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Climate FieldView™ for Harvest: Efficient Seeding

January 11, 2020

(upbeat music) Every operation is different, and I think it’s important for the farmer to find what Climate FieldView best helps their operation with. What Scott is able to do for planting season is he uses scripting features to make better decisions as far as where his seed should go. We use see prescriptions on some fields. There’s certain ones that have more of a variable soil. And we definitely like to use it on those. It’s very user friendly, very easy to use, and we’re seein good results on those fields. The sky is the limit for the number of decisions that you can make based on the information that FieldView provides you with, and that’s what I find most admirable about Scott’s operation is he’s utilizing the tools available to him to make his operation outstanding. FieldView understands that each farm is different and is bringing real-time technology to help farmers maximize returns on every acre. What can FieldView do for your farm? Click to watch the next video in our series and visit for more information on FieldView.

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