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6 Steps to Energy Efficiency (Insulation, Ventilation, Air Sealing)

January 17, 2020

This is JD with Healthy Home 365 home of “The Perfect Attic.” Today we’re gonna be showing you the six steps, how to get
to your home ready for summer and winter. Number one, removal. Let’s face it
right now you probably have old Pink Panther or batten wool up in your attic
which might have animal droppings, mold, harmful fiberglass settle over time, just
isn’t doing its job to block heat or insulate your home. Time to get rid of it.
The second step is air sealing, since drywall between your living space is
only about a half-inch we seal your can lights, duct boots, fans, that way your hot
air and cold air is not escaping your living area. The third is concrobium mold spray, who knows what is crawled through your attic
or how much moisture buildup might have been up there. Once sprayed in the attic
it is designed to get rid of bacteria, asbestos, or any kind of mold. Number four, setting the baffles so that your soffit vents aren’t covered with your new blown in, we add baffles. Baffles are the small pockets that allows air flow to go
through your attic and to the outside. Number five is blown in. We add six to
eighteen inches of blown-in insulation it’s made of fiberglass or mineral wool
formaldehyde and asbestos free, does not mold and will not ever settle. Number six,
multi-layer insulation aka our KOOLBlanket this is made of 99.9% pure
aluminum, fiberglass sand and silicone core designed to block 97% of heat trying to
get into your home and also insulates the home in the winter. Then we add our
KOOLSpin solar fans which scoop up 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute
keeping complete air circulation throughout your home and the end result
keeping a comfortable temperature in your living space.

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