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After working out, it’s always ramyun time [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.29]

December 30, 2019

Are you really eating instant noodles now? (Time to finally eat instant noodles now) (They move to the roof to eat the noodles) Hyunmoo, come here. This is it. It’s nice. – Dongeun, sit inside. / – It’s nice. (The space that used to be like this at first) (Now have pretty lights) It looks cute. (And even a lantern to light the darkness) It may look like that on screen but it looks completely different in person. I was more disappointed when I saw it in person. (He fails to make it look nice) When you normally see things like that, it’s nicer in real life than it is… – It’s prettier. / – On screen. But it was my first time being disappointed in real life. It’s so small. It’s much better on screen? It’s much better on screen. You’ll be disappointed if you go in person. Hold on. Instant noodles. I’m sorry, but… What? Are you boiling laundry? No, I’m making instant noodles. It was my first time seeing a pot that big. How many are you going to cook? Ten bags since there are three of us. Ten bags for three people. Ten bags since there are three of us. (It’s his first time seeing 10 packs of noodles at once) He looks happy. I want to hurry up and eat. – Dongeun, take this… / – I’m seeing this in person. – And open this. / – I’ll do it. She really puts on gloves. It was fascinating to see in person. – It looks like they’re putting it in roughly. / – Yes. But it was seasoned perfectly. Dongeun, how many packs can you eat a once? Me? I never counted so I don’t know. (She’s on a different level) Are the egg cartons filled with eggs? Yes. I feel like I’m on a Boss in the Mirror field trip. This is so much fun. It’s even more shocking to see this… – It was so fascinating. / – In person. Hyunmoo, I even bought this… – Because I knew you were coming. / – What’s that? (In the past, he just cooked instant noodles) He only cooked instant noodles. – I bought this. / – What’s that? Octopus. That’s amazing. It was still alive. (Boss Yang bought some octopuses) I was envious to see Chef Choi add a lot of ingredients while cooking noodles last time. – Hyunmoo came, so… / – Yes. I thought that he’d never sign up if I just fed him plain old instant noodles. I needed to cook special instant noodles, so I even prepared seafood. – So that he’d sign up? / – Yes. Even scallops? – Scallops? / – Shrimp. He tried hard. – I wonder how it’ll taste. / – It tastes really good. Do you just put the whole thing in? Yes. – You washed it, right? / – You didn’t wash it? I washed it. Are you sure that you washed it? I think so? You’re supposed to use flour and… I think that I washed it. Probably? Probably? If you bought it from the market, you’re supposed to rub it with salt. Yes. There’s mud in the suckers so… You’re supposed to clean it using flour. I felt like I was chewing on something. It was washed. – It was? / – Yes. When I picked it up and looked at it, it was clean. I’m sure that it was washed. I just wanted to compliment you. Why? You’re supposed to feed it to Hyunmoo unwashed. It’s really big. (He puts in the ingredients generously) It bit the tongs. Are you spending money on me? You’re going to exercise and end up signing up anyway. You’re here as a customer so Boss Yang… – I’m making it special. / – Bought an octopus. (Are they collaborating to make Hyunmoo a member?) Look at the shrimp. (He even adds fresh shrimp for Hyunmoo) It looks really abundant. Let’s eat the eggs first. We need to eat a carton of eggs each to warm up. You’re a guest so… I can’t eat the whole carton, I’ll get full. I’ll get full, don’t give it to me. They’re not ordinary eggs, look at them. – They’re cooked on a stone-plate. / – Yes. They’re not white. I wanted to try eating them like Dongeun. With the yolk removed and a slice of kimchi on top. – That tastes good. / – I want to learn it. (1. Split the egg in half and take out the yolk) (2. Put a slice of kimchi on one half of the egg) (3. Eat at least 30 eggs using this method) Take out the yolk. Take out the yolk? I can’t do it as well as Dongeun. It wasn’t easy. (How does Dongeun’s eggs with kimchi taste?) – Do I eat it like this? / – Yes. It tastes good, try it. (Takes a bite) – Wasn’t it salty? / – It was. It was stone-cooked so it was saltier. How was it? Did it taste good? – It’s alright. / – It is? It was surprisingly alright but I couldn’t eat a lot. I got sick of it after eating three. Did they eat 20 eggs each? They did. Goodness. They eat so quickly. (She turns into Hyun Dongeun in front of food) (She always finishes it in one bite) (She completely separates the yolk) (Puts on a slice of kimchi and puts it in her mouth) You already finished half? (She ate ten in an instant) (Is she a human being?) I’ll scoop it up for you, look. (Boss Yang’s seafood instant noodles are revealed) Look, it’s ready now. (Instant noodle hell) This is instant noodle hell. (I’m drooling) Is this the right portion size for three people? (A culture shock) He scooped it up like that but there was no end. It was never-ending. How do you eat that? (Hurry up, I’m getting dizzy from hunger) The octopus is no joke. (The screen isn’t frozen right now) Is it alright? Do you want to eat those noodles? I feel like it’ll be very refreshing. Right? When you put in seafood like clams, you need to add a bit more water but when you add the octopus, you need to take some water out. Not only that but the octopus will get tough, so it won’t taste good like that. – She’s exactly right. / – Yes. I thought I was chewing gum. I kept chewing but I couldn’t swallow it. Do you like soup? Me? I like everything. I’m sure you do. Thank you. I don’t make this for anyone. I think you put in a full bag of noodles in the bowl. You even bought an octopus for me. You’re really treating me special. I really am. The cheap boss even bought an octopus. Can I eat? Enjoy. (He tries a little bit at first) Does it taste good? The seasoning was perfect. It was also strangely refreshing. It tastes just like seafood instant noodles. (Very satisfied) (How does Hyun Dongeun react?) Thank you for the food. (A heaping scoop) (She shoves it in) She eats so deliciously. (He slurps the noodles without cutting them) (This is the taste that I was looking for) It’s like an instant noodle advertisement. – It’s not slow motion, right? / – It’s not. What are the instant noodle companies doing? – They should scout him for an ad. / – Right? (Are you watching this, advertisers?) (She’s inhaling the food without speaking) She didn’t say a single word. I was so surprised. She’s shoving the noodles in. (The noodles go directly into her stomach) She doesn’t cut the noodles. She must just swallow them. (After she finishes, she immediately refills her bowl) She keeps refilling her bowl. She scoops up a lot at once because she’s scared that others will eat it. Is this suddenly a battle? – She only looks down, right? / – Yes. – She really didn’t say a word? / – She didn’t. I felt like I was watching him when he was like a beggar at the temple stay. (Contest number one, Beggar Yang) Oh, right, the employee called him… – A beggar last time. / – He did. (Contestant number two, Hyun Dongeun) (Contestant number three, noodle lover, Hyunmoo) Hyunmoo is slowing down. I am. I can eat my fair share of noodles but… (A noodle vacuum cleaner) He just forces it in. How can I win against that? (One shot, one kill) Director Dongeun is so funny. She was very greedy. (She tries to win with just one bite) She didn’t even look at me once. I at least add kimchi, right? (There’s no time to add kimchi) Hyunmoo cuts the noodles like that. I do. That’s how normal people eat it. (They suddenly burst out into laughter) (Exercising and eating noodles late at night) What is that? I’ve never seen anyone eat noodles so aggressively. That’s basically a laundry drum. That’s not a pot. Eat slowly. You need to eat a lot and quickly for it to taste good. Is she listening to us? Are you alright? “Are you alright?” (She’s focusing on the noodles without a word) They ate about half. Half of it disappeared. I didn’t eat dinner so I was hungry. She’s saying that after eating 20 eggs. (She always eats like it’s her first bite) Dongeun, tell me honestly. Yes. Are you full or not? Honestly. – Don’t joke. / – I really think that I can eat more. I understand that you can eat more but how full are you right now? (What percent of her stomach is filled?) About 40%? – 40%? / – 40%? They almost finished it after eating 20 eggs. I think that she ate about three bags of instant noodles by herself. I think that she ate at least three to four bags. I think that she ate more than four bags. Do you not pay them a salary there? Do you just feed them? (Is she doing this because she doesn’t get paid?) I’m sure that they receive a salary. He pays them a salary. Yes, I’m paying their salary. The cost of food must be enormous. You spend more money on food than salaries, right? – Yes. / – It must be a massive cost. (I’m eating but I’m still hungry, Hyun Dongeun) – We tried to have a conversation. / – Hyunmoo… Did you put down your chopsticks? Yes, I was so full. (The endless pot of instant noodles…) I saw the bottom of the pot. They keep boiling it as they eat. But… Why did you become so conservative? Is it a family trait? Or did you face some sort of crisis? I faced a crisis and it’s not a family trait but after I got out of the army, it was almost like I entered the world on my own. Without anyone’s help. I started by opening this gym by myself. – It was difficult. / – Who is that in the photo? When did he take that photo? Oh, my. Doesn’t his face look exactly the same? What were you doing in that photo? – I was trying to be an actor… / – Yes. So I took a profile photo. – Oh, that’s a profile photo? / – Yes. So you weren’t able to become an actor? (The reason he failed as an actor…) Did you fail because of that photo? I did this and that by myself. I got conned and backstabbed a lot of times. What did you get conned with? I left someone in charge of the gym for 5 years but he was taking out money for himself from… – Membership fees. / – For 5 years? Yes, I didn’t know. You trusted him completely, didn’t you? Yes, I thought of him as my younger brother. That guy. He doesn’t like to see things wasted. (A difficult time after he got conned) What do you feel like is a waste? When the fan is turning when no one is at the gym. Oh, you consider that a waste. Things like that. (He became frugal after that incident) – It’s on even though there are no people. / – Right. It became a part of me all of a sudden. (Now it’s a habit for him) It makes me wonder if I need to go that far when I earn this much now. He knows how to be frugal with things because he went through a difficult time. What’s your goal moving forward? Your gym is doing well now. I want to make a nice facility similar to that in the States. I’ll charge $20 a month and leave it open for 24 hours. That’s the type of gym that I want to open. – It’s possible if you own a building. / – Yes. – If it’s my building, I can do it. / – Right. – At your building. / – Yes. That’s right. I really like instant noodles but I can’t eat anymore. I feel nauseous. Seriously. (That surprised me!) Stop it. (He’s filled up to his neck with noodles) Eat it, I’m alright. – I’m so full. / – I really feel nauseous. I’m so full. I was having so much difficulty. You couldn’t even eat one shrimp? That shrimp would’ve been bad. That makes sense, you even ate three eggs. Are you full? Are you hungry? – There’s nothing left. / – 10 bags is enough. What do you mean, cook more? I think that she ate about six. In all seriousness, I think that I ate about one bag of noodles. You two ate nine bags of noodles. – But I think that you ate six bags. / – That’s right. I was watching her. She ate more than me. I think that we ate 6, 3, 1, servings respectively. I looked carefully. I don’t know. (Feigning innocence) Rewind the video and watch. (Boss Yang suddenly calls someone) Yes, boss. – Come up to the roof and… / – Yes. Bring a sign-up form. A sign-up form. Just bring one. (I’m going to go home) Come up quickly. You’re talking nonsense. Just fill it out simply. (Sign up) You didn’t even tell me how much it is and you’re telling me to fill this out. It’s $30 a month. What about the duration? Start from today’s date and sign up for a year. You want me to sign up for a year? That’s why it’s $30 a month. – Oh, it’s $30 if you sign up for a year? / – Yes. Seriously. (Not an easy negotiation) He should sign up for a year. – He can just quit after a month otherwise. / – Yes. There’s also a benefit from you… – Attending this gym. / – What? How were the noodles today? – Eating them on the rooftop? / – It was good. I’ll cook you instant noodles deliciously like I did today from time to time. I’ll cook you seafood instant noodles. Eggs and kimchi as well. Did he bring up two sign-up forms? For both the gym and Pilates? No, just one. There wasn’t an exit. You couldn’t leave. They’re blocking you from both sides. I couldn’t leave. (Gym? Pilates?) Instant noodles aren’t enough. (Please) (He successfully signs him up) I can’t believe that Hyunmoo signed up. I signed up. He’s a member of our gym. Good job. – Take out today’s lesson. / – I’m a phantom member. Oh, okay. Good job. Today was just a free experience. Okay. Is that it? You just need to sign here. (He makes sure to grab his signature) Okay. I was a bit scared as I was doing that. (Applause) Do you have a camera? – You want to take a photo? / – Photo hell. I’m taking the photo. – A photo of the sign-up form. / – One, two, three. (They succeed in signing him up) – That’s so funny. / – I spent the most time there… Getting photos taken. (Look forward to a different Hyunmoo)

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