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Blood Type Personality Test

September 1, 2019

Can your blood type actually determine
your personality? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Okay, so the other day we were in a meeting.
You were talking. I wasn’t listening. I was messing with my phone,
and I discovered something — that when you’re on the lock screen of
your phone where you enter in the code to access… the phone,
-Uh-huh. there’s an emergency button — which I
already knew about that so you can dial 911 in the case of an emergency when
you can’t get into somebody’s phone. But then I see over here in the lower left
hand corner, Medical ID. I click on that, and it’s got my name,
but no other information. I have since filled out things like my
birth date, my– – (both) emergency contact.
– I am an organ donor. But it has a place for blood type, and it hit me —
I have no idea what my blood type is. I could be in some kind of accident and I
need to get a new ear or something and they’re not gonna know which ear to give
me ’cause I don’t know my blood type. – Well, that’s your ear type.
-This is… this is important! – Do you know your ear type?
– Uh, lobed. Detached — lobed — detached – that…I don’t care as long as
– Probably left or right is more important. – it matches somewhere.
– You don’t want to put a right ear on the – left side.
– But I actually found that you can just go on Amazon and buy a little blood kit.
They’re pretty cheap, less than ten bucks, and we can figure out what our blood type
is today, Link. That’s right, so we’re pleased to announce
the “Rhett and Link Blood Type Kit”! – (laughs) No, we’re not selling that.
– No we’re not. We sell a bunch of stuff, – but we’re not selling a self-assessment
of blood type. – Peanut butter blood kit! (wheezes)
– (both laugh) – Peanut butter peppermint flavored.
– Okay, well yeah. So this is important. We’re gonna do it.
We’re gonna receive some answers. But I didn’t realize how important
this was in East Asian company. – Companies — countries!
– Companies? Yeah those companies man! – laughs
– Countries, it goes a whole nother level. On TV morning shows, they feature blood
type horoscopes — yes, they connect blood type and personality traits, relationship
compatibility, on Facebook there’s a field for blood type right there
on your profile. – Serious business.
– Sadly, people are bullied and discriminated against because of their
blood type; it’s called “bura-hara”, which means “blood harassment.”
Employers will ask potential employees what their blood type is and discriminate
who they’re gonna hire based on it sometimes — at least that’s what I’m
told. Companies give work assignments based on blood type, and children have
been split up in classrooms based on their blood type. And, the Japanese National
Softball Team has customized physical – training based on your blood type.
– Well I’ve always wanted to be on the – Japanese softball team… so.
– Well we gotta know our blood types in order to do that. And we’re going to
get to the personality breakdown for different blood types after we find out
what ours are, so… We each have a kit here. Link, I know
you’re not good with blood; – you’re incredibly squeamish.
– I am. I’m gonna let you know I have oriented
myself enough with this to know that you’re going to have to prick your own
finger. Are you excited about that? – I mean I’ve told the story of–
No! — of accidently cutting my finger trying to open a Barbie doll a few
Christmases ago, and I fainted into my father-in-law’s arms
at the kitchen sink. I’m never gonna live that down. – So now, I could faint. I mean…
– But you know, it all will be worth it. I watch The Walking Dead; it’s not a
problem. But when it’s my blood, or a loved one, it’s just…
– Well, zombie blood’s different. – Right… How do I open this?
– Okay, so first thing you’re gonna do is just rip this open so you can take out,
they call it the “EldonCard”. – So this card is what I’m gonna bleed on.
– They actually attempt to make it kinda easy for you and give you this automatic
pricker. That’s what they call it, I think – that’s the official name: a pricker.
– Oh gosh. And you just pull this little cover off of
the needle, right? – Twist it. I think.
– Twist it? You twist it. You twist it and then yeah, it’s pretty
easy. Yes. And then you’re gonna take and prick
your finger and it will bleed. – Woah, like that? You’re gonna throw it
– (laughs) – like a dart?
– Yeah, yeah right. I’m gonna do it just – like that. We also need some
– Same here, man. Mythical Water, it’s just tap water.
Don’t get alarmed. But it is in a Mythical – mug or cup…we don’t sell those yet.
– We don’t sell those. And are we going to prick ourselves
or each other’s? – I wanna see you prick yourself.
– Mmh. Okay. That’s what I came for. This is what
you’re gonna collect the blood that comes out of your finger with, and then each one
of these is gonna go into these little — circles, which we’ll explain the different
blood types here in a second, and how they correspond to what happens in each one of
these circles. I’ve been told middle finger, on the side of the
middle finger. I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna set it right here. I’m just
gonna DO IT! Just gonna do it! I’m a man. I’m a man today! I’m gonna grow
up right here in front of everybody. – Push it! (clicks)
– (screams) (Link and crew laughs)
– Dang it! – Guh, I’m bleeding. (shudders)
Oh gosh. See? Now look at you. You’re the one doing
the neck dance. – I’m bleeding. Oh gosh.
– (mimics Rhett) I’m bleeding. – Here it comes Link. There it is.
– Ehh. How do you get — it’s not ball —
my blood doesn’t turn into a blood ball. Turn it over and just milk it.
Milk it like a teat. – What if I just bleed onto the thing?
– That’s enough blood. Dip that in there. – Yeah, and then swirly.
– I’m gonna go ahead… – Okay.
– That’s a lot of blood. It’s more than – you thought. I’m gonna try and go…
– I’ve gotta…I’ve gotta… – for this.
– Keep going. I’m not getting a lot – any more. I ran out of blood.
– Stick your — stick another finger, man. – Here’s one right here.
– Oh, hold on man. You need yours. – What is this thing, guys?
– (crew) That’s the pin that has – extra needles in it.
– (Eddie) Uh, I have it on full depth. Oh gosh, Eddie. What if it goes all the
way to the bone? (Link and crew laughs)
– Oh gosh. Do it dude. – Should I do a different finger?
– I’d go in the middle finger again. I wouldn’t go that low. Go up there
on the fleshy. (Rhett breathes heavily)
– (Eddie) Push it in, too. (Rhett flinches and then screams) – Alright, squeeze it. Right here.
– Get that blood, Link. Get it. – I can’t see it, so you gotta tell me.
– Oh, it’s a good ball. – I can’t see the ball at all.
– (stutters) I wanna do it. – Eddie, get it–
– Just hold it still. Yes. Okay, there you go. That’s it.
Alright. Here you go. Next one. Same thing. Good technique.
We’re a team, Link. – Man.
– You care if I look away? Because… – I started sealing back up. Maybe I’ve
got special healing powers. – Link, I heal. I’ve healed already!
– (high-pitched voice) I heal! What I’ve discovered is that I just
bleed and then heal. – Alright. Hit it again I guess.
– Index. (breathes heavily and groans) (click)
– Guh! That’s a good one. Oh, that’s good. – That’s good; it went deep.
– Now I’m just holding it still, ’cause I can’t see any blood
and that’s how I want it. Okay. Oh, there’s a lot.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Put it down and get the other one. Get the
other one right there on the sheet. Right on the sheet. Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. We’re gonna be pros by the time you start
bleedin’. Look at that. – See, you worked up the —
– (crew) Okay, so mix them right away – and then…
– Okay so Link, while you move into your prickiness, (laughs)
– Okay. I’m gonna get my — blood flowing down in my hand.
Gotta get blood in this left — Now I’m left-handed, so I should probably
prick my right hand. So I go ahead and do the 10 seconds.
So one, two, three, four, and I flip it Over! Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
(Link exhales) There’s definitely something happening on
the third — the third one. – Now just set it aside there —
– Set it aside? – and I’m not happy about this.
(both laugh) I feel like crying and I’m starting to
feel a little peaked. Hold on did you alco — (voice cracks)
alcohol yourself? (laughs) I did a little bit ago. (clicks loudly)
(Link screams) – Oh gosh! Yours made a really loud noise!
– …It didn’t even hurt that bad. – I thought you popped your finger!
(laughs) – I thought we just learned that your
hands are both balloons. (Link laughs)
– After all these years, Link just – revealed his middle finger.
– …Okay grab these scoops here. – Okay here we go.
– Alright. Don’t touch it. (Link moans)
– Make it drip more. – Alright.
– Mmh. I think we’re going to have to – double prick, man.
(Link laughs) – I think this is — I think this is the–
– That’s enough. Just put that on there! (crew laughs)
– That’s enough. Oh yeah, that’s definitely enough.
Alright, get another one. Oh wow, you’ve already got a big reaction
here — like an immediate, like WOAH! – Like serious reaction.
– Alright, I gotta get another one – on here. I might be a phlebotomist
by the time this is over! (crew laughs)
– Hold on what? You do it on your own now? That’s not that much
but I think it’s gonna work. – (stammers) Go ahead and move it around.
– You do that, ’cause I don’t want to clot before I — Come on drip! Come on drip,
blood! Oh my goodness. I think I might have to hit it again.
– (crew) I’ve got another one for you. Yeah, that’s enough. And then one last one. And I don’t
want to have to prick it again! – You keep going to the same well.
– Alright, I got some on this one, – but not — Oh it’s dried up. Shoot.
– Alright. Prick yourself again. Come on. You got it. You got it.
Pop dat balloon. (Rhett chuckles) (click)
(Link growls) – Oh yeah, look at that.
– Ooh. (Link groans) – Oh, gosh…oh oh are you gonna faint?
– (Link sighs deeply) (crew laughs)
– There you go. There you go. Perfect. – Ahh.
– Perfect. Now rub your blood around – in that little hole…(Rhett laughs)
– I don’t feel…don’t feel comfortable. – Okay, so you gotta do the thing, man.
– You do it. I just need to– – Here.
– Take some breaths. Now you’re about to contaminate ’em.
You see what you’re doing? Link, it’s all the same blood.
The unfortunate thing is you are getting — What happens is there’s mild reactions. I mean this one’s definitely behaving
differently than the other three. Okay. We’ve successfully pricked ourselves
and now we just wait for the results. Okay and while we do that, we can — we
can look at what the people who believe that blood type influences your
your personality — these are some of the things that they hold to be true.
Okay, so… First of all, if you’re type A, your good
traits are that you’re earnest, sensible, reserved, patient, and responsible. Your
bad traits are fastidious, over-earnest — How can earnest be a good trait and
a bad trait? – Well too much of a good thing, man.
– Stubborn, tense, and stubborn. (laughs) They put stubborn — is on here twice.
Which…um…I’ll just go ahead and say, I think this is me, just because of the
word “tense”. Based on — based on that description,
you have described yourself. For type B, see if you identify with any
of these. Good traits: passionate, active, doer, creative, strong. Bad traits:
irresponsible, unforgiving, “going on way”. Type B are notorious for
being bad boyfriends/husbands in Korea. – Hmm. Well, we’re not in Korea.
– Isn’t not, well not only… (crew laughs)
– I mean this is California, sorry. – Type AB good traits are: cool,
controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable, 4D. I don’t know what that
means. I guess it means that you’re like — you move in time. Is that…?
(crew laughs) I think everybody’s in 4D, actually. A 3-
dimensional object moving forward in time. – That’s me! (crew laughs)
– Uh, bad traits: critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible,
“split personality.” And type O good traits: confidence, self-
determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive. Bad traits: self-centered,
cold, doubtful, unpredictable, and “workaholic.” Also twice as likely to
be a mosquito magnet. – Hmm.
– Does best when eating meat. Okay, so, when I looked at this, when you
read type A I was like, (click) Link is type A. If there’s any truth to
this, then you would be type A. And I think that I identify most
with type O. – O!
– Ah, the only thing that is a little bit weird is I never consider
myself to be a mosquito magnet, ’cause if I’m in the woods with my wife, as we often
go to the woods, she’s the one who gets bit by the mosquitoes and I’m not, so I’ve
never considered myself to be a mosquito – magnet, but when —
– But you are cold, doubtful, – and a workaholic. (laughs)
– Yeah. Yeah I am. So and also there’s a compatibility issue
here. So type A personalities are more – compatible with ABs and Os, but not
– Mhmm. compatible with Bs, and Os are compatible
with everybody, and I kinda feel like, “Oh yeah, that’s true, I’m kinda
compatible with everybody.” Alright, let’s see if I’m a type A and
you’re a type O. Umm… – So we’ll start with mine ’cause it
seems to be very definitive here. Basically, there is an antigen inside
these different little materials that are on here, and things are reacting. So you
can see that my third circle has a strong reaction. The second and the fourth circle
look very similar, and the first circle sort of just looks like blah. That is a
exact match to the circle of O+. (inaudible)
– Alright now, let’s look at mine. Mine, the anti-A started to what I could
call coagulate. B, D, and control didn’t – do anything. So the far left —
– Link, you’re A-. You’re exactly what it said you would be.
(Link laughs) That’s crazy! Or — Of course that’s
right. – I’m O and you’re A — and you’re
– I’m less magnetic to mosquitoes — compatible with me and I’m compatible
with you, man. – And I do my best with vegetarian diets.
– And I do my best with meat. – Hey, listen. Ho — hold on.
– You do best when you eat meat. – I gotta eat more meat,
(Link and crew laughs) – so I can do my best.
– I gotta give you my meat, – you gotta give me my veggies.
– Oh you know what? It also says – I’m a natural athlete.
(crew laughs hysterically) – I’m a natural athlete, Link.
– It says you’re a natural athlete? – It says you’re unable to hold
– I can’t think straight ’cause I — – your liquor.
– I still feel like I’m bleeding and I’m not comfortable with it. So I’m —
I am not to be held responsible for – anything that I’m saying.
– You also have a 20% higher chance of developing stomach cancer,
so there’s that. Alright! Type A!
(high fives) – Not me; I’ll eat all the meat I want!
– Let us know what you are and what you think in the comments below.
Also, like and subscribe. And comment. You know what time it is. – Hi, my name is Sarah.
– And I’m Christian. – And we’re from Wilmington, Delaware.
– And it’s time to (both) spin the Wheel of Mythicality! ♪ (outro theme music) ♪
– Be sure to visit when you’re making your Christmas list!
And you can pick up the Rhett and Link bobbleheads; they come in a GMM set.
It folds out — the whole set becomes the background. It has a
Wheel of Mythicality that you can cut out – on top. This is gonna make people happy.
– They always agree with you, click through to Good Mythical More’s
Celebrity Bloodtype game. (police siren)
– Good cop / bad cop: LinkedIn stalker. – I’m the silent cop.
– Hey man. Hey, everybody does it. Everybody goes on LinkedIn and looks at
some profiles and then realizes later that you can see when people are looking at
your profile and it can kinda be a little embarrassing, cause people know
that you’re doing it. But we’ve all done it, so don’t worry
about it. You’re free to go. Yeah, I’m just the guy who laughs;
I’m the can’t-stop-laughing cop, so yeah, – I think you’re free too.
– I think you’re supposed to be mean. ♪ (ending song) ♪
– This is the last one, Rhett. Is Rhett gonna go nuts? Is it type O
or is it type A? (Rhett yells loudly and cackles)

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    Just checked my emergency info for blood type and organ donor and I already had these! ?

    I'd be interested in knowing the difference between positive blood type (+) and negative blood type (-). ??

  • Reply Emma Powell-Wyse July 19, 2019 at 5:18 am

    where is my a+ gang

  • Reply Denise Pearson July 22, 2019 at 6:03 am

    A- just like Link

  • Reply ibzkoty July 23, 2019 at 10:25 am

    Links bobble head looks like Hank Hill.

  • Reply Catcat77 T_T July 26, 2019 at 5:39 am

    Just watching the first part made me want to vomit, hide, run, and never see another needle ever again, all in one.

  • Reply Anastasia Soboleva July 31, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    Whatching Link struggle (I'm not making fun if him, just saying) made me so happy I got desensitized to needles, blood, shots etc, at the age of four. My lack of reaction during this type of medical procedures sometimes surprises even doctors?

  • Reply Allison July 31, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    thank god link doesn’t have to deal with periods

  • Reply Hobi Hope August 6, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Ive been a mythical beast for 4 years and I only JUST now learned LINK IS LEFT HANDED????

  • Reply Terilee Bruyere August 7, 2019 at 12:26 am

    I'm O- and my children are both A+ (you'd think at least one would have my type..)

  • Reply Smile :3 August 19, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    U don’t know ur blood type!?!? WUUUUTT

  • Reply Silver Bells August 20, 2019 at 2:15 am

    O+ in the house ?

  • Reply Loucinda Kohtz August 22, 2019 at 2:12 am

    I'm O+ me and Rhett match

  • Reply Pinkberry the Ditto August 26, 2019 at 4:47 am

    What a great thing to watch the day before my physical exam 😀

  • Reply Vincent Cutignola August 28, 2019 at 2:10 am

    I think I'm either O positive or O Negative I don't remember my blood type but I know I'm a 0

  • Reply Asher Dunlap August 29, 2019 at 2:58 am

    Do I have a test tomorrow? Yes. Am I staying up watching GMM? Also yes.

  • Reply Lesom 06 August 29, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    I just realized that link from gmm, and link from legend of zelda are both left handed.

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