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Clockify – 100% Free Time Tracker

August 10, 2019

This is Clockify, a tool that lets you and your team track time with a single click. When you start working, type what you’re working on, and start the timer. When finished, stop it and the entry gets added to your time-sheet. You can also add time manually. Now comes the fun part. You can go to Reports, and see how much time you’ve tracked this week… …how much of it is billable… …and what tasks took most of your time. And this is just a start. You can filter the report and see, for example… …everything you did last month for a particular client… …and export the results. You can use Clockify on your own, or invite your whole team… …so you can keep track of who works on what and how much. And the best part? Clockify is completely free! …no matter how many users you have… …or what features you use.

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