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ACE Vending: SRP Champion of Energy Efficiency

November 30, 2019

Making a 41,000 square foot warehouse
efficient in the Arizona desert is difficult but Ace Vending rose to the
challenge, then took their efforts on the road. We bought a new warehouse in
Gilbert Arizona about three years ago and I had to go in and gut the whole
thing in and make it fit our purposes and we started out with ‘hey can we change all these lights and maybe not get the place so hot?
Be more efficient’ and so then we ended up building like a five hundred and
thirty thousand dollar parking structure with solar on top of it. It supplies 80
percent of our energy for our entire warehouse and it’s about an average four
thousand dollar savings a month and I’m parking all of my trucks in the shade
which is a big deal in the summer for soda and food. ACE Vending continued
their efficient efforts by focusing on each individual vending machine and
driver route. Vending machines were fitted with Energy Star refrigeration
saving more than a hundred and fifty dollars annually per machine. Then GPS
software was added to trucks guiding drivers along routes that cut mileage in
half. Through the SRP rebates for changing all of our lighting and tax
credits we received for the solar project, we were able to reduce our
carbon footprint by four thousand one hundred and twelve pounds of co2 a year
which is equivalent to four hundred and eighteen vehicles off of the road every
year. So our Account Manager Brandy is a good resource and it’s kind of changed
the way we think about SRP. Instead of a customer, it’s more of a partnership now
and I have somebody that I can call and communicate with and it’s been awesome.
At ACE Vending using more technology has led to using less energy.
The efficient practices allow the company to pass savings on to the
customer, enhancing their customer service and inspiring others in the
industry to follow suit. Being recognized as a Champion of
Energy Efficiency by SRP is, to be able to pause and look back and see that the
things that we’ve aggressively always worked on as far as technology and
efficiency and being green, to be recognized for it, to have somebody else
come in and say ‘hey, you guys are doing a great job,’ it keeps us motivated. You know
you never really take time as a small business owner to look back and pat
yourself on the back and there’s always a new problem coming up. So it’s nice to
be recognized as as being in the forefront of of anything in our industry.
Congratulations to Ace Vending for being named the 2017 Most Energy-Efficient
Midsize Business and SRP’s Champions of Energy Efficiency.

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