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Be A Better YouTuber With These 3 Easy Tips

October 12, 2019

– I’m gonna tell you three things that will make you a better YouTuber, and we’re starting right now. Real quick, before we get into the tips, I want to invite you to join
me in Los Angeles, California, in just a few days. There’s two things happening
that I wanna let you know about if you’re a content creator, both of these are very important to you. I’ll have links to both of
these down in the description, but the very first is VidSummit. VidSummit is a conference
where people that are serious about YouTube and online
video go to to learn about what is happening right now. Everything is constantly changing
on all of these platforms, and because of that,
VidSummit is the place where you go to find out
what is happening right now and network with some of the
best people in the business. For example, Casey
Neistat is gonna be there. Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, is going to be there. Shay Carl, Peter McKinnon,
Derral Eves, Roberto Blake, Tim Shmoyer, myself, my brother Dee, Sean McBride, Matt Gielen, Sean Cannell, and Benji Travis, Pat
Flynn, Andru Edwards, you get the idea. It’s a place where the best
and most current information about YouTube and online
video is being shared. Personally, I went to VidSummit in 2017, and it made a huge difference for me, my channel, my business, the networking that I was able to do, total gamechanger. So, I invite you to join us at VidSummit. You can find out information
about that at The next thing on the list,
is since I’m gonna be in LA for VidSummit, Brian
G. Johnson and myself, we actually put together a workshop. We’re hosting a very
small, intimate workshop with just a handful of creators, and I want you to join us there and you can work with us one on one. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna take you through the information that we know about YouTube and we’re gonna work with you personally on your channel, to where
we pull up your channel and the information that
we’re sharing with you is stuff that directly
applies to what it is that you are working on. In addition to the workshop,
once that is finished, we’re actually gonna pick it up virtually once everybody gets home
and we’re gonna continue the training into 2020. So I invite you to come to that as well. You can find out more
information about that at I’ll put links to
CreatorsAvantage and VidSummit down in the description below. So, with all of that outta the way, three things that you can
do to be a better YouTuber are one, if you watch other
people’s YouTube content, you don’t watch it like hey,
I’m trying to be entertained, but you watch other people’s content and you look and see the
nuances of what it is that they’re doing, this is gonna help you be a better content creator,
and lemme explain why. As people who make videos,
or people who make content for the internet, we
get caught up in our way of doing things, and we
get caught up in, you know, the specific ways that we do our videos, and we might run into creative blocks and things like that, so when you watch other people’s videos, you
can actually get inspired and get ideas from what
other people are doing. And in addition to that, you
can start really diggin’ in and you can start doing
things like timing the video. Hey, how often do they change the scene? How often do they cut it? How often do they put B
roll and things like that. You can also gauge how
fast they’re talking or how slow they’re talking, or what they’re doing specifically to connect with the audience, and you can start trying
to analyze and figure out what it is that they are
doing to get the results that they’re getting on YouTube. And look, you don’t want to
steal other people’s ideas, you don’t wanna copy what
somebody else is doing. The idea here is simply just
to use it for inspiration. So you look at their channel,
you look at their videos and you say hey, this
is what they’re doing with their videos, these
are the nuances of what they’re going with their content, so start seeing if that can
spawn some new ideas for you. And through that process,
that’s gonna help you be a better YouTuber as
well, because that’s going to bring to your awareness a
lot of things that maybe you might not be doing that can help you get better results here on YouTube. The next thing that you
can do is educate yourself on what YouTube wants from you, so that you can get the best
results here on YouTube. So, YouTube has something
called the Creator Academy, and with the YouTube Creator Academy, what it is, it’s basically
a training course, and it’s basically best
practices so to speak in terms of what YouTube
expects you to do, how they expect you to do things, what they don’t want you to
do which is really important and can help keep you out of trouble, and help keep you from
losing your YouTube channel. But they go into things
like how to write a title, or the best way to bring
attention to a title. They share how to grow and interact with the community of people that
are watching your content. They tell you, straight from YouTube, they tell you how to get
discovered on YouTube. They tell you what you need to do in order to have your videos
shown in front of other people, how to grow an audience on YouTube. They tell you how to plan your content out so that you can get the best results. They tell you how to make money. All of it. YouTube Creator Academy, 100% free, it’s all the best practice stuff. It’s not the advanced stuff,
it’s the best practice stuff, the basic stuff that’s
gonna help you get started and get that momentum goin. The third thing, and I’m
gonna give you some data to back this up that’s
gonna apply directly to you, but the third thing is
to make more videos. Now hold on. Let me actually give you
some numbers behind that. So Brian G. Johnson made a Facebook post, and in that Facebook
post he was talking about the importance of keeping going and making more video content. Phil, from Two Buddy, he actually
came in and he said look, we have data to support what
it is that you’re saying. And he said that out of 3.5 million users in the Two Buddy database,
here’s some numbers that are gonna blow
your mind, but also help keep you going because
the numbers that I’m getting ready to share with you will give you a lot of insight to where, if you’re like hey, I’ve
got this many videos, but it takes, you know,
ballpark on average, this many videos to get
x amount of subscribers, then I need to keep going. So you don’t look at
it and get discouraged if you have a small amount of videos but it takes a lot more videos
to get to certain points on average. The very first is on average, and again, these are averages. Of course, some people
do it with a lot less, some people it takes a lot more, but on average, channels between
one and 10,000 subscribers, 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers
have on average 152 videos. Channels with 10,000 to
100,000 typically have, on average, 418 videos. And 100,000 to a million, 1,171 videos. So, what I want you to think about is if you’re on that path,
and you are truckin’ along, you’re making some video
content and your numbers just aren’t there yet
in terms of, you know, you’ve got 20 videos on your
channel, or you’ve got 50 videos on your channel, be patient. You know, you’ll get there,
just be patient, keep going. Because the more videos that
you make, in addition to just having more content, the
more videos that you make, the better you’re gonna get at what it is that you’re doing. The better you’re gonna be
able to edit your videos, the better you’re gonna be
able to promote your videos, the more videos that you’re
gonna have on your channel that are constantly bringing
viewers in to your channel. So, it’s really important
if you wanna be a better YouTuber that you keep going
and you keep making videos. Now, within all of this,
there’s one mistake that a lot of YouTubers make that actually keep them from growing. I’m gonna link a video right here. You can go ahead and click
this now and watch it. That’s going to help
you avoid that mistake. To learn more about growing on YouTube, remember to subscribe. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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