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Conceputal PlayWord Step 5 Planning interactions v3

December 16, 2019

Step five planning interactions in
conceptual play world’s teachers plan their interactions with each other and
in relation to the children classroom teacher misses our days with the Foxes
planning on how to catch Rosie in the other chickens support teacher mr.
spatula takes on the hen role that invites other chickens to be a part of
their clutch visiting professor Marilyn Flair takes on the role of bees and
invites children to join her hive of bees there are different roles teachers
can take teachers plan their role in the play world a number of ways to be
equally present with the children or to model practices in a role conceptual
intentions are planned before sitting out into the play world teachers plan
who will have more knowledge and who will be present with the children to
model solving the problem story reading in the reading of the story teachers
taking on different roles allow the possibility of children to empathize
with the different characters different possibilities can be explored is Rosie
ignoring the Fox or is Rosie tricking the Fox

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