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December 3, 2019

we are corn market we help the people
who help everyone else Ireland’s public sector we’ve ensured
teachers nurses public servants on their families for over 45 years we go back a
long way together so we understand your needs that’s why over 200,000 people
like you trust us to safeguard their financial future enough people to fill
Croke Park two-and-a-half times over whatever your stage in life we protect
the things you value everything from car home travel and health insurance to
pensions and retirement planning income protection and life insurance with our
team of experts working on your behalf you’ll always be in safe hands we’ve
built strong trusted relationships with public sector trade unions and employers
in Ireland this gives us the strength in numbers to secure the best value for our
customers no-one understands the needs and finances of public servants like we
do that’s why so many of you trust us to protect different parts of your lives
we’re here to look after you because you look after everyone else you

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