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AIR Time Team talks about their build for an NGO in Congo

December 18, 2019

Hi! This is AIR Time Team. I’m Julianne,
the team lead. I’m Lauren, I’m one of the developers. We have Jean Marie on the
phone. He is our client from Grenier pour le Development Intégré. Pardon my bad French, my poor speaking French. Or otherwise for Americans that would be
the Barn of Integrative Development. Our other team members are Usha,
Jonathan and CC. Usha is on the line with us. Jonathan and CeCe are at
work so are not able to be with us. So, this is our lovely project that we are
getting to work on. This is our new page. Our client had a current (web) page
and so we are helping redesign that for them. We’re adding accessibility features
and updated design. So let’s see if we can pop over. So this one original page
that we got to work on. Their logo is a cultural icon, an image that is very very
important to them. We really love it. The woman represents engagement stalk of
maize represents horticulture and the young man with the goat represents
farming so this is the theme of what they want to support they want to help
communities reach that place where they can move forward successfully and move
beyond sustainability into micro enterprises alright so we’ll look at
this so if we redesign into the logo so that it looks more like a logo instead
of just a painting I still honoring the cultural importance of this lovely
lovely image this is one of our favorite things that we did in the site another
one is he’s been very important for our client to follow to languish site and so
we did a new language site so we have both French and English and most of
their donors 80% or more of their donors are English speakers and most of their
donations comes from the countries are people groups that speak English but
there are community is primarily french-speaking and so we wanted to make
sure that they also had access we also loved having getting to create these
icons that go with their different categories donate volunteer who we are
this is genre right here yay and some of them this is a link to some of the
projects that they haven’t worked on and we just absolutely loved working on this
project yeah so one of the things he put in his client filed was a site called
CTA International and Lauren and I both as soon as we got on that site before
Kenny we noticed was the toggle between english and french and i knew that that
was going to be important for them and so that was something we really wanted
to make heaven thank you very much we had so much fun

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