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[CC/FULL] The time we were not in love EP16 (1/3) | 너를사랑한시간

December 4, 2019

You’re working late. Yes, I have a lot of work to do. Have a nice one. Bye. I’m exhausted. Can I see you tomorrow, Won? Let go of me. No, I’m exhausted from
all the work I did. Why do you work that hard,
you workaholic. Yeah, I know. That’s why you should comfort
me who worked that hard. Okay, if we go up like this,
we’ll both get hurt. We’ll get hurt then. We’ll go to the hospital together,
and lay there together. Are you going to keep
bothering me like this? You’re saying you don’t like this? You better not regret it. I’m going to bother you too, then. Hey! Hey… What are you two doing? Mi-hyang… Aren’t you a little
bit exaggerating? Mi-hyang, that’s not it. I’m about to be shocked. Should I leave? No, come in. No, I don’t think
it’s good for the baby. I’ll go out. Continue with what
you were doing. Mi-hyang! What shall we do now? You really don’t know? We’ll continue what we were doing. Hey, how am I going to face her again? She’s going to think I stayed
here while she was gone. That’s true though… Hey. They say your tastes buds change and
you get hungry when you’re pregnant. You should eat
good food, not this. Be prepared, I’m going to tell
you everything I want to eat. I’ll search the whole nation to
find it for you, just tell me. But we should find a house soon.
Because of Won and everything… What? After the last flight, I went home
after taking some days off… The two of them were together.
So I just left. Let’s just go to my house. I knew you would say that, so
I called the movers already. You have to move my stuff today. Movers? I can’t sleep well if my
surrounding changes too much. Don’t forget anything. You never miss anything. Isn’t this you and Won’s love story? What’s this? What’s this? You!
Oh Dae-bok! I didn’t know you were home. The scenario on my desk… Scenario? Hurry, and tell me.
The whole truth! People love it. Who told you to write about my
story without my permission? The people love the story
between you and Won. They keep clicking on it. You should have told me!
You’ve got no manners! You can’t even do
that for your brother? This was the first good thing
I ever did and people acknowledged. What? Oh my Goodness… I didn’t know my son had
such talent, thank you. You were stuck in
your room for a while. This is what you were doing? Yes, I really worked hard. What are you going to do?
Did you tell Won? No, I’m going to tell him. I had no idea it would
get such good reaction. Don’t get false hopes up.
Just focus on your studies. This guy is Won… And this girl is Ha-na, right? Yeah, that’s right. This is my first
opportunity, help me. I’ll talk to you later. His skills have improved a lot. I admit he did a
good job drawing it. I thought he had given up.
I guess I was wrong. He’s just like me,
not giving up easily. I admit it. Don’t forget our dinner plans. Oh, right… I forgot to reschedule it.
I have a project presentation tomorrow. Depending on the result,
I may have another appointment. You’re focusing more and
more on work over me. I’m warning you, Oh Ha-na. What did I do? Workaholism is a type of illness. What? Illness?
Hey! Come out, I didn’t get to say everything
I wanted to say yesterday. Working late and going to company
dinner is workaholism and illness? Yeah, all you do with me is
complain that you’re tired. Have you spent any
time with me lately? You can’t even do that for
your working girlfriend? I’m telling you to take a step back. Your problem is that you have
to do everything yourself. Problem?
Did you say ‘problem’? Hey, that’s called responsibility. If you’re that responsible, why do you keep changing
your plans with me? What’s your priority? I don’t deserve to hear that from you. I always spent the weekends with you. What’s the point of being together… when all you do is talk on the
phone and look through files. You said you liked me working. I didn’t know you didn’t like it. If I had known, I wouldn’t have
worked in front of you. The contest for the new Tandy line… Ms. Hong from the marketing team
and Ms. Min-ji from the design team… The two of them won. They considered Miss Oh’s idea, too… But they think that their two ideas are much more powerful if their
marketing plan is improved. Team Leaders,
you’ll have to work harder. Isn’t it thanks to the team leaders that
the team members can achieve their best? Don’t you agree, Miss Oh? Make national shoes…
I like that idea. Really? I thought it would be nice to make
shoes you can wear all four seasons. That’s why we came up with the idea
of using fabric and natural materials. If we succeed,
I think we will hit the jackpot! Okay.
I’ll look it over more. Okay. You must be feeling weird. Looking at talented juniors, you must
feel like they beat you in a way. And not recognizing their
talent must hurt your pride, too. Am I being too childish? That’s natural.
Cheer up. Thanks. Why do you look so down?
Did you have a fight? I’m worried our fights will
get more frequent. I doubt it. You went to Paris for your love. I know. But I keep fighting with
her over little things. There are things I can’t yield to. That’s how lovers fight
to gain the upper hand. Fight to gain the upper hand? Yeah, you need to win.
Don’t surrender too easily. Be firm. I’m so jealous. I want to love and get into fights too. Right… Somebody told me
to give this to you. Really? ‘Cheer up!
From Dong-gun…’ Are you teasing me? What?
This is a type of love, too. Colleagueship! Colleagueship? I’ll break his fingers
if he does it again. I feel so lonely. Aren’t you working too hard? You must have been
really motivated. Going home? Aren’t you at the age of being careful
with your health while working? I’m going home. Okay. I should get some rest too. Miss Oh. Yeah, you came to pick up Min-ji? Yeah, she was so happy that
she got to work with you. Really? She got prepared well this morning. She said she likes working
with you but at times, you feel like a wall she can’t climb. Is that true? Miss Oh, we’ll go in first. Okay. Bye. Has my mother gotten better? I was in a flight, so I just got
what you sent me today. I’ll look at it. Yes. Please take care of my mother. I’ll visit soon. Wow… This looks like something you
would wear for your wedding. I know, I wonder
how she knew my size. And how did she know Ha-na’s size? Of course she would know. Women can tell other women’s
sizes just by looking. Did she gain her consciousness? Yeah. She regained her consciousness,
and she’s eating too. That’s a relief. I’m going to move in with Jong-hoon. What? We’ll have the baby, live together…
and we’ll have the wedding after that. Isn’t that being too liberal? Getting older, it makes me realize
how hard it is to be steadfast. Before we change our mind, we’ll live together and
we can get married after. Mi-hyang, there you go
with another punch. You’re something else. Is he back from the flight or what? Why isn’t he calling? Why didn’t you call me
when you came home? I had some work to do. After listening to you,
I thought about it. I’ve been wrapped up in
too much work lately. You realized that now? My young coworkers came up with
ideas that I couldn’t even think of. Thanks to that, I’ll be pushed far away
from your thoughts of interest. No, it’s not like that. Just don’t forget that there are a lot
of things more important than work. For you, if it’s what you need…
I’ll be supportive. I want you to remember,
don’t forget any of it. Get up, Choi Won.
Let’s eat. Eat before you sleep. I’m going to stay next to you.
I’ll never leave you alone. After saying that… Yeah, what is it? Look this way. Where? Open up the window, and look. What’s with you? It’s been awhile since we met here. Yeah. I can tell that angry
expression on your face. I can see your face too. Even when we are apart like this,
we can read each other’s faces. We cry together,
and share in the sadness. I used to call you over
every night to eat together. You feel bad, right? Tell me what it is that I can
do to ease your anger. First, apologize. I’m sorry. And tell me the words
I want to hear the most. My priority is Choi Won, not work. You’re not mad anymore? A little.

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