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All Inclusive Packages and meal plans for Maldives

January 20, 2020

Marhabaa and greetings from the Maldives!
My name is Dee and I am the Thila Restaurant Manager at Kurumba Maldives. Today, I would like to talk you about the
benefits and the overview of the meal plans. The Maldives is one resort one island. Hence
it means you cannot go to take a quick drive down the road to another restaurant. The Maldives produces very little commodity
items and most fresh foods need to be air freighted in. Hence, commodity prices are
on the upper end. When looking at value, it is best to review
the resort inclusions and consider items such as WiFi, snorkeling equipment, certainly activities
and non-motorized watersports. Secondly, meal plans tend to add value. And
who wants to worry about your outgoing when you are on holiday? Meals plans throughout the Maldives vary.
Most meal plans also have a set standard of bed and breakfast included. The meal plans
are mostly half board which includes dinner generally in the main buffet restaurant, full
board which is lunch and dinner and full board all inclusive which add beverage to the package
and dine around all inclusive with meals in all or most of the restaurants in the resort.
These can have different names and some resorts may only have full board or all-inclusive
as the standard. Please allow me to give you some further details
on Kurumba meal plans, this may give you some ideas of what to ask if you are staying at
another resort in the Maldives. Breakfast is included in your room rate. Hence,
for superior rooms to deluxe bungalows, this is buffet breakfast in Vihamana from 7 to
1030 am. For guest staying in Beachfront deluxe bungalows and villas above, you can also get
the choice of premium a la carte breakfast in Thila until 1100 am. Half Board. In addition to your breakfast
this includes buffet dinner that has water, tea and coffee as a part of the package. Full board. Full board includes lunch buffet
and as well as dinner. This is above and beyond your breakfast. In some resorts lunches sometimes
are al la cart menu that you might choose from Full Board all-inclusive. Full Board all-inclusive
is full board but it also includes selected beverages when all the bars and restaurants
are open. If you are on the meal plan which is inclusive of dining only in the buffet
restaurant you still can go for the a la cart restaurant instead of you dinner. You will
be entitled for 50% discount on food. Dine Around all-inclusive. Dine Around all-inclusive
includes a 2-course lunch or buffet and a 3 course dinner in any of our 8 restaurants.
In the menus some premium iteams are starred and thus can be purchased at a surcharge.
We do this to keep the package at the best value possible This also includes preferential prices on
premium wines, laundry and mini bar, and an excursion of your choice of course. For the all-inclusive packages, you will see
the beverages included in the package on our beverage menu on the website. Based on what I have seen at Kurumba, we know
that guests who are on the All Inclusive packages tend to be much better off financially and
are not stressed about their outgoings. We can also see on the guest surveys that these
guests do enjoy their holiday much more. We hope that we find this helpful. I am off
to play tennis to work off some of those snacks. Please give us big thumbs up and we would
love your comments below. Subscribe to the Kurumba Maldives YouTube channel for more handy hints
of making the most of your stay in the Maldives. Shukuriyaa.

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    Very helpful for future hotel guests. Clearly explained.

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  • Reply JGS Music May 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Notice how they never talk about the price. lol I find that so hilarious how they are scared to be upfront about how much it is to go to this isolated place. Fuck off

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  • Reply Chocolate Diva June 2, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    Lovely video. Do you do fish feeding?

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    Wonderful marketing. In house or an agency? One of the best soft sells I've seen. Great job.

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