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A Wrinkle in Time – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

December 3, 2019

What’s happenin’, B? This week we beastin through the darkness
with A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Dis night dark n’ stormy as f*ck and lil’
Meg Murry can’t get no sleep. Girl got all kinda mess runnin through her
dome: lotta bullshit goin down wit haters at school but most of all- her daddy been
missing fo over a year and ain’t nobody know where he at. So she head downstairs where her lil’ bro
Charles Wallace be chillin HARD. Brutha like “I was ‘spectin you, girl, and
got some milk heatin’ up with yo name on it.” Whaa? It’s like dis cat can read minds o’ somethin! Mama come rollin in when all da sudden “WOOF
WOOF” their pup start maddoggin someone at the do’. Who is it? Oh damn. It’s some rank hoodrat lookin-lady name Mrs.
Whatsit who tight with Charles Wallace. When she tell Meg’s mama that the “Tesseract”
is REAL, mama jus’ bout shit her pants. Hmm.. Later, Meg and Charles Wallace crew up wit
da campus big dawg Calvin O’Keefe on their way to hit up Mrs Whatsit’s busted-ass crib. Apparently Calvin itchin to hit up da spot,
even though he don’t know why. So da three of em drop by. KNOCK KNOCK. The door open all creepy-like and they peep
some lil hag gettin’ her sew’ on. Man Who da hell is THIS? Turns out she some OTHER ragedy-ass biddy
named Mrs Who. Dis beezy say dem kids best rest up and get
some munchies, cuz they bout to go on an adventure to help Meg’s daddy! Dat night, Calvin get his grub on at da Murry
digs and Meg tell him dat her dad used to be a government physicist workin’ on top secret
missions. Calvin start to get a lil’ sweet on Meg and
just when shit bout to get hot Charles, Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who, and da voice of their homegirl
Mrs. Which bust in and say “pack yo shit, we gonna go save pops!” And ZOOP- they wrinkle through space and land
they asses on the planet Uriel, where there be a buncha crazy half-horse half-man aliens. And what do ya know? All three of em janky biddies are secretly
one of them. So they hop up on Mrs. Whatsit and take a
lil’ tour of da planet. As they cruisin, da kids peep game at a big
evil cloud of darkness dats been trippin up da universe since back when. Then ZOW- da churrin warp to anotha’ planet
in Orion’s Belt and visit da “Happy Medium”- a girl rockin a fly-ass robe and a crystal
ball. She show em a vision of da Earth gettin’ WRECKED
by the darkness. Word is a bunch of artists, scientists, and
holy rollers like Jesus been tryna buck the darkness fo a long ass time. Da only way to kill da darkness is fo’ a star
to lay a whoop on it. Apparently, Mrs. Whatsit used to be a star
back in the day, but she dun blowed herself UP tryna’ fight the darkness, and dats why
she rollin in tramp-form deez days. Jus’ befo’ they bout to peace out, the 3 dubs
give da kids some gifts since they ain’t gonna be able to join em at da next stop. ZABOING- on to da planet Camazotz where errybody
look and act DA EXACT SAME cuz of some shit called IT. They all skippin’, clappin’, and bouncin balls’
in rhythm with eachotha’. Creepy. So they roll up to the Central Intelligence
building and check some dude with red eyes who be hypnotising deez sucka’s minds. Dude say he know where Meg’s daddy at. So Charles Wallace sack up and strikes a deal
with this fool: he’ll give in to the dude’s spell and get his ass hypnotized if he show
Meg and Cal where Papa Murry be. So Charles get all zombified and lead em to
daddy, who bein held in da slammer cuz he was to trill to get brainwashed like errybody
else. Usin the fly-ass shades Mrs Who gave her,
Meg busts her daddy out. Then they all swang over to da spot where
IT- da big brain dat controllin errybody’s mind- be. Da closer they get, da mo’ control IT got
over their minds. So Papa Murry snatch up dem kids and wrinkle
outta dat trap, but Charles Wallace get left behind. Damn. ZAMBOW- They land on da planet Ixchel, cept
Meg feelin’ straight fucked up cuz her dad couldn’t protect her as they were wrinkling
through the Dark Thing. Lucky fo’ them though, the nasty lookin’ homies
on dis planet are friendly as hell. One of dem creatures cures Meg and she start
callin her “Aunt Beast.” Then dem three half horse hotties drop in
and Meg like “Can y’all hook me up and go get Charles Wallace? Thanks.” They like “Psh. Da hell you think this is, girl?!” Meg recognize it’s gotta be HER dat save Charlie
W. Afta’ Mrs. Whatsit give Meg da gift of love, she get off her lazy ass and wrinkle
over to where Charles at. She drop in at IT’s crib, and recognize dat
the one thing she got dat IT don’t- is love. So she focus all her love on CW and free him
from dat hive mind hater. Then they warp back to earth and reunite with
da whole fam up in they garden where da three Dubs chunk up the deuce and disappear in to da wind. One of da things this book preachin dat yo boy Sparky know PLENTY ’bout is dat you can’t judge a book by its cover. Naw mean? All throughout dis text things SEEM one way,
but they actually da opposite. Fo one, Dem kids doggin on Mrs Whatsit sayin
she look like some nappy street-trick at da beginning. But later, they figger out she really a horse
hunny dats one of da most beautiful thangs they dun peeped. It don’t stop there, cous. Dat Boy Charlie Dub got all deez haterz sayin
he stoopid cuz he don’t talk much, but on the real dat dude got MAD brains. At first, Camazotz seem like a pretty chill
spot, but when you look closer, there be some crazy brainwashing shit goin down. Even though dat red-eyed scrub SOUND all nice n’ gentle, he ain’t got dem red eyes cuz he blazin’. He crooked as they come. And when they hit the scene at Ixchel, dem
beasties look so whack it’s like like they bout to boot up and shank a brutha, but it
ain’t like dat, yo. They heal up Meg like some of da realest hoods
you’ve eva’ seen. Keepin’ it real ain’t always easy when you
stick out from da crowd, though. Sometimes it feel better to just blend in
with all da bullshit like Calvin do. He only able to roll with the top dawgs at
school cuz he hide his real self, but like he say, dat ain’t really him. Likewise, Meg always trippin cuz she ain’t
fit in with all da other kids in school. Like she say on page 17, she “hates being
an oddball.” But when she get a load of all dem identical
drones up on Camazotz, she recognize dat if erryone was da same, life would suck a FAT ONE. You gotta embrace what make you different from anybody else, ya heard? Yuh, all deez kids got they problems, but
instead of “fixing” themselves like some hoods in other books be doin, they realize dat as
long as yo homies got you, and you show eachotha love, you ain’t gotta change nuthin bout yo’self. And its cuz of dis dat they able to come together
and beast through the darkness. They ain’t only got eachother, they also got
a bigger power at their back. Whenever shit get too real, da thing that
allow them to keep on da hustle is some legit bible talk. Not only was Jesus one of the OGs buckin da
dark thing, but characters always slangin bible verses at eachotha: Calvin reads Genesis
to Charles Wallace, Mrs Whatsit lays down a passage from Corinthians as a gift to Meg… Sh*t they even say dem three horse biddies
are like guardian angels. Look, you ain’t gotta be the hardest hood
on the block to put evil in its place. All you need is yo homies by yo side, da lord
in yo heart, and love fo yo’self. If you got dat, not even da most twisted evil
can touch you. Yo thanks for keepin it 100 with me today. Peace!

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