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CleanGuru – CleanBid Review Cleaning Bid Software

August 18, 2019

Hi my name is Torie Lowe and I own and operate
my own janitorial company, which is JTF Cleaning Service doing business as Office Pride. CleanBid has helped me to be able to create
a professional proposal. Otherwise, doing it myself it would of took
my hours to do. Also, CleanBid had also helped me to be able
to be more confident in presenting my proposal. How fast did CleanBid start to help me? Immediately. The moment I looked at CleanBid and seen what
it can do for my business, that’s the moment that I began to realize that CleanBid could
help me. Also, when I landed my first contract, immediately,
that’s when I know was for me. CleanBid is very, very easy to use. My 8 year old can use CleanBid. It’s just a matter of taking your numbers,
your measurements, plugging them in and hit a button, and CleanBid actually calculates
everything for you. So it is extremely easy to use. The moment I purchased CleanBid, I just knew
right then and there that is something that I needed for my business. It just made me feel so comfortable to be
able to create a professional proposal. Um, the moment I purchased it, began to start
plugging in numbers, I just knew right then and there that this is was something for my
business. What I love most about CleanBid is it gives
you many options. If you’re bidding on a just a simple janitorial
job, a commercial contract, you can actually use that particular area of the software itself. If you’re bidding on construction jobs it
gives you the easy, you can easily calculate construction jobs and get professional proposal
in that area. If you’re bidding apartments, move in and
move outs, it just gives you different options that you can use. To be able to present a professional proposal
has made me look even more professional within my company itself. My prospects have really noticed the professionalism
of the bid itself. They’ve even complimented , they even said,
“Hey, we really like the bid because it’s very detailed.” So that alone itself just lets me know that
it was very professionally presented. Also using CleanBid, it also helped me to
be more accurate and when I’m plugging in my measurements and to be able to make sure
that I am getting the profit I need. CleanBid has saved me so much time. All I have to do is just take my measurements,
plug in the numbers, and it creates everything for me. For what I pay for CleanBid a month, that’s
one contract within itself. If I have a contract that pays me a $1000
a month, to spend $60-$70 for CleanBid is nothing, because I know that I’m going to
make that money back. I haven’t looked around at any other bidding
software. Once I saw CleanBid it worked, so my philosophy
is “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” I personally think that CleanBid is the best
thing that ever happened to me and my company. It also gave me time, I’m a believer in time
management, so it also to helped me to have more time to focus on other projects. Just like I say, just a simple 1, 2 3, step
of using CleanBid. It’s just been a great deal for me. So, I just say, if you haven’t tried CleanBid,
try it, I guarantee you’ll like it and it will be a blessing to you and your business.

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