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Are we teaching good manners to our kids? Parenting tips by Nisha

September 12, 2019

SOFT SKILLS ROCK!!! Hey there, if you really want to be happy and successful in life,do not forget to subscribe this channel and press the bell icon so that you get all the notifications of new uploads. Hi guys, my name is Nisha. and today I would like to talk to you about a very serious issue that I have been thinking about these days. The issue is “are we teaching good manners to our kids”? Nowadays I have been noticing that most of the parent,both mother and father are working. Their kids are either living with maids or left in creches or some other place where they are not able to get that value education or virtues or Good Manners that these kids used to have when they were part of a joint family. Like I,myself have been part of a big joint family. We had our grand parents with us, our Uncle and aunt living with us. So this way we learnt a lot from our family members. Nowadays, I believe in rat race of earning lot of money, parents do not give time and attention to their kids. That ways these kids suffer a lot. I really want you to think about it. Are we really teaching good manners and etiquette to our kids? Because of lack of these value education and good mannners when these kids grow up and become teenagers you all know how worst situation of our teenagers are these days. This parenting skills is missing and we really need to focus on this issue at the earliest. If you liked this video,please share it with your friends and family and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos.

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