9 Surprising Things Why INFJ and ENTP Type Belong Together

September 30, 2019

9 Reasons Why INFJ and ENTP Belong Together It is difficult to tell what makes people
in good relationship. Sometimes, it is not all about how nice they
are in terms of appearance when they are together. It is also not merely because they understand
each other. Sometimes a relationship can happen just because
there is a match between types of personalities. Today, we have INFJ and ENTP personality type. They are known to be a great match, and apart
from that, there are some reasons that make them good to be together. So, in this short video, I’m going to share
with you about 9 reasons why INFJ and ENTP belong together. But before we see the whole lists, If you’re
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like this video if you find this information is helpful to you. #1 – Similar perceiving preference INFJ and ENTP share Ni function which is actually
for perceiving the world through intuition. They can communicate things better, and that
is why it is a good Kickstart for their relationship. Intuition helps them to understand even without
expressing words. Therefore, it is really excellent function
which helps them to get ideas shared without problem. #2 – Dynamic in other function In addition to having similar function, they
also have different functions which allow them to get dynamic within the relationship. This dynamic function keeps INFJ and ENTP
in very good condition in terms of interaction and ideas. #3 – Opposite attraction Sometimes, something that is opposite actually
attracts each other. It is just like magnet, and I, T, and P actually
opposite each other. This is where the law attraction from personality
begins. It is inevitable that it makes them match,
and that also makes both of them feel connected each other. #4 – INFJ and ENTP are growth minded Even though INFJ is idealist and the ENTP
is entrepreneur, they actually share similar intention to have high self-improvement. They like to invent unique, fresh, and useful
idea in business. They also have ideas that create so much better
world. Both are also highly adaptive, making their
relationship even better. #5 – They like new things Both are actually open to new ideas. They also like to get out from their comfort
zones. It is no wonder that they are really good
match because of this attitude. It is also worth noting that both INFJ and
ENTP like to experiment with new items that they invent or they first encounter. This creates a significant feeling that they
really can enjoy. #6 – Moral support from INFJ Thinking and feeling difference makes this
couple awesome. One gives emotional support, and the other
keeps another rational. Thus, this is a great combination that supports
each other. You never know that they may be too rational
or too emotional. Fortunately, they can remind each other. #7 – Appreciation One element in a relationship that cannot
be ignored is appreciation. Basically, INFJ appreciates ENTP for their
eccentric and rebellious trait. This allows them to care each other without
seeing each other’s weirdness. Appreciation is really important in any kind
of relationship. However, it is even more important when it
comes to odd traits. #8 – Admiration INFJ admires ENTP for their mental sharpness. Their discussion also produces something interesting,
making them ideal couple. #9 – Creative types Both want to create something better. With the combination of creativity and also
ideal plans, they both can create remarkable piece of art. Well, that’s all the 9 Reasons Why INFJ and
ENTP Belong Together. So, really cool information isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and experiences
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watch all our other amazing videos! Thanks for watching!

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