Singapore is not the right place. Sale of chewing gum or importing
into the country is a serious crime. A one thousand dollar fine or two years in
prison for a little chewing gum. No urinating in lifts Elevators are equipped with sensors. If someone tries to urinate and lifts the sensor will trigger the alarm. This will auto lock the doors waiting to be opened by the police No littering For first-time offenders who throw items like plastic bags, candy wrappers or cigarette they will be fined $300. If they are convicted thrice then they have to clean the streets once a week. This is aimed at
publicly shaming and making them not to repeat No smoking smoking is almost banned in most of the places in Singapore there are some designated smoking zones where you are allowed to smoke. Another safe place is your home until your neighbor finds it uncomfortable. Do not forget to flush the toilet You may be in a rush after using the public toilet but remember you are in Singapore. Officials will do random checks and local toilets to make sure it is neat and clean. If you forget to flush the toilet after using it then be ready to pay a hefty fine. No feeding of pigeons You may love pigeons but in Singapore be careful before sharing your food with local pigeons. Be ready to pay
$500 for tossing you food with pigeon. No drugs During your time in Singapore if you are found in the possession of drugs or smuggling drugs then for sure you
will have a very bad time in Singapore. The officials can conduct unwarranted
body searches to check for drugs. If any found in a hefty fine of $10,000 to ten year jail or an extreme case death penalty. Homosexual is illegal Even though a lot of voices against homosexuality has been heard across the world. Singapore still makes homosexuality a
crime some people are actively trying to
overturn this law but as for not it is still illegal

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