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CMA Exam Preparation (6 out of 50 Tips)

August 11, 2019

Hello, this is Stephanie from Today I’ll go over some tips for the CMA
exam. I have 50 of them, but will pick 6 for your
reference. You can click on the “i” icon anytime
to check out the rest of the tips on my website. Tips number 8: Prioritize based on long term
goals of your life Once you start studying, if you insist in
watching the TV show or uploading your cat photos to Facebook, think about what this
means to you 10 years down the road. Would the TV show get the promotion, the dream
job and a better life for you and your family? Let’s prioritize based on our long term
goals instead of short term enjoyment. Tips number 18: Understand how multiple choice
questions work Since most questions are multiple choice in
the exam, it’s worth analyzing the good and bad about the MC questions. Some candidates find MC questions easy because,
first, it is comforting to know that one of the choices must be correct. Second, there are 100 questions: we don’t
feel too bad if we miss a few of them. Third, we are purely tested on our knowledge
on the topic, instead of creativity, or analytical and writing skills. But other candidates don’t like MC questions
because, first, the answer keys can be confusing, as you may be required to pick the best answer
out of a few possibly correct answers. Second, candidates can easily get distracted
by factually correct but irrelevant answers. Third, there are so many questions that your
mind blanks out towards the end of the exam section. What we can do is to identify these potential
weaknesses, and directly address those during the exam preparation. Tips number 22: Refine your skill in educated
guessing As in any professional exams, candidates often
get caught by questions they have never seen before. With this in mind, it is very important that
candidates practice the art of educated guessing throughout their study. In other words, get practices on a large variety
of topics and don’t skip around the questions if you don’t know. Also, don’t be afraid of the test mode,
that is, working on the practice questions as if they were a real test, with time limits, and that you can’t check the answers until the end. I know it’s more stressful, and I don’t
like the extra stress either. But that’s precisely why we have to overcome
it! In terms of test taking strategies, try your
best to get the best answer by whatever means — it could be by elimination, by relating
a concept you learned from your other exam for example… this skill is going to be critical
in the actual exam. Tips number 27: Anticipate the correct answer before reading the choices Sometimes, all the available answer choices
look reasonable. In this case, they could do more harm than
good by throwing you off and distracting you. In fact, the 3 incorrect answer choices are
technically known as distractors. You should always come up with the answer
in your head before looking at the choices. If your answer matches with one of the responses,
then you won’t be distracted, and can be confident that the particular response is
correct. Tips number 30: Be careful with absolute statements.
When you see words such as “always”, “every”, “never” and “none” in the response,
be careful. It is not guaranteed but they are likely to
be incorrect. The exam cover topics in real business situations,
and there are very few absolutely right or wrong situations in real life. Tips number 38: Eliminate the choice that
doesn’t “feel” right If you get stuck, try imagining each choice
as the correct answer. People often “feel” that one of the answers
is right. This happens when you are familiar with a
concept but don’t have a firm grasp at it, just like you may know a person but you cannot
recall his name. Luckily, your intuition is often correct,
so go for that answer! I hope these study tips and exam taking strategies
are helpful. If you are interested in checking out the
other tips, read my full page of tips by clicking on the “i” icon at the upper right corner
of this video. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next

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