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Academic integrity case study: Plagiarism and time management

October 11, 2019

Jennifer is a 2nd year Bachelor of Education student. The topic of her first assignment was: ‘School Bullying: What are some causes of bullying in schools? What are the effects on the persons involved? What interventions are possible?’ The timing for submission coincided with two other assignments. She had put off starting on these during the earlier part of the semester, and had run out of time as the deadlines loomed. She remembered some personal experience of being bullied in her middle years of high school and so decided to put her effort into the other two assignments and ‘wing it’ with this one. When she came to write it, there was very little time left. She scanned two readings on the topic, copied and pasted relevant passages together into a patchwork with suitable linking texts of her own. She modified the downloaded material, changing sufficient amounts of the downloaded wordings to blend them in with her own style and felt that she had made a fair job under the topic’s three headings. However, her lecturer is suspicious, puts the assignment through text-matching software. Jennifer’s short-cut is found out and receives the prescribed outcome for a ‘first offence’.

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