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Amiable Personality Type: Do You Love Serving Others?

October 10, 2019

Now the last personality type is amiable
amiable is their most basic these people are people that they’re more
soft-spoken they are like a mini-expressives they still like praise, they still
like recognition they like more than nice things such as a candle being
in bath, they typically find a lot of amiables being doctors and nurses
people who care about other people the biggest thing that drive them is a cause What tickles me the most is that they
love security they don’t like to be taken they don’t like change
but they also are the best caring people and when I talk about the personality
types and the drivers are typical entrepreneurs people that have their own
businesses top salespeople now expressives can also be salespeople but
they’re great promoters you know and I mentioned that analyticals are
more numbers structure oriented like engineers and accountants and people
like that I find with amiables a lot of them are teachers nurses doctors people
who serve who love serving other people and with them they get actually along
with than expressive very well they kind of like a tone down expressive
person but if the expressive person can get too much for them now they get
pretty good pretty good along with the analytical people because analytical
people they have today what their biggest thing is they have empathy and
when you work with an amiable you need to show empathy empathy security
projection warmth that is so important to do that
now the word they clash the most is what drivers because drivers is like yes come
on let’s go let’s do it let’s go it’s taken another project risk you know
there’s nothing to did you know and amiable is just the opposite it is just
so happen to be that God gave me a wife was an amiable expressive sometimes I
think she’s a little bit analytical too but she brings out the best in me but it took a
long time to be able to work together and recognize her for where she is at
and focus on her hot buttons and for her to focus on my hot buttons and that’s why
two drivers together and I will take a heck of a lot of work
we think because they will bump heads all the time two analytical’s they will argue all the
time two amiables won’t get anything done and they were won’t be really moving a lot you know in life they would just
care about serving people and forget that you also have to make money right
and because nothing happens without money you know and so there’s a lot of
different we each have our strengths we each have our weak weaknesses or or not
so let me say nuts and strong points so we all need to focus on that so the more
you can learn about that yes I actually recommend giving the course from Dani
Johnson obviously reading my blog post and then this book personality plus by
Florence Litaauer that is a phenomenal book I’ll give you the Amazon link on this and just focus on getting together getting along with other people bringing
out the best in other people that’s what’s so important and we realize that
with somebody now here’s a big one this is one more thing the biggest mistake
that we can make is that we would tend to expect other people to treat us like
this because they should also know this most
people don’t know this is that even though who they are as a personality type I
don’t know how to work with other personality types they just come in from
a gut reaction that’s why there’s something such as personal development
where we develop ourselves and we need to focus on the well-being of others and
helping others and meeting them where they are you don’t need to leave your
personality you just need to to become a little bit more espressive or a little bit
more analytical or a little bit more amiable and focus if your driver and
focus on what and the buttons that make them tick structures for that analytical
and process security warmth empathy for the amiable and for the expressive fun
people recognition when a driver if you one of the other types money challenge
nice things people who get things done I’m like and so so here’s going to be the
thing one last little bit of training on this is when you when somebody talks
about giving a project to do something that amiable is going to respond with
why would I do it it’s about the cause the analytical is going to
respond with how do I do the structure the process the expressive it is how
quickly can we do it when can we get done you know what kind of fun things is
going to be be in there and the driver is going to be okay just tell me more or
less what to do and I’ll get it done I’ll just take care of it they take over
and so that is the different things that’s that’s what takes most people to
tick now if you want more in-depth training on each of these I can spend a
whole Aloha Friday free training on one specific personality type you just need
to let me know in the comments and I will do that for you now guys always at
the end here I have a wonderful gift to give you it’s called my Aloha laptop
lifestyle cheat sheet that is the four steps that I’m using that a mentor gave me 21 years ago to let me follow steps to be able to live the life of my dreams but it
took me 21 years to actually listen to him and when I did it and Here I
am in beautiful Hawaii in the states that he gave me is what I still follow
on a daily basis so that is totally free on my website or well click on that you get the four steps I
guarantee you follow those four steps and start applying that you will also be
able to live the life of your dreams and accomplish the things that you’ve been
thinking about all the time but just never knew how to get around that and
it’s totally free so take care have a wonderful day Godbless Aloha

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