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8 Times the ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Should’ve Been Fired | Ranked: Jersey Shore

February 23, 2020

– I told Danny that I was
going to go get coffee, but I really went to
the bar to take shots. To smushing tonight. – To smushing. – Yay! Oh, I need to pick up pickles. Oh my God, they’re totally gonna see me. – The shirt I wear to work today just to bust Danny’s
chops is the Rush shirt because he can’t stand
the Rush T-Shirt Shop down at the other end of
the boardwalk, but I’m like, “You know what, last day,
I’m going out with a bang.” (upbeat music) Aye, what’s up, my man? – Yo, look at this guy, look at this guy. (cymbal chimes)
Wow! – That actually is a
nice shirt, it really is. – [Vinny] Wow, rip it off man. – Come on, come on. (laughs) Get that off, dude. – [Vinny] Wow! – You ripped it. – Let me put that one away,
exactly where it belongs. – This is our last day at the Shore Store, so I have full intention of
not working today at all. I’m gonna take a nap
the whole time I’m here. – [Nicole] Can I make a tracksuit? – Yes. Ron, you wanna get some partying gifts for your family and friends? – No, I’m good, I’ll go to Rush. – [Vinny] Wow. – Hi, do you need help with anything? (upbeat music) How old are you?
– 21. – Awesome. – Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro.
(laughs) Wake up a little bit, wake up. (Ronnie sighs)
– Ooh! – [Nicole] Oh my God. – All right guys, 2010’s a wrap. – [Vinny] Nice. – Vinny, you’re the man,
appreciate you working hard today. Snooki, I appreciate you
making all those clothes for your friends and family. And Ronnie, I’m glad you came into work for that four hour nap today. I’ll see you tonight. – I like your tattoo.
– You like it? – That’s sick, it takes
a lot of balls, that too. We were all mingling a little bit and I started talking to this
hot, older chick, this cougar. – You’re only 21? – Yeah, I’m the youngest guy in the house, but I’m the most mature
person in the house. Tanya and I, we’re vibing, I
like her, she’s a cool girl. We start hooking up a little bit. She’s hot, she had a sick body and I don’t mind it up against me at all. Are you having a good time with me? – I’m having a great time.
– Awesome. – I love Danny. I don’t know what happened to Danny. We went out to dinner tonight and– – You who, you, Danny and who? – Me and Danny. – The two of you? Oh my God. (rewind squeak) You saying how hot I was? Holy (beep), I took the boss’ girl. – Okay, look, look, look, your
scoop has to be like this. So this is the one scoop, you’re gonna put it one side like this. – I really don’t have a
technique for scooping and I didn’t think there was
a technique for scooping, but I guess I have to
read a whole handbook on how to scoop right. – Now Snooki, that side, yeah. – Is this is?
– Exactly, there. – Snooki, Snooki, Snooki, you are not spooning correctly, Snooki. (boss grunts)
– What? – It was this side, not that side. – Ugh! – If I stand outside, with my shirt off it’s probably be a situation out there. It’ll be a whole crowd of
people out there, guaranteed. I’m gonna go flag some
customers in here for you. The gelato spot was a little slow, so I’ma just step up a little bit. I’ma stand right in
the front of the store, shirt off, bringing the clients,
the customers, the women, babies, dogs, everybody. You guys can come and get
some ice creams inside. Guys want some ice cream? (pleasant music) All right dog, come get some ice cream. Hi girls. – I don’t think Mike can go a day without taking his shirt off. He looks like a freaking dirty old man outside with his shirt
off at an ice cream shop. Where’s the customers?
(Nicole laughs) ♪ Summer months are all but gone ♪ ♪ I’m as lost as I can ♪ – Ready for the last shift?
– Yep, Sam? – [Sammi] Coming. – We’re leaving. I feel sad today. We have our last workday
at the Shore Store. It’s my last shift and it’s
just starting to hit me that’s it’s the last time
I’m actually gonna work here. Guidos are here. – [Danny] What’s up man? – It’s our last day, man, you sad? – Trust me, I’m fighting back
the tears right now guys. – Yeah right.
– Tears of joy. – [Pauly] Danny? – [Danny] Yes sir. – [Danny] Yes sir.
– Can you tell her there’s no bikini’s in the
store, she has to remove that. (Pauly laughs)
– She almost took it off, bro. I really truly am going to miss
working at the t-shirt shop and working with Danny. Danny’s now a part of
my life, he’s my friend and I’m sick at pressing shirts. Damn, I’m good, I should
be the master presser at this store, but Danny
doesn’t wanna pay me. Just gonna be a deejay instead. – Danny, you keep bringing
us back every year. We flipped your house inside out, almost burnt it down at
least three to four times. – Yep.
– Left it smelling like a lobster’s vagina. – Mike was bringing a bunch of
grenades in your house, bro. – Don’t remind me about that one. I gotta be honest, I do love you guys, but Mike drives me nuts.
(laughs) – What are you guys up to tonight? – No idea, I want to go home. – I wanna go to your home as well. (Mike laughs) – Mike – I will not miss Danny riding me at the Shore Store every time I work. This is my last shift. – Oh, today? – Yeah, can I get one last embrace? – Please. – I’m saying my goodbyes, you dictator. Are you kidding me, this
is the last day of work, the last day of school, who
does anything on those days? – It’s time guys, it’s over. – Last day of work. Saying goodbye to Danny is definitely sad, but I feel like I’ll always
have a home at the Shore Store. Maybe even when Lorenzo’s
old enough to work, he can go to the Shore
Store and start working. I definitely don’t have
a problem with that. – See you guys later.
– Bye, guys. – [Nicole] See you later, Danny. Let’s do this really
slow, so we just sit here. I don’t feel good, I’m
not really working today. I’m tired, I’m hungover, I
just don’t wanna work today. I hate work, I’m not kidding,
I’m (beep) hate work. – Ciao. – [Woman] Ciao. – Get your pizza. Yo, what up boo, let me
holler at you for a second. Aw (beep), what up girl, how are you? Got some (mumbles) there,
yeah girl, work it. – Feeling better, what’s that?
– What? Oh wine.
– Oh really? – This is so good. – I’m really excited that
Marco gave us weekend off, so we can go to Riccione. – Hell yeah.
– Whatever it’s called. – Road trip. – We are going to Riccione. I’m just really excited
to get to the beach. I’m dying to wear my bikini and see what guys look like in speedos. – Tomorrow leaving? – Yeah, we’re going to a beach. You go there, you been there before? – Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s nice? – I lost many pieces of
my brain in that place. – Yeah, it’s fun?
– Really. – When I say Riccione, Marco’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He was like, “Oh Riccione. And I was like, “That’s
gotta be a good place.” Ready for this weekend? – Hell yeah.
– Nice beach weekend. – I wanna go shop for the beach tomorrow. – [Nicole] Do you wanna go right now? – [Jenni] I wanna go right now. – Yeah, okay, you’re on a break. – Yeah. – [Marco] 15 minutes. – Wanna go?
– Where? – Down the street.
– Let’s go. – I’m very antsy to go to Riccione, so my mindset is not work. My mindset is shopping. How pretty will this be
on the beach tomorrow? – Hell yeah, hell yeah. I love shopping. – Aw. – [Nicole] Do you have
flowers for the head? – [Girl] Look how pretty. – [Woman] Oh I like this shirt. – [Man] Where is the people? – Try this on. – [Girl] Do you have any smalls? My cooka will come out
if I do that though. – [Man] What else is new?
(laughs) – Ronnie, oh my God, come on. – You know what, with the boobs. – [Nicole] Get it girl, get it. (Marco whistles) – Come on. 25 minutes, that’s a pizza time. – Be nice with the price,
we’re hard working citizens. – Hard working? – Yes. – oh my God, oh my God.
– Hey! – Oh my gosh, come on. – Boss is yelling. We do hard work at the pizzeria. – We sell mad pizzas. – About to eat, call
everybody up, bought to eat. – Where is everybody? Look at these pancakes, what’s up. I don’t know, I had fun at Headliners. I don’t know about anybody else. – Last night was good. Headliners was cool, but
Angelina and her boyfriend, it’s a little more drama than it’s worth. (dramatic music) – Kid’s a douche bag, her
boyfriend’s a big douche bag. – He’s getting a divorce. He’s no good. – When JWoww told me
that Angelina’s boyfriend was married, I kinda was like no way. Angelina, what are you
doing, get rid of this kid. He’s no good for you. – I think she’s just a drama queen. She just want mad attention all the time. I know her. – Who’s got work? – [Man] What? – [Ronnie] Vinny and Angelina. – [Man] People got work? – Vinny’s supposed to work with Angelina and now it comes time for her shift, so Vinny goes to work on time, but she doesn’t care. (upbeat music) – [Samson] Ready to work? – Always. – All right, buddy, it’s
gonna be a long day. What’s up? – I don’t know. – [Samson] You don’t know what? – If Angelina’s coming to work. – Oh that’s (beep) up. I guess you’re gonna have
to do a lot of work today cause we’re gonna be short staffed then. – Let’s do it. – Gonna see what happens, all right? (Angelina coughs) – I’m just like, you know what, I’m thinking about my boyfriend so much and I’m like, I really
don’t wanna work today. I just wanna do it.
(Angelina coughs) – Wanna find a shirt today? – Just browsing around. – This store has the most,
out of all the stores on the boardwalk, the most hilarious. – Danny, Angelina didn’t show, nope. She’s a no-go. (somber music) – I’m tired, I don’t feel good. I didn’t wanna go there, I
didn’t wanna explain myself, but I have to do it. It was just a pain in the ass. (somber music) – What time zone are you in? – What?
– What time zone are you in? – I don’t know, I don’t feel good though. That’s why, where’s Danny? I’ve been sick all day.
– Danny’s not here, I’m here. – Oh you’re here? – Yeah, you were supposed to call. If you need somebody to cover your shift, that’s on you, man. I can’t have that, it’s August right now. This the time were I make money. Wouldn’t you think it was more logical to call me an hour ago? – I don’t feel good. – Okay, but who’s covering your shift? – Honestly, I’m sick. When you’re sick, honestly like. – All I’m trying to say is
who’s gonna cover your shift? Why couldn’t you call and
have your shift covered? – I don’t have the number to here. I don’t have the number to here. – You don’t have the
number to your own work? – I came in here, I don’t have the number. There’s people on the phone right now. – You could walk here. – First of all, be realistic here. I don’t have a cell phone. I was sitting on the couch. I’m like, what do I do right now? – [Samson] You don’t feel good,
but you were out last night? – Yeah.
– So you’re hungover? (Angelina drowns out Samson)
– I’m not hungover, I had two drinks last night. – Angelina’s making up this
excuse that she’s sick. It’s a lame excuse, she
just doesn’t wanna work. – I had a problem last
night with my boyfriend, so. – What was the first thing that
Danny told you when he came? Your boyfriend, all that
(beep), forget about it. – Come one, are you getting it? – I’m totally getting it. – You’re not getting it. – I am getting it. – I don’t have to do what I
don’t wanna do, that’s it. There was common courtesy for
me to even walk over there. There’s nobody to cover for me, I’m sorry and I don’t really care. I don’t care what he thinks about me. I don’t care what anyone in
this house thinks about me. I don’t, that’s it.
(Angelina coughs) (rock music)
I’m done. I can’t take this anymore. (rock music) (door closes) – Angelina.
(dramatic music) – Where are you at? – She’s upstairs, I think.
– Upstairs? – Yeah. – Wanna get her for me?
– Yeah. – Have her come down. (dramatic music) – He wants you to come downstairs. – Tell him to come to the bathroom if he wants to talk to me. Other than that, I’m not gonna answer him. – Can you talk to her in the bathroom? – In the bathroom?
– Yeah. – What, it’s that hard for
you to walk downstairs? What happened to you today? – [Angelina] Um– – What the hell happened? I’m not gonna go inside a bathroom. – [Angelina] Well then
I’m not talking, sorry. – I’m not 15 years old. – [Angelina] All right,
well I’m not talking then. – [Danny] Are you really being serious? – [Angelina] I can’t, I’m not– – You show me this kind of disrespect after I let you in my house? – [Angelina] Danny, then, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. – You couldn’t even give me a phone call to tell me that you’re gonna be late. (water running) Not even answering? – It was wrong, what she
did with the bathroom. That’s straight up disrespect. – At least a phone call
woulda been better. So I guess you’re fired. You’re leaving, you’re packing your bags cause for you to stay in
this house, you have to work. (water running) (Angelina coughs) – Ridiculous. – The way she disrespected
our boss, like come on. She doesn’t even give
a (beep) about anyone. She’s just being selfish. – Anyway. I was so pissed off, I just
wanna leave, that’s it. – What a (beep). (upbeat music) – Yo, I’m going to sleep till two. – (beep) you. Nicole, you have work. You going to get up? – I just don’t wanna go to
work today, like seriously? I’m tired, I need my sleep. This is going to be the
worst day of my life. – I tried waking her up, Nicole,
but she’s still in bed, so. We gotta leave soon. Are you coming? – Yeah, but I’m asking to leave early. – She gonna go to work in
the same dress she wore out? (laughs) – Let’s go.
(Ronnie laughs) – Don’t laugh at me Ronnie. Punch you.
(door squeaks) Go to (beep) work. (upbeat music) – Is that the new Shore Store uniform cause I didn’t get one.
(Ronnie laughs) – Someone’s wearing a
blanket in 100 degrees? – I don’t feel good. – Of course not, you were
out partying last night. – No I wasn’t, I just don’t feel good. – You didn’t go out last night? – No.
– No, you stayed at home? – Yeah. – [Danny] Read the Bible? – [Vinny] She wore this dress just for the Shore Store today. – [Danny] Nicole, fix the blanket, please. – What can I get you? – I’m gonna get, don’t fall
in love at the Jersey Shore. – [Ronnie] That’s a good line, right? – 55.
– Here’s 50. – I have a question. – [Danny] Ask away. – You wanna funnel beer? – (beep) 10:30, you were
just sick a second ago. – Do you wanna do anything fun? – Yes, make a sale, I’d love that. Totally psychs me out. – Snooki’s drinking is,
it’s pretty out of control. From 11 in the morning til
the wee hours of the night and never stopping. That means you’re drunk
all day and all night long. – Gotta go. – [Danny] Nicole! – Oh, God, what? Every time I try and steal
a beer, Danny catches me. – [Danny] Nicole, where you going now? – Ah, I’m going pee. – [Danny] No you’re not,
you’re funneling a beer. – If I wanna have a beer,
I’m allowed to have a beer. – [Danny] That’s it,
you’re staying all night. – This isn’t law school,
this is a t-shirt shop. Danny, I’ll do anything. I’ll (beep) the carpet. (laughs)
Sounds really bad. – Do you know that’s gotta be a problem? You’re ready to lick the carpets? (laughs) This is called rock bottom. Go get a coffee. (dramatic music) – I told Danny that I
was going to get coffee, but I really went to
the bar to take shots. To smushing tonight.
– To smushing. – Yay! Oh, I need to pick up pickles. Oh my God, they’re totally gonna see me. Boing, all right, I passed work. Holy, Jesus, this morning was so bad and now it’s really good. I got pickles and a long island. Thanks.
– What took so long? – Oh, I’m getting pickles. – You left for a couple
minutes to get a coffee. There’s no (beep) coffee here. Come on.
– Stop. – You’re coming right now. – Oh my God, you’re being psycho. – Let’s get back to work now, come on. ♪ Wasting your days away ♪ (laughs) – Don’t mind me, now I just
gotta clean these (beep) plates. – That’s pretty good though. Team Meatballs at work today and realize that this is going to be a miserable job. (laughs) – You could fit both of us in this bag. (mischievous music) (laughs) – It’s not joke. – Just meatballs in a bag. – Okay? – How much longer do we got? – Seriously, I’m over it. Need a wine, can’t do (beep). Will you look for wine with me real quick? – Of course. – Let’s just get a little buzz on. I’ll be on the lookout, you watch here. The wine case is right behind the counter, so I’m like how the
(beep) am I gonna do this. Marco’s like a Nazi, first of all. So I go to a customer. Can you get one for us? I’ll give you money. – [Woman] Two? – Two of them, yeah. And come to the back by the bathroom. – Yes. – Woo hoo, holler! She buys us a bottle of wine. Hurry, hurry, hurry, grazie. Oh, keep it. So I’m like really crazy
right now with the wine. I just love Italy wine. Me and Deena just start chugging. (Italian music) (Marco speaks foreign language) (Italian music) (knock on door) – Nicole, Deena? – Coming, she just has her period. – [Marco] Open the door. – She has her period. – [White Hat] Excuse me. – That’s the period? – I gave her a tampon. – Really. – [Nicole] Let’s work. (Italian music) – Let me guess, yours? – [Nicole] That’s not mine. – Sure? – [Nicole] Positive. – Maybe that’s yours? – No, no. – No? – That’s not ours. – I don’t drink white wine. I think we need to talk, okay? – That’s weird. – That’s not good job. – Oh my God, Marco wasting all that wine is definitely alcohol abuse
because I could of drank that. Oh this job sucks.

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