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ACT Tessera Workforce: Essential Skills Assessment

October 3, 2019

Employees who have the skills to do
their jobs effectively and efficiently help improve the bottom line. But you may
only know half the story. Essential skills, commonly known as soft
skills, make all the difference when it comes to growing high impact teams and
retaining top talent. These essential skills are no longer optional. The best
companies not only measure these skills, but find ways to strengthen them across
their organizations. Do your employees demonstrate that they have these
essential skills? Not sure? ACT, a trusted leader in workforce solutions for nearly
three decades, is pleased to present ACT Tessera Workforce, the preeminent solution,
to improve your competitive advantage and increase employee performance. So
what exactly are essential skills? Based on the globally accepted Big Five
personality factors, essential skills include integrity, resilience, leadership,
collaboration, work ethic, and creativity. Our advanced assessment methodology goes
beyond traditional self reporting. Tessera Workforce implements a multi-modal
approach of self-reporting, situational judgment, and forced choice assessment
items. This means results are more valid and reliable. Most importantly, the
feedback is actionable. Reports are user-friendly and the Tessera Workforce
Playbook provides recommendations for resources and strategies to further
develop essential skills. Revolutionize the way you develop talent. Measure what
matters. Visit today.

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