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Agile Efficiency (is an Oxymoron)

November 30, 2019

Military Intelligence Microsoft Works Government Organisation Agile Efficiency Hi this is Gary Welcome to Development That Pays Do you know this picture? We looked at it back in Episode 34. It’s Henrik Kniberg’s illustration of how
to – and how not to – create a Minimum Viable Product. The creation of a whole series of Minimum
Viable Products a skateboard a scooter a bicycle a motorbike is the very opposite of efficiency. It’s a journey full of detours and dead ends
and u-turns. Efficiency would be…. going directly to
the final step Going directly to building the car. That would avoid a whole pile of work. That would also avoid a whole pile of LEARNING. Learning about what the customer really wants and without the learning, we’re sure to build the wrong car. And customers won’t buy the wrong car. Am I saying that efficiency has no place in
Agile? Not exactly. I’m all for more efficient stand ups more efficient planning sessions more efficient retrospectives More efficient deployment processes More efficient … you get the idea That’s all good. But when it comes to the the software, The product Remember it’s not about being efficient It’s about being effective As we’ve said many times before, it’s not
about doing the thing right It’s about doing the right thing. I hope you enjoyed this video on Agile Effectiveness
– the Oxymoron And I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Please take a moment to leave a comment in
the box below. If you’d like more videos like this there’s a new episode of Development That
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