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Alpine Skyline The Twilight Bell A Hat in Time OP hats

January 17, 2020

good morning welcome how’s it going
how’s it hi there how are you doing log alright
the games just launching so uno secundo there we go game is live switchover and
everything should be good yeah all right nice so I got a new controller so I’m
happy it is the Logitech thingy that’s upside
down there it is I can’t pull it any further because of cord but yeah it’s
got a bit of a weird feeling to it because of the gray wolf in here it’s
like a large large grew so it just feels weird it’s not like any other controller
I’ve used but so far it’s kinda nice new I’m non-party oh this is going through
the DLC stuff Oh what up to 50 I’m not gonna do that right now new challenge
road visit mail room to give it a try sweet cool okay that’s cool I’ll be
looking at the DLC at some point any torpedo dorita has gone a long school
day I have a little longer than the other since I’m an IT a little changed
oh sorry little I’ve changed the speaker today I had to stand on a ladder and cut
with the bats I was tiring that’s annoying oh and shooter alert already we have
anyone started in someone’s intruding Oh what’s this
is that DLC related thing welcome to online party and collapse dimensions
together and see your things tragic journey alongside players from other
worlds or in the party name just just just a play with your friends
okay all right now maybe another time already uh two things I needed to do I
need to switch to the mass oops my bad what’s fun this is fun
Oh mustaches rule oh no that stupid mustache girl wrote
all over my room how dare she a little cheating piece of
poo that’s fine I wanna I want to get into that little compartment of the of
the house there or of the ship I should say there you go Danny 19 you know I’ve been
seeing this ticket seller on my feet on blue red green yellow they’re kind of
pretty I have been wondering where they all go though and I’m wondering what the
Mafia could be keeping inside those things – well today’s the day I’m gonna
find out well we found out with one of them and I did get the blue and red
chest before but I don’t think I’ve got the green one I’ll thanks guy like
that’s I was gonna do it’s it’s weird when you get a new controller for some
reason it feels like I haven’t ever played feels like I’m playing with a new
device gotta happen time mod that makes all the textures text and sounds bazinga
good the game with it on ever since how’s that going so far sorry one sec I
just have to what you’re having fish bones under your hat I shouldn’t stand
still more often see what other crazy stuff she does that’s hilarious let’s go inside this place so I can do
that time rift hello yes oh I need 20 for that area unlocked powers been
restored the starter chapter yeah who’s the Metro I don’t know how I said I’m
sorry pretty far they’re all working out so come for us
nice that’s good oh I was get in there Oh Oh God okay
she’s got stuck I don’t have 250 darn it all right time rift time what that
sounds like a terrible mod to play with though to be honest I don’t think I’d be
able to do it would you though these crows why are
there crows in this time rift area disrespectful crows oh this slows time that’s right it
doesn’t stop my back I think I’ve been calling up time stop yarn Oh careful jeez it’s not the Yakuza was a plan
words it sound like the Japanese word Yakuza pack your bird bath words I’m
gonna put on all right how exactly do I get up there it’s on the other side or no wait
I could go up here right yeah like that that’s not hard huh but it is hard if
I’m gonna fall off right away what does yeah coos I mean by the way come here
BAM ugly a double ugly oh god no I hate these throws there you go some sort of
crime-related thing I think maybe I don’t know I can remember I know I’ve
heard it before I’m just trying to think of where I heard it what the context was
that timer of texture wasn’t too difficult I guess it was one that I
could have gotten a little while ago it was this one oh that’s for the time I
like it now let’s go a rare stickers up here to have fine skyline okay
yeah koozai metro maybe it’s nyeh koozai metro Neha quizar I know
oh I don’t want to come back here I like this hat this happen ice it’s cute I may
suck playing this now since I use of this propeller yet bird house down
detected about one time if though oh there’s okay
free realm it up and we’re gonna go do the Twilight Twilight Bell that one will
be fun you you skip just give everything have you noticed those bright flashing
lights in the sky they started appearing recently after some weird our glasses
fell from the sky I wish they wouldn’t be so bright they’re blinding well don’t
look at them geez horoscopes let you look at faraway peaks yes it’s very nice
okay hello there thank you cut this is so Road another
one of the gums are so damn aggressive and still forgive hilarious oh okay maybe I deserve it I did try and
slap him so I go the wrong way aren’t I for this yeah let’s go into the bird
house I need to go anyway go hop the boats at the birdhouse feel shiny
sings well they’re jerks they’re jerk birds okay this is gonna be a mixture of
using the dweller mask and the other the time and it’s also going to be a mixture
of death good I’m glad it’s just ahead cuz that’s I’m gonna die quite often
with this that’s right there was something over here – it wasn’t – no me
oh you can stand on this bush okay I was right that that had something I
already got that that I’m not gonna worry about it now this this is one that
were the no or the time mask time stop hat though it is time stop ouch sorry well that was dumb I don’t have to go
all the way down are you kidding me make sure the Builder
mask times up and down perfect yeah ah that’s gonna be the more annoying effect
riester it’s very beginning every time good I’m glad
it better be just ahead okay and back yeah ugly what huh I guess
I should go that way right no never mind what I’m supposed to I thought I got farther than this
yesterday maybe not are you kidding me come on I’m not gonna be able to get
anywhere and this is what’s happening now so for some reason I couldn’t make
her do that I think that wasn’t working how I’m able to get onto that platform
now all of a sudden stupid Twilight pal Twilight Valley is already ours there we go I’m gonna go up here because there’s
hearts up here just give me extra chances to live okay times up hat all
right what exactly do I have to do you know what no see I could jump up like that but I know
if that really works that way I wonder I wonder if I use the brewing
cat no I don’t think so excuse me go to this one like that no oh
come on how do you okay see clearly that’s not the way to do it I don’t know no I guess it’s not you just have to go
up that up to the edge of that and then because there’s all of this well this
doesn’t go anywhere that’s okay so that’s pointless it’s no I just have to
go over there so I guess I just have to get to the edge of that platform there
and then go flying over maybe I don’t exactly know are you kidding me well
this is gonna take me a very long time to do
I clearly suck at this okay no more chances of Carol so up here and then what you can’t know
there’s no way you would have to go up here oh shoot okay yeah so I guess I
guess I have to get up to the top there and then I can fly over to the platform
okay okay I think I got it long as I’m not being dumb about it okay like that there we go okay do I get a
checkpoint please I was too difficult for me for some reason nobody at the
trolley Bell really oh but I bet oh wait okay
the toilet bells like a it’s gonna teleport me somewhere isn’t it that’s
what it’s gonna do have you come to make another yes maybe no nevermind
look at that thing if only I could reach it why are you here
that’s Maxie you shouldn’t be here okay yeah it teleported me away
wonderful I can’t believe that last heart they’re just in case I end up
dying I don’t have something to help me a tidbit okay lots of places to fall oh this block is moving a little bit
very little okay here take a five school starts even later today at section say
for these sermons oh nice how are you doing today I assumed I just go over
here like that okay oh good what is oh wait a second interesting so he’s just blocking part
of the part of the map and because of that I thought I was gonna have to
attack it or something make it not do that weird oops
well ah no you bet oh oh you’re a Dracula
no bad bad raccoon die how dare you this is weird even creatures can be okay
so I have to go into these games the ghosts go for the distance oh that
is so nerve-racking okay you can’t you can’t climb on those
online party can be a mess I bet I forgot I can I can just cancel the the
Hat power and anytime I want I don’t have to wait until it actually cancels
that’d be much much better in terms of not hurting myself I showed you at the
time time stop hat Oh third yeah the fast how to match I do pretty sure I do crap okay let’s think about this a
little bit I don’t need the pawns that much anymore I definitely don’t need
this thing grappling-hook I seem to need still quite a bit so fast Hatter will be
useful and then the other one is or maybe I don’t need another from there no
I just need to UM i I just need to be able to run maybe
but maybe not oh so one sec are these Oh a new ticker
has been unlocked use left analog stick and that Oh interesting cool okay
sorry let’s try this a second it’s back to use there we go how do you how do you
use the stickers um oh there we go get the field focus filter oh you can have
filters on this too what oh that’s so friggin weird I didn’t
even know I could do these things hashtag no filter my field is always
better face let’s go angry pose we’re gonna go couch to bleph whatever
that means yes put a put around impart oh nice
whoa that’s hilarious apply right there stickers are in night cuza yes fast I
was really good with driller oh wait can I go inside the thing
no I can’t yes put right there BAM perfect that’s awesome okay
how do I leave yes okay ah they’re so fast hotter dweller I’m probably gonna
need the the dweller one to get through this not the not the time hat looks like those acts are gonna work out
oh god I’m too close it works well Oh God I will play the song of the goats people oh that’s oh that that’s just teasing me
the the timepiece is literally rate freaking they’re so rude you know what
the technically I could just jump down there and go and go over I don’t even
have to like go all the way back to that beginning bit see
just do this hashtag much easier oh no I screwed it up wait can i tonight
can I ever read it I need a pass have it yeah oh no I lied I lied about what I need and I’m
sorry crap darn it I can’t go that way I need
to go back up excuse me okay stupid thing all right
snatch our fool okay boy BAM no frickin well darn it now it’s gonna take me a
long hours time to get back that’s so sad that was stupid of me switch back to
this I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking there we go I’m back I did it
that’s easy ah stop it okay I want I want to go down there so I
guess for that I’m gonna have to be dropped
huh but what is excuse oh you should emojis – cool I don’t know why I did
that when when god I keep forgetting the mask duh those are the need from oh yeah
but stuff fun to collect yes exactly you must collect all of them it just becomes
obsessive at this point okay sorry did it oh no there’s two of them of this
one darn it what is with you mr. ghost goat if I go over there will you ghosts
slap me I just want to see the goat fall off the different text on the stickers
menu also have little dialogue lines if I have to do this all the time or is
this just because of the No yeah pic god that’s horrible how dare
you little girl No did it okay now I just have to go all
the way back down to there out of my way ugly all right I think DLC
night because I added the system with all my party that makes sense that makes
sense yeah that cousin maturity I’ll say listen to that okay that makes sense
good huh because that gives you a way to to talk with other players in the game
and everything oh okay I didn’t expect that weird and I was also locked what’s over there
more yarn hey another ghost go this way this is a way not to die I think is it
yes Oh God this is easy but confusing ouch
yeah it seems really confusing seems really freaking confusing oh hello that
way smack I smack your whatever dai rokken oh sorry jerk a little dance you can do with a
little trick on the d-pad hilarious oh you can do all these interesting things
oh you can just change the head I don’t know you could change the head that way
well it’s so much easier today I can t remember to smile controller it does
have a d-pad I just never friggin used it good ouch something keeps pinching my
leg okay so what exactly am I doing here I
won’t get up there and get the yarn as well I don’t know if going in here and
going in here is definitely necessary hello oh I shouldn’t have stolen those
hearts I was stupid it’s down up down quickly like that for
keyboards right Hughes Oh God which is what I use a 1/4 for email spam for smug
dance to other sorts hats hilarious wrong side what wrong side this left side with the
red fingernails all right this way that’s where you’re supposed to oops
darn it let’s do the read on the game yes but then they don’t get the key so
how do I get to keep cuz that’s a little too low hmmm not back out Oh what do you
mean another ghost out up there with resting enabled okay like that then used
rather and walk-in Oh likes okay thank you that makes sense
god that’s so weird that’s weird
Oh what it was that easy to over that lock door okay that’s hilarious
oh no okay so I have to get up there with with the time I guess and then I
can okay so I go left twice to switch I know that left twice left white sapote
there we go that’s all I wanted gotta go make him back on my phone all
right you have a good one hey Sasha how are you doing right no oh is this how
you get back yeah it could be one way to get back no that’s not how you get back
don’t try it here I okay right you can just go through and
come back I will okay it’s fine I don’t want to go through right away what do we got around here this is just a tidbit nerve-racking oh
god oh god evil raccoons are coming for my face Wow
you stupid record what how does it I can’t even hurt me whatever okay okay so
you can you can just enable or disable multiples of those y’all gotta use the
testing at all they just stay there okay but now what well good job mr. raccoon
your now I hope you fell in the abyss oh wait what excuse me oh god okay well I
don’t oh I need to go okay there we go no no no no go back why did I do that
okay what next get over there okay I’m so close weird
welcome back log I’m getting very very close to the timepiece here now
very very close oh that looks like the abyss it looks like you just it looks
like there’s nothing there god that’s so creepy weird oh no it’s like inside here isn’t it oh
crap so I have to not use this Wow okay I wasn’t expecting mr. cool bell ringing the file reckon without eggs he is
corrupted oh oh brother could’ve done exe thing weird hate clowns fraid how’s
it going we’re sorted be more 3d platformers especially on PC they’re
kind of cool he’s a draw there to count what is wrong
with me I always forget I can use the dwelling rise to cancel it good grief oh
well I mean I still did it so but I can’t I don’t know why I always forget
that I bet you the goats are completely baked
osseous big bosses at the end okay well that’s not the one down gotta go All
Right see you torpedo thanks for being here
we’ll see you again soon learning missed makes a massive this is true this is
true this is like so many different mechanics is this really cool huh how it
all interacts together I like it it confuses means impossible to remember
at all hello you have nothing else for me I don’t know why over there it’s it
shows that’s not clear oh wait that’s right because I didn’t go over there did
I not to that specific spot so to the left side and to the right side I didn’t
go I don’t like it I found something else a
is all I will huh I also have fun bang a bunch just nothing much left we go up to
the left but wait I did complete this area Oh No
why is it green now okay coverage make sure you swing towards the path you
want now it’s green stupid thing it lied to me s eries ready to get back
alrighty wait doesn’t lead to any Peaks that’s fine it probably goes to some
sort of something doesn’t it oh okay still alive oh wait I’ve been here
before what excuse doesn’t lead to any peeps about half of
yours here Oh what is it windy there’s a riff token over there I need it well I
tried it’s clearly not the way anywhere here no I have to go up and then drop
down I guess okay what are you okay sure I know what just happened there give thank you mr. crow no bad get out ugly what is
that okay it’s crazy cat things now oh this is
weird you can’t change the camera no if I like it bad no I saw you I see you I
see you hey you’re cheating you stupid know what I don’t like it
those are unfair they are cheaters how the fuck are you I
see you got how die here jerk Oh what you can stand on these sort of
as if you can actually get on them Oh except now I’m stocks a kiss no ok
well that’s clearly not the way to go out there all right there are more
little jerks up here cat jerks there cat burglars very cool place okay so I’m just looking around see if
there’s anything like important around here
I answered ponds but you know they’re not super important anymore cuz I have
all the badges well I don’t have all of them as I’m so missing a couple of
badges the ones that don’t really help you very bad if one of those cat jerks
comes up and punches me off of here I’m gonna be pissed you oh no you thinking oh my god of
yours here what we got on the camera badge in market
town I did ya think I said buy some treasure how are supposed to do easing
now I also that’s super unfair with how freakin far it puts you back when you
fall off the edge then these cheating jerks knock you off give me my damn hat and don’t ever touch
me again what is that okay it’s just a graphical glitch god that’s horrifying
don’t do that they are cheating jerks okay so where do I go
I could go up here well I was gonna say or I could go up here but I don’t think
that’s possible yeah it might be possible if you could
jump on all of those things and never fall off once I feel like it’s gonna be
a hell of a lot more difficult than it needs to be there’s no cat jerks what should be a
cat jerk up here I’ve cleared the area okay well that’s it for that then so all the badges I have are there
camera one but it looks well there might end up being three of them I don’t know alright where’s the next area fire area yeah there jerk burns your Twilight
Belle is this way oh that’s that’s why the birds had so much so many yarn and
everything there cuz the birds steal shiny things
oh they haven’t gone to that place either okay well let’s go to ice the old
windmill is this way make sure I what sorry
swing towards path you want no it’s no other one of those huh so it’s multiple
paths fire right there ice right here I don’t know what to do first I should do
fire because fire and ice I like the goat statures all right so there’s one horn it says
there’s a horn at the top nice ah okay does it come back all righty
I wonder which one’s the easiest level or easiest area of all of these raccoon
jerk get smacked all right down there over here
what’s up top nothing nothing really there okay we wait so I am supposed to
go down there oh wait there’s something inside here oh how did you get inside
there though because I just have to jump down and be
very careful why you know if you could point in the right direction that would
help very much okay
back up here we go and maybe the trick is just to go over
here Oh like that okay do argue there’s a farm at the top I’m just gonna noid have much life left so if I die on this
again I’m gonna be pissed yeah grow mint okay please stay did you fricking why
not all I did was move slightly left there’s a horn at the top so that she
wouldn’t fall off the other way so annoying maybe I think it’s so freakin difficult
god I’m gonna die doing this so super secret things always enable a
system mode what’s a cyst mode I don’t know what a
system oh it is I just want the camera to not be a jerk okay oh yes I already
have bunch of yarns but whatever are you okay I dislike the emoji thing now
because a bit being where it is to go in from above
I don’t know cuz I was on top of it before and I can go in well I mean I
could fall down and go in but double HP with regen whatever I got it now can’t
you rewind it I can but I don’t know if I can do that
in the game I just want it like III want that particular thing no no right now camera camera assist what’s I mean
allows the game to contextual to control your camera for better experience
sometimes it’s not a better experience though artisans I don’t know what that
means can we smoothing okay mm-hmm that was pushing my other poses I don’t worry
I’m not gonna change it to to the UM whatever it is no saving oh my god
no developer console I could cheat no okay input settings input assist was
this game you will attempt to improve you input experience by storing inputs
of repress a tiny bit too soon as well as trying to avoid accidental double
button presses what don’t know what any of it means hold backwards accounts of
driving emote button get rid of it freaking screw that good eye you know
the the email button is cool at all but god ruins the play experience if I
act if I’m trying to push forward I end up clicking it okay that’s what happened
there that that’s what killed me thank God I’m glad the thought of that
to put it in there so you can actually disable like the most annoying thing if
it was on a different button he’d be fine
I’m at control history by maybe these bridges aren’t old I already did it
though so it’s fine okay ah yeah
no bad throw there’s my little secret area oh man
goodbye stupid raccoon I hate you yeah pissing me off
ah bad crows how dare you I use keyboard so no shoes
I find controller works a little bit better for games like this but sometimes
the keyboard might be nice Yeah right no I only want a button why
you gotta give me both so I’m the odd one here then huh but
those weird the shadows of the pawns were down below this thing which makes
perfect sense okay blow the horn you go out post this wait
this was go out post but the drinking goat’s here yeah it’s fun meal windmill
is this way make sure you see what the plant hurts
you to your did plant blood we know death wishes are worse I find it easy to play fun because I
have played some accessories or what do you mean okay Wendy pass it out great oh and
don’t let me I’ll just sit in the wall cuz that makes perfect sense um death we’re still to be able to say
okay that’s hilarious oh hi oh I’m sorry is this your garden Oh God I just think it’s too damn funny freakin goat jerk okay what oh well how
do I get over there oh one second so with much higher difficulty like the
bosses both remixes are all the bosses and their own heart with little carts to
get oh wow yeah that doesn’t sound pleasant where where’s this gonna take leads to a horn you can just see it oh
okay I mean sure I can let’s go to the horn that this is this part shouldn’t
take you long curly tail horn trail okay take care kid I went up ahead and
scratched slightly oh no where are you oh I see you don’t touch me you stupid I don’t like it
off your ass easy death was my last good luck oh it sounds difficult like
external hard mode it sounds terrible can this jump our bounce all right the bear not touch me they better not
steal my frickin hat Oh No that shadow me no that shadow was not me
Frick you I see you you stupid cheating jerk
darn you got him okay I should probably be using the the diving thing instead
diving attack Oh Deborah finale was my favorite act gonna be honest I it was
good I was fine I did like how difficult the boss was stupid DJ grace I hate oh
you give it don’t touch my hat spooky forest most final nights are so
good yeah that was pretty good he actually wasn’t too difficult
comparatively compared to the to the to DJ grooves he was too too hard oh god
where am i camera come on work with me through myself off the edge
good grief they come already playing the deathless piace except it’s on a literal sense he thought that panel bosses heart good
luck with the deathbed version yeah I I’m gonna say a big no thanks to that
one this one leads to a horn Oh crows ain’t
it sounds like fun so I guess I had to go and blow that horn anyway to get
through this area yeah me
alrighty I wonder how far I can go with the diving how cheated there that did
that achievement to knocking I’m sorry you’re shipshape
sure shipshape very painful level I did that even tonight to not get him angry
Oh Oh No is it the kind of kind of level that’s gonna make me mad I miss our goat good thing you’re over
there not over here otherwise you’d be slapping me across your face the
windmill sweet so pay until you get used to the
structure of the ship in the passages okay Deathwish windmill is also painful
I can imagine this is huge must be quite a climb to the top oh it took probably
ears how do I get to the top this must be quite a climb to get to the top nah
nah I got a grappling hook lady our person miss mister hello there please
disregard my twitchy behavior no I will not I don’t like your torture behavior
you need to calm your tits I think down there probably not
can I get inside I want to go inside so badly oh look how they actually can just
not break here I want to go inside so badly nope how dare you judge the batch other
route um III dare because I do cuz I feels like it and sheller is weird I
think oh that’s the best I can think of whoa okay I was hoping I could run up
the pole but no okay fine I’ll stop being dumb I’ll go inside fine I just got my face stuck in there got it
go in the open doors me no why would I call in the open doors that that just
doesn’t make any sense what’s wrong with you come on you guys
think outside the box I wish a badge teller was the seeker boss or something
I went to go out all those badges oh that would be cool
it would also suck it’d be horrible like mr. bad seller know why please
don’t do it this pussy belt on my badges they have to sell it but I must get a
good stay out the back why someone’s a wine up someone’s a
drunkard okay not no okay that rope is not of this
world Wow oh is this place gaming like you gave me
some kind of okay bad run to the family you can’t be bad that’d be very very interesting I’ll
wait what’s she doing all the stickers go on the umbrella of course that makes
sense why it’s under the umbrella like that now ja oh this is annoying jump too
bad check find a oh okay so it’s safe to go
down here then oh it’s not safe to go down here I lied what no there’s always
so much secret areas ah stop it ah I don’t want to come here for like one
thing and now there’s 30 Thanks I like how you could just climb up this ladder
here just skip going across this thing entirely okay oh oh no I’m gonna I’m
gonna miss please
well I got the relic that’s all that matters what I actually don’t so oh
that’s how you open the door nice very nice I think sliding like that is faster
than using the running badge okay so that thing there is useless get the
ladder I should not steal the hearts when I don’t need them Oh over there one second you’re not the
only thing that’s around here for a second cow yeah looks like it
pretty much okay I’m not missing nothing then for a second I was gonna be like no
I just came from here but no this is different area this is the other side have you done the death wish this but
not chunking more than a future are you supposed to do it without
jumping get okay whatever it’s mine on the thing
and say that I think this way though that she came from our basement that
wasn’t too bad both the death wish thing sounds like
it’s gonna be a heck of a lot more difficult it’s just me squawking half the time oh just make a supercut of all the times
like frickin squawk I was paying your dive it doesn’t count
a little John Peter if you stop it by somebody jumping in there that’s you
smell at least okay this is two hearts there don’t
think how that’s really that useful No I assume I have to go up so I got to
land on top of this thing in check i sat in Mel Blanc up there I am the greedy man it looks like it’d be fun to get smacked
by one of those seems like it’d be just as fun as getting smacked around by the
coats stupid teething goats okay this is the way you’re actually supposed to go
this is why it’s a secret so let’s go secret way first huh thank you
I guess not well you used to dive in the middle with the no Blanca had to get
that places oh that makes sense I guess I still think I’d be very
difficult to do that okay come where to this oh okay not what
I was expecting I thought those are bells
sandbanks again hey mr. raccoon guru I thought
they’d like you get piece of poop the contact
just looking around see that that looks like a secret area
there it doesn’t I think that is a sacred area why and how how do I gotta
kill all the records I will don’t you worry hmm both being a vehicle while
watching a string to some place have a horrible signal sucks if you’re not
driving and watching though I would be too good okay I don’t think I need to come to
that yet I think I’m looking at something getting ahead of myself all
the records because Americans are evil they’re evil little turds Oh chance okay now okay I did it nice get up there there
yeah see now is what I need to get up here good God no see if I’m underneath them they pop
their little snore bubble and ground pound on my face they’re not just trying
to sleep they’re trying to kill me they know me so they should die the house of
the killed meet repaired during time death wishes while collecting memories
on time how dare those pieces of trash do such awful things get up slightly nerve-racking just you
know slightly a teeny tiny bit huh
take explosive potion ugly crow piece of crap either want to make them follow up
no I’m not I’m simply standing underneath of their fault
you’re being jerks about it what are you blame me I don’t know what you’re trying
to do get it what are you forget what thank you
sheesh my results are hard okay there
okay oh I can swing what oh no there’s a
swing you thing up there oh oh wait a second
I’m gonna have to do that anyway aren’t I now there’s more up there look no how are you kidding me little
girl why you do this whoop spider spider bad wait what ha loser spider you can’t
get me okay right now I’m here
Oh God Oh God okay get it totally did it screw you hey you took a heart away from
me give me a heart you ugly trap you ugly trash is that what I just said
there no hearts frickin stupid records oh god oh god no no everything’s fine
I think oh this is Ryan Scott okay trash is an insult and a complimentary acos
this is true isn’t it it would actually be oh haha don’t frickin touch me you
jerk you touched me good I scraped route I take out my anger on thee explosive eggs are definitely the worst
I mean I hate so unfair man yes oh don’t you frickin there okay no
it doesn’t look like there’s anything harmless no secrets no specialness
nothing at all you come did it just as planned
Oh a rift token excuse me I said okay is that the only special thing up here well
this is the first house I can’t climb on top of never mind wait I can thank you
for probably soaked on top of it get me up there you lying snake what is that is
that another riff talking up there what that’s another something up there I
gotta go up and go over and get it what that’s what is that that’s something I
gotta get that now I have to get whatever that is I don’t know what it is
I don’t care I need it no clue what this order and amassed garbage is okay well
fine let’s uh let’s let’s do this for just a second here
Oh got it okay what is this are you serious as a ghost ugly rift token jump
on the trees you try before it’s No how do I get it I’m sad now I don’t
even know where I’m supposed to actually go right now
well that sucks I guess you have to come back at a later time to get the stupid
thing what am I supposed to go sure about that is that’s I mean it looks
like a rift token it’s got a it’s got a smiley face on it it’s more like a
pumpkin token it’s definitely not a rift token some pumpkin thing ow okay I don’t know where exactly I was
actually going although over there okay down what happened what and so confused don’t come to the snatcher come back
later Oh turn it I’m so confused by what’s happening guys got injured and that all sudden I’m
here yeah I have no clue what just happened outside oh I do it’s nerve-racking the annoying kid is
on my bus please help no what you doing well I made it I’m here basically the
timepiece is just over there and God okay in real life as well
I never liked taking those never I have I’ve always hated it all right cleared livened men oh no this
awfully political class they’re being jerks again
I don’t know or goats especially the small ones
okay oh I wonder where that goes I’d probably be at the very end the real
word of scaring and take the train every day every week so that’s terrible i time
rep right here really okay go back to the ship oh okay
one minute man do you have 25 I do yes that’s right
okay let’s do this time thing you know oh okay apparently these trees are jerks apparently everything in here is a jerk
that’s not the way I’m supposed to go anyway is it nope this way ah if little
old me could pay attention to surroundings oh oh it’s another one of
these and all the memories Oh I like the music in the memory area here
that’s quite nice okay there’s a thing you over there okay these trees I can
stand on that already miss one did I already I miss
one front from the first level oh wait no I didn’t nevermind
maybe did I know I’m there what if I could just go nope ain’t bad
jerk is still gonna slap me there was no point to doing that I just
already started through someone on the first level so probably do have to go out here that
huh that Oh invisible wall disrespect oh there you are okay got it dang I took the long way around to get
it but I got it do it done that’s the matter give give give give what are you
doing smack no don’t I I missed all the memories in the end of
one mafia one that I did of this Oh paw okay don’t do that
what’s the one over here I can’t even remember no there wasn’t that’s right I
said there’s no point to doing that I was totally useless okay let’s go
that’s better signal two bars are best now I got off the bus not far enough okay I promise let’s do that house its
own Wi-Fi why would you use preschool laughs I don’t know for fun for the
funds or any school Wi-Fi it depends I guess anything down over that way
no don’t look like this no what are you doing all right it would
be dumb to do that better to do that I didn’t miss any others on there did I so
I got one I have to go over there great no don’t good god okay what if I could
land on that thing yes I can person is is it going to help me with
anything their secret around here or did I just
come here for the hell of it right now it’s looking like I just came here for
the hell of it unless I was supposed to do that huh okay let’s go Wi-Fi was good
actually that’s good long as it works right I don’t think my school high school I
think ever had Wi-Fi maybe I can remember oh okay so I have to go over
that this memory up there I can go there last then I can just drop down it’s so nerve-wracking wonder what happens about tuck saliva
she immune to the law huh probably not I’m gonna say that right that can’t possibly be the only thing to
do around here is it maybe it is okay actually no well I don’t know how
you saved yourself for like half a second but okay oh that doesn’t work them oh I’m not
dead I guess you’re doing one of the Lost Levels in my free time you get to
experience extreme lava oh no that doesn’t sound like a fun time but if
anyone noticed we all wear the same no I didn’t notice
oh why the Laughing about a giant fire even if there was a giant fire on the top don’t know what give me the
magnet thing really helps here okay what are you doing I literally can’t see
with the camera being like this god this is the this is this is what I mean this
is a camera being a jerk really that would have been perfect but no she goes right to the angle
instead Coop’s yeah why can you not now my god this is
maddening there you go okay did it that’s the only memory in
this area it looks like it I don’t see anything else around here we all right another wife eyes didn’t I
just want to connect to super engineer Wi-Fi yeah that’s true
Oh No well that’s a whole area of a tone this area is too big let’s get out of
here bad and we hard to get over that area guys see memory over there to the left trying to find two pages there’s two
pages in this part doesn’t really care if I don’t remember
Oh wrong okay keep an eye out for that then – all right what happens if I go
out there nothing that’s alright good thing I still have
this mask on No so it’s not gonna matter if I do that they’re going ten minutes already
these are token right you fuck good to know I’ll be on the lookout oh that was way too close
Bam Bam Bam okay got it slightly nerve-racking okay just in case
it doesn’t seem like she’s going to go sliding all over the place from the
water but I’d rather be safe than sorry so down over there’s the whole thing on
the zone there’s this over here let’s see writing on this side ah there is something down here I don’t
know if that look down there’s gonna do anything or not going down here is gonna
do anything I mean jeez okay calm down Oh God okay okay there’s more house
birdhouses over there great I want to see I want to see down
below but apparently you can’t look down below so I have no clue I’m gonna take
that as a nothing matters down there then if I can’t look down I think this is the longest time rift
level I’ve done oh here’s the second map piece I almost
fell off okay our second I’m gonna piece the second memory okay Oh inside there is the cannon okay
camera badge right duh I could use a camera for that that makes sense well
now I can now I know what’s in there so I just never bothered to look previously
when I could see what are you doing huh the hell is wrong with me
jeez hello good god okay I’m fine let should be a second one yeah I I already
know where the second one is could see it over that way up up there no no no
somewhere over there Aaron my eye okay got it here oh no not you I don’t
know why I stole the hearts already it was a rather dumb idea you asked me I was proved it was a dumb idea was a good thing no eggs over here
trying to attack me you read this doesn’t like my path oh sure just stare at it
closet vibrations give us that shiny thing well what what what shiny thing
wash I think we’re what are you talking about there was no shiny thing okay waterfall oh okay welcome back okay
I was actually going to ask org I’m gonna say earlier I wonder if there’s
anything behind the waterfall but I wasn’t sure
okay I’ll go back don’t worry he’s gotta get up here first okay I thought for sure there was a
memory up here like yes maybe not
so the only other one must be wonderful that I shouldn’t come back to this waterfall
this was a dumb waterfall to come back to
or was it down here oh there it is okay never mind this is a good place to go oh
yeah well you know what whatever that’s that’s part of the waterfall the one
right next to third house okay just got it goodbye don’t worry I got it okay so that’s all the members in and I
have all of these so let’s go in and now I don’t have to worry leave it after now oh my god look
Twilight ascent Oh spiritual goats very very interesting
oh that’s cool no spaceship after this oh don’t my hard to have a good name see you tango have a good one have a
good day at school do the final boss now what really
already no no no whatever well finally we got Oh you intruder alert our great you again alright I’m in I’ve made it I
infiltrated that kids spaceship without the alarms going off
I’m pretty sure they’ll I wonder bet she’s collected a ton more timepieces
than I have now where does she keep him in her pants Oh what I play as mustache
girl wait what stop bumping into every little thing darn you yeah pops this
must be where she stores them all telling to mess with time a little oh my god what the hell is she doing wait so everything’s fine what I am very
confused Oh oh my god what the Frick give me give me payments
how much have you sucked up while I’ve been gone only four need to do a better
job earn your keep around here at Flair that’s cute it’s print hat more new
colour black and purple yeah let’s take it oh that’s not enough darn it ah oh no what’s this
yeah the machine is the detector a rare signal that says a rare Snickers
appeared in Alpine skyline go find it oh that’s what it tells me okay well I
could go find a grower sticker oh nice doctor sir the Attic chapter x
end Oh what I was supposed to down here oh no are you okay well what are you
darn it just go up the elevator thing please I’m
sorry for my transgressions thank you good grief nothing ice grass weird why is that
thing in my face this is probably just gonna smack me upwards is it yep
straight up wonderful okay I don’t think I want to do that quite
yet I’m not done with everything oh so where
does this lead Oh usually bilities you have from the
hats where what what do you mean darn it oops I want what was I gonna do
oh I was gonna go try and find that rare sticker because the heuristic here where
would it be something should show a picture of where it is right you go
inside here maybe I thought there was something that was
show a picture of where that would be ah right there maybe maybe not I have no
clue hi oh I should go look more at the UM at the journal nice date 21 yeah it’s
been a while I think of you to lie down why do I have to land at the top of my
window nothing was huge why would you build anything that big reasons I guess
I don’t know cuz there’s so much wind you might as well oh come on
stop jumping forward and jump out gimmi definitely about son before you one of
those things oh I wonder oh sorry that’s what you mean by using the abilities
from my house alright second the same seeing more because you probably
vandalized more of my friggin place hater burrito welcome back oh yeah
friends nice has she done anything else oh she messed
up up here Oh a giant treasure chest is what I want in please this is my
treasure let me down okay also there’s an owl’s probably I didn’t
go talk to them yet let’s go see yep hello
either we’re the Express fan just a bunch of owls that got together to play
music while riding the conductor’s I will Express and I are on my tripod is
it okay this year in exchange if you have any song requests we’ll be happy to
play whatever you have in mind I want to swap out some of the music you hear in
the different chapters or wanna hear us practice right listen to this one it’s a
new tune we’re working on let’s see that’s a nice tune they know how to
harmonize am I missing something else I I just want to go find with that stick
girls very close I think it’s on the bird bird
house area around there I don’t know that girl’s really messing up everything
isn’t shaped paper house let’s go to the birdhouse area I’ll see if I can find
that sticker before I leave the crap it’s minus twenty nine outside today oh
no no no I made a mistake this isn’t where I need to be I will leave and go
back things are angry to be anyway well this
is this is a treasure chest so I mean I didn’t collect it if there’s one here I wonder I wonder where it will be out
my Fit wait what okay all sudden it cleared it nice great that’s hilarious yeah don’t you worry I’ll swing towards
the right path okay this way doesn’t lead to any peaks no well too bad oh come on unfairness where was the sticker what’s that there’s a random grave
sitting with nice okay I feel like I’m intruding in some place Oh what are you
okay haven’t been to this place before goat
refinery slip-and-slide I’ve gotten achievements of inside get out bad verse Oh get up the ladder what’s wrong with you
all I wanted was to find that secret sticker I don’t know if I’m gonna be
able to find it though oh yeah there’s a chest though that’s something what I get
more yarn okay not the worst thing a kid again that’s not what I was hoping for hmm what why every time does that happy
birth great oh I just saw something gone right there right over there okay cool
so I gotta go on all these little things here what oh it’s just more yarn
well again better than nothing we got up here a goat to slap me oh thank you
slapped me like three times blow those horns to open up okay well I don’t know where that
sticker would be I have to look up a guide or something to find it and then I
can find it maybe maybe it’d make me if I just quickly look at now sticker okay
I’ll find skyline rare sticker let’s see Oh once you enter the windmill at the
beginning it’s on the fence Oh what oh no nevermind
they can be in random places darn it well that makes sense but that doesn’t
mean I have to be happy about it so I think I’ll just leave this one here then
for now so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed I didn’t
think that n would be there that soon I thought I would have to collect 45
before I could do you know the ending of it but interesting still very fun I want
to get all those stickers though or maybe I don’t know if it’s all of them I
don’t know if it’s only one or what but I want to get the stickers anyway I’ll
see you all again tomorrow have a good one bye bye god bless and
keep calm and keep dragging on see you guys

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