9 Time Management Tips

October 9, 2019

Good day, good day, good
day, Ben Fewtrell here from Max My Profit, how you doing? And today we’re gonna
be taking a look at my nine time management tips. This is all in an effort
to help you become, I guess more effective in your day to day, more productive, and that
way as you go through your day you feel like
you’re achieving more. And if you’re achieving more then you’re going to be getting better results and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? I see so many people
now, if you’ve ever, ever said to your self I wish there was more hours in a day then today’s
broadcast is for you. This video will help you
understand a little bit more. Plus, at the end of the
video I’m gonna give you the opportunity to grab
a free cheat sheet. Now this cheat sheet over 25 tools and ideas to help you manage your time more effectively and efficiently, and then in turn be more productive. And you can get that at That’s slash manage time. And you’ll be able to grab that cheat sheet with over 25 tips,
tools and resources. Alright, so let’s get
stuck straight into it. First of all, the first
thing to understand is you can’t actually manage time. I see a lot of people say I wish there was more hours in the day. They do these time management courses. The reality is you can’t stop
the clock from ticking right? So, it’s all about you
managing yourself better, and we’re gonna talk about that. So my first tip is to understand
that you can’t manage time. And if you’re trying to manage time you’re in some sort of a denial. You have to manage self. And by managing self you’re
gonna get a better result. So first of all, I think people that are really efficient have a plan. Plans lead to efficiency, effectiveness, which in turn is productivity. So, if you wanna be
more productive in your day have a plan, think
about what’s gotta be done, how’s it gotta be done,
who’s gonna get it done, what resources is it gonna take? All of those things need to
be factored into your plan. If you get up each day
and you are thinking about how you are gonna achieve
your goal for that day, that helps you then stay on
track because you’ve got a plan. You could also set KPI’s that also, they’ll measure your effectiveness against what it is you’ve set out to achieve. And I think that’s
really important as well, because sometimes people set out things that are unachievable or
unrealistic to achieve. Maybe sure if you’ve
got no interruptions or nothing went wrong in the
day they’d be achievable, but the reality is most
people plan to do far more than they actually ever
are gonna be able to do. An hour goes by very fast,
it’s made up of 60 minutes. You’ve gotta keep that in mind when you’re going through this. So having a plan, actually putting in your plan what needs to get done in the week, and then breaking down what I need to do each day to achieve that goal, and then working out
what it’s going to take. And this will help you do the next thing, which I love to do myself, is prioritise. And that’s work out what are the key things you must get done today. That way you can work on those first. And if you haven’t
already, there’s a great book by a fellow called Brian Tracy, and it’s called Eat that Frog. And in that book he talks about getting the most difficult things out of the way in the beginning of the day. And so, a to do list is a really vital part of being productive. And you know, if you’re not running to a daily to do list, or a
task list of some sort, then the likelihood is you’re gonna end up doing things out of order or at weird times and in an inefficient way. So I say make sure
you’ve got a to do list. The other thing is remove
distractions from your day. So, distractions are a
big part of why people struggle to get things done. Things like Facebook notifications, SMS’s, emails, your email
programme open all the time. That can be a major distractor. Shut your door on your
office, or go somewhere quite if you’re working from home and it’s school holidays
and the kids are there, go to the library or
something to do some work. Remove the distractions. Put yourself in an environment
that is distraction free, and you’re gonna find it much more, you’ll get much more done. Another great tip is to learn to say no. It was Jim Rome that said
it’s when you say yes to something you’re saying no to
something else anyway, right? So you might feel bad saying no, but you’re always saying
no to something even when you say yes to doing
something you shouldn’t be. So I say to people learn to say no. Be okay if something
comes your way that might be a great opportunity,
it might be a great idea, but if you haven’t got
the time to implement it and integrate it with what
you’re currently doing and still succeed in what
it is you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s in
your business or your life, then you really need
to think about whether or not you can take that
task on or idea on right now. So learn to say no. It’s okay to say no. And it could be family
things or it could be business things, just learn to say no. Be okay with that. My next tip is get organised. I really love technology, as
you can see just by using this. But from an organisational point of view there’s three tools that I
use that I absolutely love. One of them is Evernote. Evernote is a great way to stay organised. Wunderlist is another one that I use. Which is something that I
use to create my to do lists and tasks and be able to
share those with my team. And then Trello, which is,
I can’t believe it’s free, but it is free project
management software. So there’s a tool called Trello. They’re the ones that I use. There’s many, many apps out there that can help you get organised. So use technology to your advantage. There’s lots of things out
there that can help you get the job done much
quicker and more efficiently. And don’t be afraid to use those things. My next tip is FOCUS. Follow one course until successful. Which sorta leads into my next tip, which I’ll get there in a second. But, I love this acronym because it’s easy to get distracted when we’re business centres or a bit entrepreneurial you get all these ideas. You might see a great, an email comes in invites you to webinar, that
webinar is really exciting. You put an hour or so for the webinar, but you wrote down 12
things you really wanna do. And instead of doing the next task on your to do list you jump into
starting to work on things that weren’t originally in your plan. So I would say focus on one
course until successful. Follow one course until successful, that’ what FOCUS stands for. I really love the acronym. I think it’s pertinent for you. But also leads into my next tip. Which is to stop multitasking. I know there’s studies done that say that women can do this better than men, and maybe that’s true I don’t know. But I don’t think anybody is efficient or effective when they’re multitasking. Multitasking is something that by its very nature has built in distractions. So if you’re trying to
do two things at once, the reality is you’re gonna be
distracted by something else. And I’ll give you an example
that you’ll relate to. If you have ever been on
the phone to a prospect, say it might be sitting
on the telephone to a prospect and you’re
also reading your emails and then they’ll say so what do you think? And you go oh I didn’t
hear what they said. So, multitasking is
really, really difficult, and it’s not something
that anybody should attempt if you wanna to be really efficient. They’ve done studies that says that once you’re focused on one task, if you get distracted from that task it takes you 14 minutes to get refocused. And what that means, if you get distracted just four times in an
hour that you’re gonna be continually distracted and you’re not gonna be efficient at all. So I suggest that you make sure you’re not falling into that trap. My next tip’s a biggy, and I know a lot of people struggle with it. And that is to delegate, and you could use the word outsource if you want. But I’m a big believer that
you shouldn’t be trying to do everything yourself. If you are then you’re taking too much on. And that’s the reality of
so many business owners that I know, is you’re just
taking too many things on. And some of it’s because you
don’t trust other people. You think you’re the best
person at doing the job. Some of it is you just don’t know how to delegate or where to delegate. You don’t think you can afford to. I say value your time more than your money and you’ll start to
delegate some things out. Use some of the resources
that are out there. There’s plenty of local
people that probably live around you that would
like some part time work. There’s places like Upwork or Fiverr, which I say use with caution but there’s some great people on there. So there’s lots of
opportunities for you to be able to delegate your work out. And if you’ve got employees
you got no excuses, you should be delegating
some of these things out and getting your
employees to do the things that you shouldn’t be doing. So every time you do a task ask yourself am I the best person to do this, or could I pay somebody
less to get this job done, and would they do just as
good as me if not better? And that’ll then let me focus on my core goals that I need to achieve. Alright so that’s my nine tips. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the
video today, the live video. I have got free cheat sheets for you. Go to So that’s Max My Profit dot com dot au forward slash manage time. And in that cheat sheet
there’s over 25 tools, tips and resources to help
you manage your time better. It’s actually a fantastic cheat sheet. I couldn’t believe it when
the team put it together and I looked at it and went
wow, that’s really valuable and it’s gonna help you save
hours in each and every week. So, make sure you grab that cheat sheet, and you start becoming much
more productive and efficient. In fact, you never, ever wanna
tell people that you’re busy. Being busy is not valuable at all. What you wanna do is
when people say to you how’s your day been,
you wanna say it’s been super productive. And it doesn’t matter
if you work three hours a day, if it’s a productive three hours it’s much better than a busy 12 hours where you didn’t achieve anything. Alrighty, well that’s it for me this week. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ve been Ben Fewtrell. You’ve been absolutely marvellous for tuning in and watching this video. Grab yourself the cheat sheet, And until next week,
have a profitable day. Cheerio!

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