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“After The Storm” by In Time Productions

November 30, 2019

Hey Beatrix do you think this looks okay? I think it looks great! Oh awesome. It’s for my girlfriend Amy’s
birthday so I really want it to be special. Oh so cute, bet she’s gonna love it. *bell rings*
Oh that’s the bell we should get going. Yeah, I’ve got chemistry. Oh man,
that is the horrible class anyone has ever had to take! Yeah. I can’t believe I got a C on my photography project! I know, Mrs. Clark doesn’t get your vision. Oh man, not again! Do you want me to help you clean it up? No, I got this. Alright, I’m gonna
hit the bathroom before class. Hey girl I missed you yesterday! Where were you? Jeez Georgia what happened? I fell down the stairs, I broke my arm. Really? You expect me to believe you got a bruise like that from falling down the stairs? Did someone hurt you Georgia… I don’t want to talk about it. Come on please! Hear me out Georgia! We have to talk. Okay. I just didn’t know what to do. Why didn’t you
tell me earlier? I mean, I think I was embarrassed? Like I always hear about
things like this happening to other people in other places, and I never really
imagined it would happen to me and I felt like if I said it out loud it would
make it real. I understand. Thank you for being honest with me. I have something to tell you too. What is it? I saw it happen… I… I knew
beforehand. Why didn’t you tell me? For the same reasons I guess. I mean, in the moment I was terrified! I thought you could be really hurt or killed and I just froze
up and then afterwards I didn’t even want to think about it just… So I could
trick myself and think that I’d made it up. Are you mad at me Every single American! Gay, straight, lesbian
bisexual, transgender, every single American deserves to be treated equally
in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society

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