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Awakening Spiritual Gifts – Your Soul’s Profile: know your purpose, go beyond personality tests

October 18, 2019

Hello, hello, you beautiful magical soul! Today we are going to talk about the Sou’ls Profile. So this is basically your Soul’s Gifts and purpose and how you’re created, almost like a personality test on steroids. We are also going to talk about the energetic blocks that can be holding you back from living your Souls profile and your souls gifts. So this is the soul abundance IQ channel. I’m Sarah Chapman. Thank you so much for joining me! So the soul profile is comprised of a lot of parts and pieces. Don’t you realize there’s a lot more to you than there is to you. Yeah, there is a lot to it, so We’re not going to talk about how I get this information. If you are wanting to geek out on that with me a little bit more I use the soul realignment protocol and you can check below for my affiliate link to that at So the first piece of your soul’s gifts is What’s called the energy centers. So there are basically eight energies, or ingredients, that make up your soul. Now we have all Eight, we have access to all eight. We can use all eight But really we’re only meant to focus on our primary and secondary So just like ingredients with a cake, you’re going to have a cup of this a teaspoon of that You’re not really here to have all eight of these gifts completely in balance, or else you really would Be stretched too thin, you would be overwhelmed, you’d be scattered You wouldn’t have the drive and purpose of what to focus on So, for example I Have 40% of my soul in Divine love and healing, and I only have 1% of my soul in divine order That does not mean I don’t have order. It doesn’t mean I don’t have access to that gift It just means that I am here to focus on love and healing and to bring my vital force through That gift So really by knowing your energy center, I kind of think of it like astrology, when you know your Sun Sign it’s like You know a really big part of your astrological chart But there’s so many other parts and pieces that go into it that create Who you are. And it’s the same for the soul profile so we also have what I call the planetary gift or Star seed or soul group, and these are the planetary energies that you are working with So just like America is a melting pot, Earth really is the melting pot for the Universe We’re working with all of the planetary gifts. But again, you are probably only bringing in one or two in a way that can really Support you in focusing on creating what you’re here to create, and just using the others as support We also have Soul specialties. So these are the things that you are really here to specialize in. Those are the main pieces that I go over with people. And with the people that I work with in an ongoing way, we have the organizing principle, which is how you are operating. So whether you’re somebody who’s very linear and you need to know ABCD before you start acting on the plan or if you’re very organic and You don’t know step 2 Until you start step 1, or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle Or you’re someone who needs a lot of moving parts and pieces So you don’t get bored like somebody who only focuses on task A until it’s done, and so the challenge with that might be that you Don’t focus enough or you don’t get enough task completion because you do have so many balls in the air. So by knowing the organizing principle you can work with that and how you’re built. There’s also the manifesting blueprint, which is a series of comparatives that help you actually manifest How you’re created to create. So whether this is in your business, your career, your relationships, With you personally, How you create the environment around you, your manifesting blueprint has a lot of keys to letting that unfold in your most authentic way. And then we also have our bandwidth and plasticity for change so this can really be a marker for how we move forward in the future and how to read our future by knowing how we work with change and respond to that. So, all of these pieces of the Soul profile are Beautiful amazing gifts, and they also all have their own challenges. So you could think of this as a more negative or shadow side that comes with each one of these amazing pieces of your purpose. And we all have them. I think positive emotion trumps a negative emotion every time. And by knowing how we are built we can recognize those challenges and Observe them, just be human with them, and focus back into the positives when we need to. So for example, as someone that’s divine love and healing, I Help people remember their wholeness, I can take them into The shadow and the pain in a way that helps them heal and recognize you’ve never been broken There’s nothing to fix, you’re perfect the way you are. Now, let’s move forward in a way that’s more aligned to you. The shadow side of that for me is That I, you know, sometimes put other people before myself, or I’ve let myself be a doormat in the past. I Can sometimes not speak up for myself, or hold my boundaries. And by knowing this information I’m able to recognize that within myself, and call in the positive pieces in a way That’s a much more powerful Aspect so that I can rebalance. I have another client that is primary and divine truth and, For divine truth This is somebody who is here to speak the truth whether we want to hear it or not. A lot of times it’s pointing out things that we would rather ignore and not look at. They’re really a spiritual warrior, a warrior for justice. And Her entire life this woman was told Don’t say that. We don’t say that, you need to be a little bit less of yourself, you need to quiet your voice and Until she realized this is actually the source of her greatest power, And yes, you are going to trigger people sometimes sorry. Until she recognized all of that, You know, she was kind of trying to fit in a little bit more here or there, or wondering what’s wrong with me that I can’t just shut up and, You know, do what I’m told. Why do I always have to speak up? Why do I always have to point out What’s wrong? And now She recognizes that is her source of power and what she’s here to bring to the world So Knowing that soul profile can be really powerful for you to recognize how you’re built, how you’re here to operate, and what your purpose is in life in a really powerful way that can help you move forward and Clean up some of those old pieces the shadow side now the other piece of this work is The energetic blocks And clearing out those pieces that can keep us stuck and not allow us to move into those positive aspects of our purpose So these are not always fun and glamorous. You have a good soul. And I hate giving good people bad news. This definitely can be those pieces of ourselves that that can be a little bit difficult to look at, but when you do, the difference that it makes in your life in Order to clear it out and move forward to create what you’re here to create and really live your fulfillment can be amazing! So this is just like a computer virus that gets stuck in the computer programming and so it’s just kind of operating with this virus. The same is true for our energy field and these energetic blocks can really just get stuck in our energy and their programs that are outdated and That may not even be ours that we’re ready to outgrow, but they’re just still running there And until we have conscious awareness of what that is and a process to clear that out It can really be holding us back so that is a lot of the work that I do with people one on one in order to really tune into what your sole purpose is and clear out the Energetic pieces that are holding you back and besides just having this powerful energy clearing that brings you back to neutral I also have a process for people to move forward beyond that so you don’t slip back into what’s just Comfortable and known and been easy, even if it’s not serving you because it’s amazing to clear your energy, But unless you have the tools to continue moving forward You may not sustain it. So if you’re interested in learning more about this Check the link below to schedule a time to talk to me and see if this work can help you move forward And I would love to hear your comments below. What about your soul Do you want to know more about? What pieces are tripping you up right now? Share in the comments below Click the subscribe button. Click the little bell do all the things. You know how YouTube works! I’m so incredibly grateful that you’re here with me. Thank you so much!

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    Great video! I’m definitely in the “stretched and scattered” category 😰

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