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Apartment Meetings – 2 | New Year Planning || Ft.SatyaDev || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

December 2, 2019

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Rs. 50,000?
That is too much! We are only having a New Year party,
not some wedding that you’d charge Rs. 50,000. Please, talk to your boss
and grant me some discount. There is no way I can raise Rs. 50,000.
– What’s the matter? You seem disturbed. I’m planning on organizing
a New Year party but not one event organizer
would fit in our budget. Forget about the budget.
Just make the event grand. How? By paying from my own pocket? All the residents in these apartments
are misers. Being the President of India
is easier than being the President of these apartments. To top it, there is this Mrs. Complaints. With her around, I don’t want
to organize any meeting. You know, I just met Ms. Padma.
– How many times in a day do you meet Ms. Padma? Hear me out.
Mrs. Complaints is away on a vacation! Is it? She won’t attend the meeting?
– No, she won’t. Ramulu..
– Yes, sir? Inform all residents to attend the meeting at 6PM
to discuss about the New Year party. Don’t you remember how the previous meeting went?
Residents would beat me if I ask them to attend another meeting. She is out of town.
– Is it? Cool! I’ll ask everyone to attend the meeting. Greetings, sir.
– Hey, Ramulu. Come on in. Want some tea?
– No, thank you, sir. There is a meeting at 6PM. I won’t be attending it.
All ill-mannered people attend the meeting. Ill-mannered people are out of town.
– So, that lady won’t be attending? No, she won’t.
– Cool! I’ll attend the meeting then. When does the meeting begin?
– At 6PM. – Nice. Ma’am, there is a meeting at 6PM.
– I won’t be attending. Why not?
– Tommy was ridiculed at the previous meeting. But, that lady is out of town.
– I’ll attend then. By the way, Tommy pooed there. Do clean it.
– ‘Screw my life!’ Sure. Mr Nikhil..
– Nikhil? My bad. Nikhil vacated this place.
What is your name again, sir? Emmanuel.
– Whatever! There is a meeting at 6PM. Meeting?
It’s been hardly a week since I moved in. Neither did anyone spot me boozing
or smoking in these apartments. Why else am I being called for the meeting?
– You are over thinking. This meeting is only to discuss about the New Year party.
– About New Year party? That’s lovely! When is the meeting again?
– At 6PM. ‘Be glad, Mrs. Complaints
is out of town.’ What’s up?
– How come there is loud music? Because Mrs. Complaints is out of town.
– So, even you know it? Yeah! It’s been ages since I danced
to loud music at my place. This feels so good! Anyway, there is a meeting at 6.
Ask your dad to attend it. I didn’t hear you.
– There is a meeting at 6. I still didn’t hear you.
– Meeting! At 6! Your dad should attend! He won’t be attending.
– Tell him that lady is out of town. Right!
Then he’ll be attending. ‘I’ve a lot of work to do.’ Did you move in recently? – Yes.
– Liking this place? – Yes, sir. Ramulu, Mrs. Complaints isn’t coming.
So, remove that extra chair. No! Keep it there!
Let’s just enjoy her absence. ‘I didn’t get it.’ Let’s ring in the New Year with a grand party.
I’ve decided to rope in event managers for it. So, if each of you
shell out Rs, 2,000 for it food and drinks can be arranged
and also the entire building can be decked up. Rs. 2,000! ‘I’ve plans to celebrate
New Year with friends!’ ‘I told you, didn’t I,
that each one of them is a miser.’ For Diwali, you tried to scam us
to organize your daughter’s wedding. Now, for New Year, you want to scam us
and throw your daughter’s reception party? Why do you keep a close tab
on up coming events in my life? And I can’t care less
if you think I’m a scamster. Don’t you think Rs. 2000 per head is too much?
– That is the least possible amount per head. Sir, I’m going to Goa for New Year with friends. So..
– Why don’t you people ever participate in anything? Oh, Lord! You said she was out of town.
– I thought the same, sir. Mr Jones, you called for this meeting
only because I’m away, didn’t you? You just arrived and have started complaining already?
– Get over it. How can you call for a meeting
without informing me? Don’t you want everyone to attend the meeting?
– You mean we should cancel the meeting because you’re away? I wanted to inform you,
but I was told you’re on a vacation. You were supposed to go on a vacation, right?
– I was. But, a crap movie was being played on the bus’s TV.
I complained to the driver to change the movie but he paid no heed.
So, I then complained to the travel agency. But the agency didn’t care either. So, I then
lodged a complaint in the consumer forum and came back home. What if the consumer forum also pays no heed?
– Mr Jones, I suggest you create a Whatsapp group. What for? We already have one.
– What! Who is the group’s admin?
– He is. – You too are in the group? That Whatsapp group can’t do without me.
All residents give me instructions through that group. This is not cool, Mr Jones.
You can’t boycott me from the apartment affairs. Being the president, you’ve to manage things better.
– You couldn’t even manage your own vacation and you ask me to manage
the apartments better? Also, managing the apartment affairs isn’t easy.
You’ve no idea how tough it is. Resign if it is so tough.
I can manage these apartments. Before that, try managing your family.
I saw your son practising smoke rings. I told you already. My son is like Lord Ram.
I know about him better than you do. I’m not getting the respect I deserve. Mr Jones, I call for elections. Right now, right here.
It’ll be you versus me. All these people here would decide
who’d be the next president. ‘I’d rather stay clear from this.’
Who in the world is honking so loud! Each of you, cast your vote.
– ‘I want her to know how tough it is to be the president.’ My vote goes to you.
– In that case, even my vote goes to you. ‘If she’s the president, she can’t complain about Tommy.’
My vote goes to you. ‘You bombard the president with your complaints.
Now, I’ll bombard you with my complaints.’ My vote goes to you. ‘There must be some reason
why they all voted for her.’ Even my vote goes to you.
– Won’t you vote for me? I haven’t been issed the Voter ID yet.
– Since I won unanimously I accept being the next president
with utmost humility. Since, the New Year party
is the first event under my presidency I decided to make it a grand affair.
Many people, including me, believe that whatever happens on the New Year’s eve,
happens for the rest of the year. To make our New Year’s party grand
here I present to you, my event manager. Come on in, Satya. So, you’re the event manager? Cool.
Ramulu, get him a chair. Get me a chair. I’m Satya, and I’m a master.
– A master! At which school? Master is not a school teacher.
Master is a degree done after graduation. That is masters, not master. Master is a title used to address a man.
Mrs. Padma told me this. Perhaps Mrs. Padma was talking about ‘Mister’.
– ‘Mister’? Isn’t that the name of a movie? ‘Oh my goodness!’
– Cut it, everyone! You’re embarrassing me. So, what sort of a master are you?
– You will know. We want to throw a grand New Year party.
So, I want you to.. Why not? Ours is the best event management
firm in the city. New Year’s party is cake walk for us. What sort of events did you organize before?
– Magic shows, circuses, dramas.. So, you mean, you don’t have experience
to pull off smaller events. You all along have been arranging smaller events.
Did that experience of yours ever come handy? Never! A small time con artist may not pull off big heists
but a successful con artist can pull off smaller heists with ease. ‘What he says makes sense.
But why that reference of con artists?’ I don’t care how you plan the event
as long as Tommy doesn’t get disturbed. Last time, crackers were burst and so,
Tommy couldn’t sleep. Who is Tommy? A dog?
– He is not a dog. He is Tommy. Is Tommy a dog?
– No! Tommy is Tommy. Okay. I get it.
Don’t worry, ma’am. Our event management firm ensures that dogs..
I mean pets, are also given priority. So, we arrange a party for pets.
– What party? Away from people, an exclusive party
for Tommy and friends will be arranged. Wow! An exclusive party for Tommy?
– Yeah! But, we’ll charge extra for that. No problem! I was worried Tommy was becoming lonely.
This party will be a good place for him to socialize. Will there be a loud speaker playing music?
– Those days are long gone. We’ll hire a DJ and we’ll have a dance floor.
– My daughter can finally put her dance practice to use. Is your daughter a dancer?
– Yes, she is. Ask her to doll up for the party.
I’ll even get smoke machines for her dance performance. Not needed. Her son would make a good smoke machine.
– Why are you so jealous of my son? Don’t spread rumours against college going kids.
– By college, I’m reminded of something. Did your son clear his backlogs yet?
– How can he? The loud music your daughter plays
is disturbing him from focusing. To study elsewhere, he’s going out everyday.
– That’s very true. What do you mean that’s very true..
– Had you known how many cigarettes he smokes.. Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ll organize
a special student friendly workshop for your son which will give him hope
to clear backlogs in the New Year. Please, organize that.
I don’t mind the extra charges. You look like a gentleman.
I need some help this New Year too. How may I help?
– I’ve been planning on buying my wife a silk saree. But, I’m not finding time for that..
– You didn’t buy her yet? No, I didn’t. – So sad!
– I’ll arrange for a saree shop. Kanchi, Banaras, Mangalgiri etc would be available.
The stall charges are on the house. Now, this is lovely idea! Thank you.
– You are welcome. How about we invite all our relatives
and friends. What do you say? I’d say no. Each time you invite
your relatives and see to it only they win all prizes. What do you mean?
Didn’t you win the 2nd prize in Musical Chairs? I deserved to get the 1st prize,
but you only gave me the 2nd prize. You also won a prize in Tambola.
– Hold on, hold on. Since we’re planning on a grand New Year’s party,
why not we invite a celebrity guest? What do you say? I approve of this idea.
And outsiders are strictly not allowed. Celebrity? How about the Megastar?
– Megastar? You mean Mr Chiranjeevi. Wow! That would be amazing!
– It’d be lovely! We’ll ask Mr Chiranjeevi to be the judge.
Only then will the truly deserving ones win. Absolutely! I’ll have a word with him.
You all are okay with it, right? I thought about celebrating the New Year in Goa.
But, you’ve planned a grand party right here and are also inviting the Megastar.
– Are you a bachelor? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.
– Thank you so much! Master, what about me?
– You’ll be treated to a sumptious buffet soft drinks, juices, snacks
and even a live barbeque counter. And, there’ll be sky shots sharp at 12 mid night.
– I didn’t understand a word. But, it sounds exciting. By sky shots, does he mean fire crackers?
– Excatly, ma’am. I’m all game for sky shots.
Forget the sky, the shots Mr Jones brought for Diwali didn’t even light up the ground.
– ‘This lady is hell bent on humiliating me.’ Don’t worry. I guarantee you
that this party would become the talk of the town. I totally trust you.
– How much do we have to spend for all this? Your pockets aren’t deep enough to pay
for the Megastar. So, I’ll do something about it. So, the total cost would be Rs. 1,00,000.
– See! He quoted way more what I quoted. Let it be grand!
New Year’s eve comes just once a year. Every festival comes just once a year.
– Hell with your comebacks! But, since I personally know him,
Satya would try and cut down on the costs. Sure. I’ll give you the best possible deal.
– See! That’s the magic of my presidency. But, I’ve a condition. I want the money to be paid
upfront as there are a lot of things to be taken care. That’s no problem at all.
Mr Jones, transfer Rs. 1,00,000 to him from Corpus fund. He can do it later.
– Nevermind. He’ll do it now. Do return back any amount saved from that money
and don’t forget the education worskshop. Hurry up Mr Jones.
– I am. Tell me your number. Check if you received the payment.
– Yes, I did. Thank you.. I’ll keep calling you. Do keep me posted.
– Anytime. He is a humble lad.
– See you. I can’t wait for the New Year’s party.
I’m too excited! Are you not? Even I’m excited,
mainly about the saree stall. Even I’m excited about my daughter
getting to perform before the Megastar. Seeing the Megastar up close would be unbelievable.
– This is what you call a well planned party, Mr Jones. I hope you’d grace the party.
– Yeah, I will. That is what you call as sky shots.
Look how beautiful they are. Just that those are the sky shots
of the opposite apartments. Don’t be upset. I’m sure Satya is on the way.
That’s why he isn’t answering our calls. Just wait. Our sky shots would be better than those.
– Wait till next year, you mean? See! This is the magic of your presidency.
Honey, don’t come down. There is no party here. Mr Jones, keep your jibes to yourself.
Bringing Mr Chiranjeevi here would surely take some time. Do you still believe Mr Chiranjeevi would be here?
– I’m being optimistic. Now that explains a lot about this mess. Whatever happens on the New Year’s eve,
would happen for the rest of the year. We’ve been fooled on the New Year’s eve.
Wonder what would happen for the rest of the year. How do I face Tommy?
He was so excited about meeting his friends. Give me some rest from your dog talk.
– He is not a dog, he is Tommy. Like anyone cares. Ma’am, you’ve just received a letter. I was promised we’d have a buffet
with a huge spread of delicacies. I don’t see any of that around me.
Do I have to starve tonight? Ramulu, you won’t have to starve.
Satya will be on the way with the dinner. Oh, cut it! ‘I didn’t fool anyone.
I just gave a chance to the fools to get fooled.’ I knew something like this was going to happen.
– Why not we all share the loss? After all, we all are neighbours..
– What an optimist you are. W-Well, I’m.. It is pointless talking to her! So, how did you like
their New Year meeting? How did you like it?
– I loved it! If you too loved it, give it a like
and leave a comment in the comment section below. And, we collaborated with ‘Bluff Master’.
Satya, here, is the new bluff master in the town. Thank you so much for collaborating with us.
And, I think you’re super sweet, super cute and.. And, is there anything
you’d want to tell to our viewers? It was really great
working with Mahathalli and team. Every one is so sweet,
including you, who is behind the camera. ‘Bluff Master’ would be out on the 28th.
Please do watch as we’ve made a really good movie.
The trailer is out and it’s been received well. Do watch the film as we worked
really hard to make a good film. I’m not bluffing you.
I mean it. Thank you and I wish you all the best.
– Thank you so much, Mahathalli. Before you go, don’t forget to..
– Subscribe! Wow! I didn’t even ask him to say it.
– How can I not say it? Please do subscribe
and wish you all a very happy new year. I’ll see you next year!

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