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Adirondack Chair Plans

November 30, 2019

For a timeless addition to any outdoor space,
build your own classic Adirondack chair. Get started by building two identical side
frames; join a stretcher, two legs and another stretcher and then add an angled brace that’s
cut to fit. This brace sets the ‘pitch’ or ‘slope’ of the seat – at 5-degrees,
this one’s designed to be a little less steep than a traditional design so it’s
easier to get in and out of. To complete the chair’s frame, join the
sides with a back rail, two scooped or curved seat rails, and a scooped back cleat. The
scoops in these pieces create the curve for the seat and the back, making the chair more
comfortable. Add arms to the top of the side frames, and then a backrest with the same
scoop as the other pieces. now you can install the slats for the back
of the chair, aligning the bottom of each slat with the bottom of the scooped cleat.
The slats get finished with this traditional arch shape. (TIP: see the detailed directions
for an easy way to make the arch) to install the seat slats, sit them on the
scooped seat rails, and up against the back slats. Make individual angled cuts on each
for a snug fit against the back slats, and then cut each one to length so it’s even
with the front face of the legs. With those in place, install the two sideslats….
Now you can remove the back and seat slats to apply the finishes you like, when you reassemble,
you’ve got a timeless chair – custom built by you.

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  • Reply Jorge Teran February 4, 2019 at 3:52 am

    Encellent Thanks

  • Reply jerry doomer August 2, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    For anyone wondering cost….

    I just built 2 chairs for about 150can $. 15 pine boards, 2 boxes of screws, paint, wood conditioner, stain, laqure,

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