A Little Bit of Personality – Intro

October 7, 2019

Hi, I’m Calise and I love people! Do do do do do! Welcome to a Little Bit of Personality (aLBoP)! But what is “Personality”?? It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot,
and as we’ve learned all too well over the years, without knowing what definitions you’re
going by, you might as well be speaking Klingon. No offense to Klingons. Sometimes people use “personality” in phrases
like “She’s got a big personality,” “Type A personality,” or “He can’t help it, it’s
just his personality.” But there’s two major problems with the attitudes
behind these phrases. Number one, they kinda imply that people are
just stuck where they are, that they’re born a certain way, with certain talents and skills,
and certain crappy traits. And that implies that no matter what people
choose, they’re kinda just stuck that way. And that would really suck. The second, sort of contradictory problem
with these attitudes, is that they simultaneously imply that a person’s personality is made
up of superficial little traits that actually *do* change throughout a person’s life. If you watch people, you’ll find that attributes
like being organized, gregarious or athletic tend to change throughout a person’s life. If I decide to start working out one day,
do I suddenly have a different personality? If someone is mean to me and I don’t want
to be around people all the sudden, do I lose what defines me? And yet, there is appeal to both these definitions
of personality. We all like that there’s things about us that
always stay consistent, that never change no matter how old we get, or what we experience. And yet, we all want the potential to be able
to grow past our weaknesses, to be able to grow into the person we’ve always wanted to
be. So which one is it? The answer is your cognition, which is the
way your mind takes in and processes information. Cognition is all about your mind naturally
prioritizing the things that are most important to you. People’s minds prioritize information in entirely
different orders and thought processes, based on what is the most important to them personally,
which is something that never changes throughout their life; something that makes them truly
them. And yet two different people whose minds prioritize
the same type of information, in the same way, are free to make vastly different decisions,
even though those decisions are reached through the same exact cognition process, with the
same exact desires and fears at their roots. As one of our lovely aLBoP readers put it,
“It’s not what you choose, it’s the road your mind takes to get to that decision.” We don’t all think in the same way, but that
doesn’t mean we don’t all think, in powerful and exciting ways that reflect the diversity
of who we are. Now I’m going to get out of the way right
now, that we are not MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator. People sometimes get confused about this. We *started* with the work of Briggs and Briggs-Myers,
and also Carl Jung, and we still use the same letters for cognitive types. But to be honest, we found MBTI’s definitions
to be limiting to people. And the popular definitions of the letters
turned out to be inconsistent and superficial. But we didn’t want to throw out the baby with
the toxic bathwater, so instead we dug down to find consistent definitions that always
work in practice, to nail down the cognitive realities that Carl Jung and Briggs and Briggs-Myers
were trying to find in the first place. This means our definitions are different from
pretty much anything else you’re going to find online or in psych books. Faulty definitions are as dangerous in people-sciences
as bad math is in engineering, and if you’re not careful you might end up missing your
Mars landing, because you mixed up inches and centimeters. Now with clear, concise, consistent definitions,
aLBoP works. So go ahead and leave any psych-buff baggage
at the door, and come see for yourself how your mind works, so you can better understand
yourself and everyone you ever meet. Start with Cognition: The Super Simple Series. Check it out and see for yourself the reliable,
consistent, and awesome stuff your mind has already been doing. We hope that aLBoP will give you the tools
you need to understand yourself and everyone else so much better, and to explore your
potential to be the amazing person you’ve always wanted to be, while still being totally

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