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March 13, 2020

Hello, my name is Kārlis Peterhofs and
I’m the Global Sales Manager at AirBoard agriculture drone industry. You see,
drones are becoming more and more common in an industry, for example, in military,
common markets such as photos and taking videos, in police as well but most
importantly it’s both becoming more common to use them in agriculture
industry. You see – when we set our mission to make the best drone possible we knew
it had to save your time, save you money and bring your business further. So
the only way to do it was to make a drone to take things to the next level. The reason we’re making the video today is to actually bring you closer
and show how we’re taking things to the next level. So here you go – this is our
technical demo drone and also the world’s most powerful spraying drone. What we’re actually going to do in
this video today is we’re going to guide you through some of the key aspects and
details of the drone and let’s start actually with the software of the drone. When we set out to make this drone we wanted to equip it with a software that
will make your operations as convenient as possible so one of the key things
that we implemented was the option to actually fly it manually and also
autonomously and this is something you can switch while you’re even flying.
Another software option that this drone has is actually linked to the remote
control that you’re going to have. Because this remote control is
also going to have a tablet built into it and in this tablet you’re able to
carry out different types of operations, for example, you can map the path that
you want the drone to fly and using the radars that it has is going to fly out
this map and this path that you have actually set out to fly and at any moment
you can actually edit the path if it’s needed and with the ease of convenience
it’s actually going to do it for you. You see, another thing that you will be
able to do is if you have another RTK drone in your service or in your farm
and you have maybe done the mapping before with a different drone that’s not
a problem as well because you can take this data and transfer into it our
software and our drone will actually be able to read that data and fly the map
that you have already mapped. Another thing that we have built into this drone
is a LIDAR or also known as light emitting radar. What this basically
does is it’s building a 3D map around so basically if there’s any obstacle, tree,
rock, electrical post coming up it will be able to avoid it. Also if there’s a
mountainous area and you’re spraying on a hill it will be able to adjust its
height as it’s flying and maintain a consistent spraying. So how is all of
this controlled – we have actually built in electronic speed control units –
these ESCs, they’re actually aviation standard ESCs so in the unfortunate
event of one of them failing or the motors failing the drone will still be
able to fly back safely and maintain its operation. So moving on to the next part
of the drone are the motors. On each arm we have attached two motors
and they have a special thermal design that will actually stay through all the
agriculture environment – heat and dust that you would normally have. And so on
each of this motor you have attached a propeller. These aren’t just any
propellers – these are fully carbon made, strong, rigid propellers. So that means
they’re strong, rigid and actually extremely light to limit the weight of
the drone. So how is all of this powered? The short answer: batteries. The long
answer is: we have actually made a custom-designed AirBoard battery.
What this ensures is that we actually have the knowledge invested into these
batteries that we know will ensure your highest durability, are not going to
overheat and are going to have best power possible even at the most peak
performance times. Talking about the endurance you will be looking at around 12 to 15 minute flight time with a full 100 litre tank. Then
what we do actually is when we deliver the drone we actually deliver it with
5 batteries so then once you have one battery empty you take it out, you put it
in the charger, you put the full one in, you maintain a consistent spraying
operation throughout the day. See the batteries when they’re getting charged
you’re looking at around 1 hour fast charging time. Another option that we
have implemented into this drone is the ability to actually fly it with the 50
litres but with two batteries so at any given time you’ll be able to choose
either you want a one full 100 litre tank but with one battery or two batteries and a 50
litre tank. Now, the two batteries actually are going to extend your flight
time to extra five to seven minutes. So moving on to the next part – and the next
part is our agricultural spraying system. The spraying system we didn’t want
to try to make it too complicated so actually the nozzle that you can find
on it are standard nozzles, however, they’re fully customisable as per
your application and they can even take 1-8 bar pressure. So even if
you have to spray a fine mist that’s fully possible. Now this is all actually
powered by a dedicated pump – a pump that is able to pump out 20 litres
per minute at a maximum however that’s all adjustable even when you’re flying.
The system and the beam is actually also customisable so the smallest beam that
we were able to make for you is 4 meters in length and the biggest one is
10 meters in length. The last but definitely not the least is what holds
all of this together and it’s the frame. We have had to make our own custom
design frame at AirBoard and we have done it out of fully carbon design
material. And what we also have is an easy to fold design so let’s say if you
have a truck or a big trailer you’re actually able to fold the arms together
and have an ease of transportation. So there you have it. We’re actually a team of ex-aviation and automotive specialists backed by the two leading Silicon Valley
accelerators. I hope that this video has actually given you a different
perspective of the drone, the technology and the knowledge that we have
put into. But what would be even better is that if you could come down to
Latvia in Europe and actually see the drone yourself. See how it flies and see
all the details with your own eyes. Because together we believe we can make your business go into the future. Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to
you soon

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