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A LazyTown episode but it’s Real-Time Fandubbed – 1/3 (Rottenbeard)

December 2, 2019

(Sportacus grunts) Oh yeah, that was fucking awesome! HELP ME, HELP ME SPORTACUS, AHH!! No! Fuck you! Sharks are awesome, they’re our friends! They are NOT our friends, have you ever seen Jaws?! Sportacus: Yeah! Stingy: That shit is scary! It’s very scary! – Ya know, they’ll bite your dick off! – And they’re shark propaganda! Oh!! Well, I’m sorry. Yeah, you should be, ya dumbass! Wait, it froze for me! Wait. The video froze for me, I can’t see anything!! D: OK! – What the heck is tentacle hentai? (laughing) Lazytown should always BE. Bee. Th– That’s a way to end a sentence. I think that that’s exactly what it’s supposed to say. Uhh, there was… Lazytown should always BEE, you know, like the Bee Movie! Ugh, they’re just talking about stupid shit again! Anyway… I will go up, and I will be a pirate! Because if I’m a pirate, then I can direct the Bee Movie!! Jerry Seinfeld, get the fuck out of my way! Hey, what’s up, fuckers?! It’s Patchy The Pirate!! It’s a big rock! OH MY GOD!!! It’ll be perfect for my rock collection! Oh my god, OH MY GOD, I’m gonna go tell my mom! Here you go! WOO!!!! That’s going to my mom!! I cannot understand a single word this fucking thing says. You have the worst handwriting EVER!! I’m gonna teach her a fucking lesson! Hey, what’s your fucking problem? I thought it was gonna go to my mom, but it went to you. You don’t HAVE a mom! Little does she know, that I’M her mom!! Oh my god. It’s my old DeviantArt account! OMG!! WOAH, GUYS!!! Look at this garbage!! Look at who I shipped! Hey, what the FUCK is this?! Welp, we were just digging up my dignity! Well, it’s OK, you never had any because you never had a mother! Never had a mother, never had a father, you were kinda just created by people in a lab at Nick Jr! Ah, that’s a…10! (excessive laughing) You’ll never know that this treasure chest actually contains… You’re committing TREE-son! Anyway, I’m just gonna— I’m exposing my talents! He could do the children’s Fridays. What talents? The talent to shake you! Opp, never mind, talent wasted. No, at least I didn’t fall in the hole! I’m gonna shake you again! STOP JUMPING!! Loser. Sportacus, keep jumping! Well, you are inspiringly stupid, my good sir! Well, at least I’m not wearing fucking- something out of Elton John’s closet. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!?!? Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Is this not the most memey episode of them all? AHH!! I got attacked by my mirror, what the fuck?! And that was episode 1! Alright, yeah!!

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