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Actress Model with Cheek Enhancement, Cheek filler, No Bruising, No Downtime

November 23, 2019

[Beverly Hills Center For Plastic and Laser Surgery] [Ben Talei, MD Treating Actors/Models Under The Magnifying Glass] I’m 25 years old and the first time I
got my lips done was when I was 21 in
[25 year old Actress/Print Model.Enhancing Cheeks] Florida. My friend Tessa had recommended this doctor that did my bottom lip. I was really cautious going into it because
I’d never wanted to look like some playboy model, just very fake, I always
wanted to look natural, but I always had small lips. And when I moved to New York, I started modeling and I wanted more of an exotic look, but really there was just
something missing from here down. The second time I got it done was better
than the first, but it was hard, bit noticeable, my lip was risen so I was
very very hesitant to ever get it done
[Prior Over-Implant] again. Most of my friends go to Dr.
Talei and he does amazing work on them. I didn’t even know two of them had it
done. I’d originally come in just to do my top [Ben Talei, MD Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon] lip and saw the results with the cheek
fillers on a friend of mine and dedided to do it myself. So now I’m back again, every time
I come in, Ben will sit me down and take a before photo and analyze them
and he’s the first person to tell me, you don’t need this or you know, I’ll do it if
you really, really insist, but this is this is my feedback on it and I’ve listened.
So he really takes into account that I do modeling, he uses two sets of lighting
the same way that they would use on a shoot and that’s been really helpful
with how much I should use. I go to castings one to two times a week, I
take Polaroids and I’ve never once been asked if I’ve had work done, if so,
with no makeup on, they would throw my polaroid right out, they want all natural.
So I definitely trust Ben to make me look like I was born this way, he’s really
great. [Beverly Hills Center For Plastic and Laser Surgery]

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    We love hearing from our patients. This is a 25 year old actress and model undergoing cheek enhancement/augmentation with no bruising, no downtime, no swelling. Call the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery today at (310) 288-0641 to schedule a consultation.

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