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BOD 6-1: What Is Strategic Planning?

December 2, 2019

What is strategic planning? It’s a collaborative process
credit unions use to identify Long-term goals and
objectives, and how resources should be used to achieve
them. Who’s involved? The CEO, Board
and key staff. What’s the end result
if the process is successful? Engaged stakeholders who’ve
agreed on a set of forward-moving goals
Compilation of goals, objectives, and strategies that
support new opportunities and address key challenges A list of quantifiable
objectives achieved as a result of the full plan
implementation. This module will help you
understand how strategic planning
should be used to set the course for your credit union’s
future. Strategic planning answers three
questions: Where are we now?
Where do we want to be? How do we get there? Here’s a suggested five
step process to use that will ensure that all three
questions are answered. Delegate a small committee
to coordinate the process. Key tasks for this group
include: Hiring or identifying a neutral
facilitator Allowing all stakeholders to
participate Working with facilitator to
structure the process and meeting agendas Compiling background
info needed to answer “Where are we now?” The next steps in the process
are sheparded by the committee. They include, 2. You also need to host
meetings, with key stakeholders including the
board, CEO, staff, and key committee members. 3. Compile goals, objectives,
and strategies from strategic planning meetings. 4. Vote and adopt the
strategic plan. 5. Establish a report and
monitoring system to track post-planning session
progress on goals and objectives.

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