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Carl and Whitney Valeri talk energy efficiency and sustainability

December 2, 2019

There’s a rule in our house –
if you have a jumper, slippers and track pants on,
then we can turn the heater on. Otherwise, if you don’t – put it on,
it’s not cold enough. (GENTLE MUSIC) Hi, I’m Carl Valeri, former Melbourne Victory captain. And this is my wife, Whitney. WHITNEY: We live on 10 acres
in the Macedon Ranges with our three children and our dog. We’re a family that doesn’t enjoy
a lot of screen time. Our lifestyle is outdoors and involved in conversation
with each other because that’s a value that we have. WHITNEY: We have
our newly fenced vegetable patch that we’re looking forward
to creating together. This is going to be the veggie patch
and I think it’ll be really nice to have the kids eat from here and I just feel healthy
talking about it, I think. We have gone to great lengths to make our home
as energy efficient as possible. We bought energy-efficient products. All the lights in our house are LEDs. We have double glazing on all of
the windows throughout the house, just really keeps the house cool
during summer and warm during winter. CARL: I think the addition of the
blockout blinds as well really help. I mean, you can notice
the difference in summer when those blinds are down. We make sure we always switch
the television off at the power. We tell the girls –
they like to sleep with the light on, but we say,
“Why don’t we switch it off tonight?” You know, to save that energy. WHITNEY: In our house,
the heating and cooling is zoned. We only have the heater on in the room that we are using
at that time. CARL: We added extra doors in to block some of the heat in
in the main areas, which is a big energy saver for us. WHITNEY: Yes. So we collect rainwater and that’s
our water. We don’t have water mains. And these are the pumps that run it. This is the one, the smart one, that’s almost running
like a computer and that has a detection where the amount of taps you have on,
it provides enough power. So this is a cost saver right here. We actually have a dam
that collects the road water run-off and I use that dam
to water the garden. And I’ve done it myself. WHITNEY: I believe that
it is our responsibility to educate ourselves
and then our children about the environment
and sustainability. CARL: It’s great to include
the kids in on these conversations. You know, you can see
their little brains ticking over and, you know, even our daughter
Isabel, with her showers, is just amazing
the way she will turn off the water to save any energy possible
when she’s washing her hair. We want to be, you know,
totally sustainable one day. That’s our aim. My advice for people
when choosing an energy provider is, it’s important that you can kind of
align your values with similar companies. I think that’s important
going into the future. Come on, Boss. If all of us do that, then we’ll all
be heading in the right direction. (GENTLE MUSIC)

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