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Anatomy of Hate | TIME

February 22, 2020

Tell us the story about what happened today You know what parking is like in Chapel Hill. It’s the same people all the time. I have talked to them numerous times, I have
semi-threatened them. I said I’m tired of this crap you gonna
keep disrespecting me I’m gonna start disrespecting you. I went off. How’d you go off? I pulled my gun and started shooting them February 10th, 2015 The whole world was watching Chapel Hill. In seconds. We knew immediately who killed our children Shocking triple murder in the college town
of chappel hill North Carolina Police say a neighbor gunned down three Muslim
college students 23 year old Deah Barakat, the woman he just
married in late December, 21 year old Yusor Abu Salha, also killed her sister 19 year
old Razan. The victim’s family members are questioning
whether the murder what a hate crime. Who is this man? Someone motivated by hate or someone so obsessed
by parking spaces at his condominium that he shoots to kill? All rise. Show me a reason if it’s not hate. No act is singularly motivated. We do a lot of what we do for reasons we are
not even aware of ourselves. The question is how did our children live
and why did they die? Hi there, I’m walking in the Finley Forest
complex in chapel hill and I heard gunshots I don’t know what building it came from
but I heard kids screaming. Ok. It was a gray afternoon. Officers arrived and were able to relay on
the radio that this is a really serious crime here. Police tape, yellow tape, sirens, flashing
lights, dark nights. Deah’s father was just yelling, “I want answers, I want answers.” “Tell me if he is dead.” And then I froze. I was just walking around, looking
at peoples’ eyes. My wife Amira was holding her stomach rocking
in her chair saying, “Oh God, please, no God, please” “Oh God. Oh God” My father called me he said, “Yousef, why did
we learn our faith?” Your true testament of faith is how you react
during times of hardship. He said, “Yusor and Deah are with your lord
now.” and I said, “Baba who was the third victim
of the shooting?” And he told me Razan was
visiting them for dinner. I went to an ocean without a bottom, and I
kept going down and down and down. There is a clock that I stopped took the battery
out, and stopped it at 5:06 pm. As far as I know that was the time of the
shooting. And for me, that is where the time in my
life stopped. Ready? Today is like our baby was born we’re so happy. Deah and Yusor. They just were in love. You could see it in their eyes, they were
like role models in our community. I was two years older than Yusor and four
years older than Razan. I used to look up to my sisters although they
were younger than me because I felt that they were better than me in many ways. Yusor, her name means “ease” and she just radiated
ease everywhere she went. Yusor got into UNC school of dentistry where
she was going to join Deah. Razan was just a giver. The artistic one out of us all. I used to imagine what our lives are going
to be like – Are we going to one day share a cul-de-sac,
where our kids are playing around? Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to describe
him cause he’s my brother. He was an unconditional friend. Take a picture with me. Deah was very, very smart, and very kind,
very gentle. Being a mother, it was everything I was. That sense of happiness just
is not possible anymore. Come get ready! There isn’t a textbook outline of how to go
through something like this as a family, because things like this are not supposed to happen. Things like this can destroy families. Things like this can destroy communities. Three Muslim young people murdered in
our quaint, progressive, college community. Those things were
very hard to make sense of. Very early in that investigation,
we were hearing from residents who had had encounters over parking with Mr. Hicks. Chapel Hill Police are going door to door
talking to neighbors He had issues, a lot of issues with people– noise
in the neighborhood and parking issues. Pretty quickly it became clear to us that
that was a source of conflict for him and his neighbors. When there’s an unusually troubling event
we want to provide reassurance to the community that we believe it’s isolated and that we don’t think there’s an ongoing threat. Because as you can imagine, by 8:30 or 9:00 the next morning we were getting inquiries
literally from all around the world. We put out an initial statement and it, was
factual, named the victims, named the suspect, that he had turned himself in, and that we
were charging him with murder, and that our preliminary investigation suggested that this
interaction developed out of a dispute over parking. We arrested Craig Steven Hicks, 46 years old,
of 270 Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill. He’s been charged with three counts of first degree
murder and he’s in the Durham County Jail right now. This is not a federal investigation yet Pretty quickly we learned that it didn’t have
the effect that we had hoped it would have. Well right now, here on twitter you can see the hashtag
muslim lives matter just flooding the feeds. More than 2 million tweets many have already
judged this as a hate crime. We’ve been talking all morning about the
rush to call this incredible tragedy an issue over parking. It’s basically incomprehensible to me. You have a man who openly despised people
of all religious faiths. His facebook page says he’s an ordained
atheist minister who enjoys target practice. His posts cover everything from condemning
religion to showing off his revolver but also supporting equal rights. His wife says there’s no way. I can say with my absolute belief that this
had nothing to do with religion or victims faith. As soon as I heard the words “Parking dispute”
on television and I was very disappointed. Deah lived at the apartment complex for a
couple of years and he had several interactions with Craig Hicks. But we believe that those interactions escalated
when Yusor, who wore the head scarf, arrived on the scene when she
married Deah and moved in. Craig Hicks, I think the way he was looking
at his neighborhood was that it was changing, it was diversifying. My mom told my sister that she was worried. My father told them, “You guys need to go
and get a restraining order from the police.” And that was their next step that was what
they were working on. Immediately after the murders it really wasn’t
a time for us to heal it was a time for us to act. We ask that the authorities investigate these
senseless and heinous murders as a hate crime. If we classify it as a hate crime maybe people
will start understanding that islamophobia or hate or ignorance can kill. Leaders at this mosque are hoping to meet
with federal investigators next week to make their case, they say it’s important to them
to prevent Muslims from becoming victims of similar crimes. We really felt like if this murder was classified
as a parking dispute then it’s just another example of how aggression even microaggressions
against the Muslim community will continue to be unreported will continue to be swept
under the rug because we prefer a more romanticized a more white washed version of where we are. I’ve seen a lot of cases, as you might imagine,
over 35 years of being a judge. And I certainly heard cases on the state level
in North Carolina that qualified as hate crimes. Sometimes it’s very clear and it’s a pernicious
type of crime Texas has executed the white supremacist behind
a gruesome hate crime. Three men chained James Byrd Jr. to the back
of a truck in June of 1998. Dragging him nearly three miles on a rural
road near the Louisiana border. That was a typical hate crime. They did that because he was black. They told everybody they were going to kill
him because he was black. That’s the kind of hate crime that occurs
in many, many places and what the federal government is trying to protect against. Arguably, the first attempt to create something
like a hate crime were anti-lynching statutes. Each time, they were filibustered by Southern
senators. The first true hate crime legislation was
passed at the federal level in 1969. That made it a crime to prevent someone from
engaging in some sort of activity on account of race, religion, or ethnicity. They were designed for the federal government
to be able to take a case and prosecute it when a state might not want to. Hate crimes have special significant harms. If you burn a cross on the lawn of an African
American family’s home, the harm doesn’t just go to that family. The harm resonates throughout the entire African American community. Convicting the perpetrator of not just a simple
assault but of a hate crime gives society the chance to stand in solidarity with the victim. States have always been free to define their
own hate crimes but they’ve only begun to do so relatively recently. In the case of first degree murder, North
Carolina’s sentencing requires an automatic life without parole. And so in that sense,
a hate crime doesn’t mean that somebody will get more time. What it will do is give validity to the reason
why he did what he did. The challenges in proving a hate crime, are
that you have to be able to directly attribute an event to someone’s intent. Absent of direct confession of that, it’s
a difficult standard to meet. We have on spot reserved for us, that’s where my
wife parks and I have to park somewhere else I had no place else to park. And it’s the same people all the time. I have talked to them numerous times. I’ve… semi-threatened them. And I walked back there and I said you got three cars in the lot You’re not supposed to have more than two. And I don’t have a parking spot, I’m not parking on the street. And he said we can park wherever the – can I say the word? Yeah. Wherever the fuck we want. We can park as many
fucking vehicles as we want. He said he came over, he knocked the door, he
told my brother he had taken three spots and and that somehow that wasn’t ok and that my brother started cussing at him. He said one of the girls berated him as well. I said I’m sick and tired of this crap. You gonna keep disrespecting me, I’m gonna start disrespecting you. He goes fuck you you worthless
piece of shit and I went off. I thought it was possible that my brother
and Yusor were angry and were trying or get him to stop coming back or stop harassing
them Had it not been for the video that’s what
I thought. There are three things in my life
that I will never forget. One was the death of my dad. One was the death of my mom. And the other was that video. All your mind does is hear the screams. I just never heard the desperation, the surprise,
but mostly the fear. You see Craig Hicks standing over my brother’s
body. Yusor and Razan were shot with the gun to
their hijab point blank. On the way out he again stood over my brother. This time he shot him in the mouth. It’s a basic human instinct to try and make
some sort of meaning, some sort of sense out of a terrible crime. Anti-Muslim bias was and continues to be a
huge problem in our society. But it’s also possible he was simply a terribly
angry man who allowed his anger to build and build and build. And then he might have killed
them irrespective of their religion. I still see their faces when I killed them,
all three of them. Six months prior to this event something broke
in me and I knew I was over the edge. And I knew that temper of mine was ready to come out. And I knew I was not going to be able to control it. Summerwalk Circle was very quiet. It was very organized. But with the recession, a lot of people moved out. The people that
were moving in, were all college students. And they don’t really know how to follow rules
all that great. That morning I woke up. I went to school. Came home, and found their cars,
didn’t have a parking spot. And I decided they were going to be the ones. They were going to move their cars out of
the lot or else. It had nothing to do with religion. I don’t like religion. I’m not quiet about that but I didn’t kill
them because of their religion. Don’t blame this crime on a whatever race,
agnostic atheist– blame it on Craig Hicks. I did that crime. People have called me a monster, I’m beyond
that in my own mind, I’m well beyond that. Here’s the story about fish swimming through
water, and this older fish says “how’s the water, how’s the water?” and the other fish are like…
what water? They’re not aware of this environment that they’re
immersed in because they’ve been in this environment all their lives. The nation’s experience with 9/11, the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan – those things all become part of the water
through which we’re all swimming. That’s going to create biases that many people
won’t even really be fully aware of. Growing up you always felt a little bit different. Here, you’re the Muslim. Especially post 9/11, you’re synonymous with
almost enemy of America. Your loyalties are conflicted. I went to medical school in Iraq, so I survived
the Iraqi, Irani war for three years. We could hear the sounds from the frontline. We we’re looking for the America we knew from
TV and the news, freedom, democracy, liberty, justice, equality, peace. You can’t be in danger if you come to the
super power country. I’m not romantic about anything anymore. Should Americans fear Islam? It is Islamic killer who are the
central problem on this planet. There’s a fair amount of research showing
that we, and especially white people, have a tendency to perceive members of other racial
and ethnic groups as less human. At the implicit level, he’s getting all
this other information that says they’re a threat they’re terrorists, they’re un-American,
they’re different. That implicit bias may have been affecting how he
was interpreting his interactions all along and maybe in that very final few moments. This house belonged to my brother. What the house kinda
represents driving out darkness with light. My brother’s name translates from arabic
to english as meaning light. So that’s why we call it the light house. And for me everything that happens out of this house everything that’s positive, any connection
that’s made anybody who’s fed every prayer that’s made goes back to him. Literally a week before the murders my mom
was telling us I sense this increase in hostility towards Muslims. I was like what’s the worst that can happen? If a Muslim in America, in his home, at
5:00 PM, is not safe, there is no place on earth to be safe. America was last hope. We were able to meet with the officials from
the Department of Justice and FBI every examining the tapes,
the computers, the cell phones. They were coming to us with the same answer: though it looks like a hate crime we cannot really
prove it’s a hate crime because he did not declare why he killed them. And we as feds can not take a case to court
that we would lose. At the federal level the mere fact that a
person who is killed or murdered might be of a different race that is simply not enough. If you define every crime where bias makes
it easier to commit the crime as a hate crime then we’re going to define hate crimes very
very broadly. The dangers if you do that is that some people
will be punished differently not because they actually acted on account of bias but simply
because they’ve said biased things in the past. The question is what do you
want the law to do? A man from right here in the triangle, is on capitol hill today testifying about White Nationalism. Dr. Abu-Salha? What happened to our children
was a home invasion and execution. Three beautiful young Americans were brutally
murdered and there’s no question in our minds that this tragedy was born of bigotry and hate. And I ask you, I truly plead to you not to
let another American family to go through this because our government would not act
to protect all Americans. I’ve been worried about what arraignment
would look like for years now. Trying to figure out what exactly it will
be like. If he’ll say anything. This case is very important
to a lot, a lot of people. The threat was universal, like, it could be
me. It’s going to reflect the reality of their
environment, how safe their environment is. It’s hard to say what justice is. Sometimes justice is in the eye of the beholder. Justice for me would be my child walking back
through the door, and they will never have that This is about the narrative. That not the murderer, not the aggressor, not the criminal but the narrative that the victims and the truth stand by. First-degree murder of Deah Shaddy Barakat.
How does Mr. Hicks plead? Guilty. All these years later, I’m more frustrated
with our failure to reach the legal standard of a hate crime. Because it seems pretty clear that it
was as hateful of a crime as you could ever imagine. I think we failed to understand that a significant
portion of our community deal with some form of Islamophobia every day. It wasn’t a lens through which we were thinking
about that statement that day and I think that was a pretty significant blind spot. If we had to do it again, we would do it differently. It will be 3 consecutive sentences of life
imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Mr. Sheriff he’s in your custody sir. This case is like so many where we have a
feeling that there’s something more there. That there’s bias there. That’s a reflection of a broader big societal
problem that we have to deal with. We need to understand where this kind of hatred
can take us. The numbers of victims in these particular
cases is like throwing the proverbial petal in the pond and the rings go out and out and
out forever. From here out there’ll be much discussion
about how the memory of these beautiful people might be served and legislation might be one of
them. We’ll see what people are really made of. Won’t we? A week before the murders we all wanted to
see how tall we were, so we all stood up against the wall, against the door frame, we just
marked our heights. You have my brother’s height, you have my
height, you have my dad, my mom, Yusor and my sister. I stand up against the frame because I know
my brother stood up against it. Razan would have graduated the school of design today. I wanted to experience driving by the building
and imagining what’s going on there. Razan was brutally murdered before the start of her second year. Had she lived she would be graduating today
with a Bachelor of Architecture degree… She had an intoxicating spark and a playful
lightness that will push us to move beyond the world we know, to play in the world we imagine. One day we’ll reunite with them. Sometimes we see it in our dreams. I feel that when I go to visit the grave,
I feel that distance between me and them is just six feet. Six feet, I cannot penetrate. We want our nation, our government to learn
something from it. At least that hate doesn’t work and cannot
be hidden. It will manifest. And the price is very dear and expensive.

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    Sick mentality but certainly not a mainstream one or anything accepted in any community. I think its dangerous to constantly try to define some random persons mentality to forward a mass narrative. Seems to be commonplace

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    We will never get rid of hate
    If we are not allowed a free debate

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