Can Ego Be Your Best Trait? The Success Mindset Podcast #8

October 2, 2019

Hey everybody I’m Sam and this is the
success mindset Entiversal podcast and today I want to talk about something
very interesting that who probably sounds you a bit crazy at the beginning
and it is that a big ego can actually be very good tink and you know how you can
bring your big ego to actually make you selfless and you know people and just
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enjoyed the podcast so let’s think of people who really change the world wide
who probably changed even the course of history and nobody can argue that there
were very big people they were they were very good people and they helped coal
nations or millions of people right let’s think of Martin Luther King let’s
think of Thomas Jefferson right he wrote the Declaration of Independence let’s
think of Albert Einstein for example write a little bit into the science he
has a such a big impression on what we know about the world now right you think
about Mahatma Gandhi let’s think about Abraham Lincoln right who was fighting
to the slavery and really had a vision for a better America let’s think about a
Nikola Tesla let’s think about Nelson Mandela right and we can go on and on
right and those are really really big people and what they had was an idea
right a vision for a better future the head of vision about a country about a
group of people about what they can actually bring and discover as science
or about freedom and it’s all very very good thinking all of us are happy that
those people lived indeed what they did and for most of the time
especially if you look at Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi most of all right or
Martin Luther King right we would say that they were so selfless and they
helped so many people but let’s just think about that right so they had a
vision they wanted to change the world they wanted to do something and in their
own way in their own vision which happened to be very good for all other
people right but they had a vision and they decided to go after it with all the
head you know they they risk everything they sacrificed everything for their own
vision right they had the confidence to believe that they can actually can make
a change and that they can change you know their surroundings whole country
you know the whole world so how does that sound well that sounds to me like
you know they were very confident people in the head a big ego somebody would say
right if we interpret ego that way right they wanted to do things in their own
way right and we’re happy about that right so their big ego you know bleeding
so much in their own vision actually made them change the world in a better
direction and mail them selfless right because their biggest goal was to make
good and to leave a legacy and legacy of something better and on a better future
which kind of gets my point right if you have a big ego and you want to do stuff
that’s only good for you but not for everybody else this is a very bad thing
but if you actually can some kind of tune your ego right if you can tune your
mind and ideas to want to leave a good legacy to won’t really change jinx you
know around you in a better direction it doesn’t matter that you have a big ego
because your big ego is actually good for all other people which kind of gets
from a point that your big ego could be the best thing ever in the world why am
I talking about that well kind of in our minds you know we’re thinking about or
you know ego is always bad and this is bad this
is good and so on like black and white but I don’t think things are black and
white I always think the best part is to have
a balance right to be in the middle of the road and that’s the hardest thing to
do and you know trying to fight our ego is is a battle we basically cannot win
because let’s face it everybody loves themselves right everybody wants
something good for themselves and everybody wants to kind of save
themselves oh that’s like the normal thing and the normal settings for people
that’s like 99.99% of the people and you know why would you want to damage
yourself in your mental state and job psychology fighting that while instead
you can just make a decision okay I have a big evil right I love myself but let
me just take that to know it and have my goals be such goals that are good for
other people and when it is good for me because maybe what I do change things
for me in a better direction true right also I’m all about legacy and more all
about people think the change in them you know maybe seeing something of you
that’s left in other people and you know now they are better because of you and
that’s like completes you know ego right but guess what they’ll thank you for it
because other people also be in a better position and I just believe this is the
only thing you can do because if you want to rage battle right with yourself
in with your mind like you know how how can you actually make something good for
other people if you don’t have peace in your own mind so you know that was like
my quick podcast today that I just wanted to rant about in the success
mindset are we just talking about things that I
believe are very very important for us to tune our minds to change the way we
perceive ourselves in the world around us so we can be more successful in peace
with yourself with good mental and so physical health right and that actually
propels us to success and if you want to see more as I said make sure to
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and remember we are on the path to greatness see you next time

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