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Amazin Marvin | Review | Features, Pricing & Opinion ✅

October 12, 2019

hey guys and welcome to first
impressions this is a feature on the YouTube channel that is essentially
dedicated to uncovering new resources these are applications that have been
heavily requested by you guys or applications that have been in the news
recently we’re going to basically dissect them giving you the features and
a general impression of these applications now for a lot of the time
these will be my first experience with the application so you guys can see my
general snags and issues with it and also the things that I particularly love
about the application so you can get all of the insight that you need to know to
make out that decision if it’s for you if you have an app that you want to
request you can use the form below enter it and we’ll definitely take it into
consideration we’ve got a few lined up so the next thing that’s going to be
covered but as you can imagine I’ll check the form every time I choose
the video so guys today we are looking at amazing
Marvin which is an application a lot of you guys have requested a review on in
the Facebook group and what I want to do today is review this application now
marvin is essentially a to do this application with a few hidden parks
we’re gonna go over the features then dive into the pricing and I’ll give you
my first impressions so guys just before we dive in I wonder – thanks saying box
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same box a little later you get $25 discount below so guys let’s dive into
Marvin now this is Marvin in front of us Marvin is an application than is only
available really for web right now they do have mobile versions and they’re
working on revisions the team is very small there’s only two of them
Kristina and her husband they are basically working on this application at
the moment but they do very much listen to the community that’s something that
I’ve noticed they’ve got a Facebook group for when you become a subscriber
with them that will help you to you know request features and etc
so this application works in premise like it to do this application you can
go to the top and naturally add it to do so for example could be a film YouTube
video and you press enter and naturally it get added to different sections that
you’re working on but the great thing is with this application and I say the real
magic is that it allows you to add your own experiences so for example you can
switch ON or switch off different features which is something that a lot
of people like about Marfan so as you can see here this is the dashboard you
get and there is an area in the top right hand corner called strategies
where you will access all of that and that’s basically like switch ON switch
off mode for all of these additional features now before we dive into that I
did play around this before there is something called a master list and this
really takes the premise of all evil tasks so for example as you can see here
this is the master list you have the ability to create projects you have the
ability to create folders which are essentially areas and also the ability
to create tasks naturally so for example if I wanted to plan my day ahead I
create a few dummies here but let’s say I’ve got a task today that is specific
to one client so I’m gonna say client a actually need to finish the main
document for it if I can spell it right and as you can see here once you add a
task it is like any other to this application you can essentially get it
there you can add notes to it you can schedule for a specific date so I’m
actually gonna schedule it for today and you can end it to tasks like normal you
can actually choose a specific due date for it so you don’t necessarily have to
add a due date you can add a start date and a due date which will add to the
abilities as a task if you want to add specific subtasks you can do so here and
delete it from this window too now this is good and promise you could
essentially just go to this and start adding load itas and projects and
folders and that’s great a lot of people like to do that and you can see this
list view as well here a lot of people like doing that you can also configure
the view in different ways but let’s just come out of this a second because
this is where the real magic is if you click plan my day it will essentially
open this sidebar up here where you can access the master list and I’m on master
list now if I scroll down to freelance and you can see inside of
freelance I have this task but it’s already associated to the actual day
that I put it on so you can see in front of you you have a few tasks and
naturally you can move them around you can even add specific times and dates to
them now that’s really cool because once you can start planning your day in terms
of like dragging stuff in and plotting it out it becomes really valuable and
loaded people like to do that now you have a few basic filtering abilities you
can filter by category section recurring whether it is a recurring item or per
time and also you can sort them based on a few different areas so the real magic
comes in if you go to top right hand corner and click strategies now when you
land on this page and you can see in front of you whole host of options you
can see here that you’ve got category context little smart task labels at task
reminders print list smart lists and timers these are some of the basics so
for example if I switch on timers and I also switched on tags if I go back
you’ll see down at the bottom a new area has behind it and that’s the timers area
essentially when you activate something on the strategies area it will be
created here which is quite nice because you can basically create your own
application so as you can see here if I click into a task and I click Edit task
I can even add labels now which I wasn’t able to do before they say I need to
complete this one in town that’s I did the tag ability there now
at any point you can make it a recurring task and even and a project and we’ll
turn it into a project so you have that ability and you can even move it to a
separate area and change the due date now going back over to this area you can
see that ok brilliant now you can start adding stuff and you’re probably going
ok the basics seemed pretty good but there are a whole host of different
areas so for example notes you can add at specific day notes or specific task
notes so I’ve got task notes turned on so for example when I go over to film
YouTube and you can see that show and hide tasks appear showing note appear
and I can add any context that I want here now if I go back over to strategies
if I go back over to strategies you’ve naturally have a different air
of each different things so for example with this area you have the ability to
really focus on your prioritization so for example if you want to assign a
priority start of it you can switch this one on if you want to use a method
called in-app Franck which is like putting its a Brian Tracy methodology
allowing you to put a specific tag on a task that you want to complete first the
horrible tasks and you could even have most important projects and a backburner
– but let’s say for those two demos the prioritization you can see at the top
right hand corner I’ve got the Frog appearing here you can click Edit tasks
and here you can see all of the settings so you can see okay this is a medium
priority so I’m going to add a star to it and it’s I don’t actually know the
Frog scoring system but you can for example put your frog as this one here
and essentially that one is the one you want to do first in a day to get it out
the way read the book eat that frog I’ve only listened to the blinker summary of
it but I know it’s about so associating frogs to specific tasks that you want to
do now if you go down here there there are a bit more detailed and this
specifically focus on the time management area so you have got a
duration estimate so you can for example give yourself a bit of an outline of how
long you roughly going to complete it in you can add an agenda so this puts
actually the tasks and events in a calendar view which will save you time
and also create that like Timeline view I’m gonna put time tracking on as well
so you can actually actually add that you can add a calendar too if you wanted
to now I’m going to add the week scheduler and let’s dive back in and
show you how all those work so you can see here it’s automatically changed in
terms of what you see you see this specific agenda in front of you and
naturally you can actually go to my week as well and actually plot that out so
you can see here that you can see all the tasks that I’ve done up here which
is great but if I go to my week I can access that from there now if I wanted
to I could add a specific task here and as you can see it’s automatically added
30 minutes as a duration so up here you can see that there’s a 30 minutes sum so
for example if I added multiple of these for example like I had four or five
things that I had during my day in this again
you it would essentially calculate how long you’re gonna spend in a day on
tasks and when you’re gonna be finished by so that’s a quite a healthy way to
process your tasks now for example if I just wanted to go back I could naturally
go to strategies and switch this off if I had those existing tasks as time
associated ones I could easily have and see those there now here’s an area that
you can add in called lists you could have custom squares custom sidebar so
you can design your own sidebar you have to activate it so some of these have
activation so for example you have a settings menu where you can really go
into editing the stuff before you use it okay so when you’ve created a custom
sidebar and you’ve chosen what you wanted you can essentially choose what
appears here and this allows you to customize it so you could have your own
smart lists you can have an area for labels and you can even drag stuff on so
for example I did this one last month when I was originally doing this let’s
say you want to reschedule that one shopping list for baked goods
I think we’re baking a cake that day and you can change all the details to it and
one thing I didn’t show you just n as well is that I set up time tracking so
if I wanted to track a task it will appear here and the timer has been
started and it will it’ll also indicated reported well at the end so if I go back
to distract into this area you can start to see that you’re building up your own
application you have a sections area where you can actually set to a specific
like for example break it down for morning afternoon evening which I
already had on you also have a time blocking sections you have time blocking
abilities up at the top so you can actually share throughout a calendar –
there are a few additional things like time savers where you can have pin tasks
and saved items like in templates you have decision makers which give you a
random item but for example a random task out of your list to do or a
suggested task so there are a few little sort of not gamification that real
prioritization things that you can do inside of this you can also see work
modes as well so for example if you want to beat the clock on certain timers if I
switch that one arm so when you activate the beat the clock you have to give it a
time estimate for this case I’ve got 30 minutes on here and this one starts so
for example you you can’t let Marvin hit the top or else
the task is not complete so there are a few strategies in there that will help
you to boost your productivity now if I score to the bomb these are more
specific ones for example there’s a few day progress bars and day time targets
it was got permanent procrastination counts staleness warnings and a few mind
step based ones as well as email into Marvin and zapier integrations now there
are a few additional ones like the ability to do GTD based functions like
weekly review and also reward tasks so for example karma based system inside of
there and team have let me know that they tend to add one task or one
strategy per month so they always adding new ones this one is a brand new one the
ability to add start dates from the last time I checked it now just to give you a
bit more of an overview of this application what I would say about this
application is it’s not as fluid as some of the other applications it takes a bit
of time to learn definitely that’s why I had a call with the team because I was
like I need to understand this a bit more and they explained it very well but
once you understand it once you can be using it it can be a very good way to
start plotting out your week now the real drawbacks in a moment is it’s only
available on web I would say the design is a little bit clunky but again early
days for this application and also the price tag is pretty high now naturally
with most tools there is a free trial but per month this application is $12
you can pay a yearly one which is $8 but you have to pay annually for that there
is a 50% off rate for students and if you want to do a lifetime it’s $300 a
one-off lifetime cost though this application has a few other bonuses
there is naturally search and a good resource center there’s also archive and
stats you can access all of your recurring items and smart dates so once
a smart list so once you’re set up it can really take you through the motions
there’s also cloud sync so for example once they do really enhance there are
other applications you do have access there you have integrations and a lot of
layout changes themes you have a lot of themes visual fonts you can go really
granular with this application in terms of making it your own
everything from sound to debilities you do now who I recommend this application
or definitely recommend it for people who like to view in a gender view and
also like to fully customize their application now it’s very early days for
this app at the moment but I know a lot of people have fallen in love with it
and I’ve seen some of the messages that you guys are send in the Facebook group
and a lot of people have been getting on with it and really investing their time
into there so guys that is Marvin include all of the information below I
wanted to give a shout out to sanebox which sponsored this month here on the
key productive YouTube channel same box as an email management tool I use them
as a way to reduce the amount of noise in my email and I find it really
valuable I use it with missive which is other than another app another email
application and I find it to be a really effective method now you can get $25
discount below so if you want to access that you can find that there and they
also have really extensive resources if you want to understand how to use it in
full I’ve also done a full unlisted video below about sandbox so if you want
to check that one out you can’t below and guys that was my
first impressions as part of the weekly series we’re gonna be back next week
with a habit tracking application so if you want to check that one out please do
come back to this YouTube channel please subscribe hit like if you enjoyed it
comment on some of your thoughts on Marvin it honestly would be great to
hear and em guys thank you so much for stopping by today mayfield have a great
week keep productive and I’ll see you guys
very very soon Cheers

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  • Reply Keep Productive January 17, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Would love to hear your thoughts on Marvin
    This is relatively new application, growing in popularity!

    Pop them below!

  • Reply Paul Phillips January 17, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Please review mylifeorganized to do app

  • Reply Chris Fischer January 17, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    Looks like it could be a bit daunting to decide which strategies to use

  • Reply John Barone January 17, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    There are feature-equivalent Windows and Mac versions as well the web one. The only thing is that they do release the native versions a few days or so after the web version is released, so if you want the latest-and-greatest right off, then you would want to be on the web version.

    They also have a iPhone version, but it is far from feature-equivalent, and it useful pretty much for quickly adding tasks and checking off existing ones and not much else.

  • Reply Jeremy Smith January 17, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Finally have my todoist setup perfected and you show me this!!? Arrrggg. Todoist wins until Marvin gets mobile apps, Marvin looks great!!

  • Reply Ryan H January 17, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    It was looking so amazing until you got to the price. Hell no!

  • Reply Gina Fernandez January 17, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Love Marvin, switched to it from Todoist and there was no looking back. Was excited to see it reviewed finally. For me, the amazing thing about marvin is having so many different features available in one app instead of having to frankenstein a few different apps together to get what I want. My top strategies are the daily note feature, custom labels and toolbar (set it up as a GTD toolbar), the time tracking, and the built-in timers – I love me a pomodoro timer. I was able to get rid of Todoist, toggl, and a few different chrome extensions.

    Good review although I'm confused why you keep saying it's a web-only app? I pretty much only use the desktop app (windows) and I'm pretty sure there's a mac desktop version as well. As for the price, I think that's a subjective thing. I don't find it all that expensive since it feels like a few different apps in one. I also appreciate the option of a lifetime buy-in, I don't think I've seen many to-do apps offer that.

  • Reply Phil Lewis January 17, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Hell yeah!

    This looks very tempting and may be worth a really close look…….it has come on a long way since I last considered this.

  • Reply Wade Sanders January 18, 2019 at 3:26 am

    Thanks for another helpful summary of a new app. Marvin seems to be more than I need. I continue to find Things 3 to be the best for my needs.i suggest you review Memrey notes app.

  • Reply Shady Qaddoura January 18, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    Its sounds great app 🙂

  • Reply Jacek Stolarz January 18, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    It has great options and potential. It needs better UI on mobile app + full integration on mobile

  • Reply George Papadakis January 18, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    There is also a Windows version. The iPhone version works, but has a few missing features. And I get by on my iPad by pinning the web version as an icon to my home screen. It works as long s you have an Internet connection, which I almost always do.

  • Reply Tracie Powers January 19, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Great video especially with the amount of features in this app!!
    UPDATE: Still playing around with it a bit too much but it's definitely growing on me – Great news on the file uploads

    I've been playing around with Marvin for a few weeks now (got a super half price deal) as I was hoping to switch over once they introduce team collaboration but while it is a fantastic piece of software, it looks like I've probably wasted my money, as although they are adding the collaboration features I need this year, they won't be adding the ability to attach files, something that is pretty essential if your working with a team, instead they are opting for a third party note/file storage, (not a me thing!) Also it's great that you can configure this to your liking but sometimes there can be a bit too much choice and I have to admit I've spent more time playing with all the different options than actually doing anything productive

  • Reply Данила Николаев January 19, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    About price.
    If simpler tools like Todoist or paper work for you, by all means stick to them.
    For me, they do not work. I juggle many projects and tasks in distraction-rich office and my mind tends to wander off.
    Compared to Todoist, extra $50/year for reduced stress and increased productivity is nothing. Long live Marvin.

  • Reply ThaidUp January 21, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    Yes as others have indicated not just Web only and I am looking at replacing several apps with this one…Time Tracker, Pomodoro Timer, Priority Matrix, Lets you play with different tools on one eco-system. I think we have a winner here. Also, unlimited nesting levels along with categories and labels. I have been seeing a few people so impressed that they are paying the lifetime membership fee. Let's not overlook the aspect that a Swiss development company could be back on top in Time Tracking, but the real winner here is the now husband who has a hot Swiss girl show up in the USA as a foreign-exchange student who can code, interested in productivity apps and love to play video games Hollywood could not write a better sequel to the revenge of the Nerds! The Roadmap is not only transparent but customer-driven. I will be next in line plunking down my lifetime membership fee.

  • Reply Anna Banana Rama January 23, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    I ❤️ Marvin! #fangirl

  • Reply Victoria Teasdale February 15, 2019 at 9:29 am

    Finally, someone made a todo list app that is flexible and adjustable to how you work. I'll be watching this one closely and I'm already thinking how much I can save on ditching other apps that aren't as flexible.

  • Leave a Reply