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6 Reasons ENFP and INFJ Fall In Love.

October 17, 2019

6 Reasons Why ENFP and INFJ Fall In Love. Why do ENFPs like INFJs? According to David Keirsey, author of “Please
Understand Me”, Rationals and Idealists get along well due to their shared preference
for intuition. By Keirsey’s estimation, fellow intuitives
get along because there is better understanding and communication between them. As idealists, the INFJ and ENFP are on the
same wavelength in terms of their mutual fondness for new possibilities and quest for fulfillment. They share many similarities but also a number
of distinct differences. These contrasting qualities help draw INFJ
and ENFP together and make them alluring in each other’s eyes. These two types have a good chance at hitting
it off and can potentially form a relationship that is long lasting and satisfying. Here are 6 reasons why ENFP and INFJ are good
for each other. 1. INFJs Are Great Listeners. INFJs are attentive and they love the way
the ENFP mind works. They are a great audience to the ENFP who
almost always has something amusing and humorous to say. ENFPs can be chatty but they aren’t glib
and also have the capacity to enthrall their INFJ partner with surprisingly deep and poignant
observations about life. INFJs tend to be more quietly observant, internalizing
their perceptions rather than verbalizing them the way ENFPs do. It is not always easy for INFJs to articulate
with words what they think or feel and so they appreciate that ENFPs are able to express
themselves so openly and without reservation.. 2. INFJ and ENFP Both Prize Deep Emotional Connection. INFJ people can often feel a sense of loneliness. Not for lack of friendships and social interaction
but because they feel “out of place” and not truly understood by the people around
them. Although INFJs are warm and friendly with
almost everyone, there is a significant portion of themselves that is withheld and they desperately
hold out for the special person with whom they can share it with. At the same time, INFJ’s intuitive insight
into people make it relatively easy for them to understand others and they tend to see
the best in the people they love (faults and all). INFJ likely appreciates the interest and effort
ENFP shows in trying to understand and decode the INFJ enigma. ENFPs have the ability and willingness to
‘read’ and comprehend the INFJ like few can and this makes INFJs feel more comfortable
and in sync as a couple. ENFP also values the sense of unconditional
love, support and acceptance they receive from INFJ. 3. Both INFJ and ENFP Have Rich Fantasy Lives. As idealist types, both the INFJ and ENFP
are predisposed to harboring an inner world that has a life of it’s own. Their wandering minds are prone to flights
of fancy where they glimpse visions of the life they’d like to live or the future they’d
like to create. They are both hopeless romantics with a tendency
to idealize and idolize the people they become enamored with. Coming together to create the ENFP and INFJ
love story, these two will no doubt find in each other a possible soulmate with whom they
can indulge and live out some of their most passionate fantasies. 4. INFJ and ENFP Complement Each Other. INFJs and ENFPs are complementary opposites. They share the same cognitive preferences
but of opposite attitudes. This is primarily why they are able to relate
to one another so well. However, while the INFJ favors structure and
orderliness in how they engage with the outside world, the ENFP prefers spontaneity and variety. This Judging, Perceiving dynamic in addition
to the extrovert and introvert dynamic is likely to prove beneficial in balancing out
each other’s strengths and weaknesses. INFJ and ENFP can learn a lot from each other. ENFP’s lack of interest in organization
is bound to create a deficit in their lives that an INFJ may be able to fill. INFJs are conscientious and tend to be better
than ENFPs at keeping schedules and following day-to-day routines. They don’t mind helping scatterbrained ENFP
with chores and time management. So long as they know ENFP appreciates them
for it, INFJ likely won’t be bitter or feel taken for granted. They take pleasure in being of service to
people they love and this often comes in the form of advice and constructive criticism. ENFPs on the other hand have a light-hearted
and laid back perspective. They can help the INFJ to loosen up, laugh
and not take themselves so seriously. ENFPs can also get the INFJ to think more
boldly and introduce fun ideas the INFJ would normally not consider. 5. ENFP and INFJ Communication. Communication is vital to any relationship,
be it with friends, family or significant others. Fortunately, the ENFP INFJ couple shares a
similar language which makes understanding one another very smooth and organic. This is not to say that they won’t have
their share of disagreements, and misunderstandings, but when there is an issue, it can typically
be resolved because both the ENFP and INFJ have the ability to accommodate and consider
each other’s perspective in order to reach a happy medium. When ENFP and INFJ interact, they are attune
to each other’s shifting moods and feelings and both the ENFP and INFJ have the ability
to detect when something is upsetting their partner. As feeling types, they are able to provide
the type of consolation that is preferred by feeling types – a compassionate ear and
a shoulder to cry on. ENFP INFJ conversation will likely be characterized
by their mutual focus on realizing their dreams and ideals interspersed with episodes of nutty
humor. 6. INFJs and ENFPs Are Both Ambiverted. While INFJs are predominantly introverted
and ENFPs extraverted, both personality types are somewhat fluid in their attitude preference
and they straddle the line between their inner and outer worlds. When ENFPs are in a pensive and contemplative
mood they can appear subdued and introverted and when an INFJ is in a position where they
must deal with people, they can appear very natural and sociable like an extravert. The ENFP INFJ pairing is like a union of two
chameleons who are able to adapt and adjust themselves to the people around them. In a relationship this means they will have
reasonable understanding of both introverted and extraverted needs in their partner. ENFPs will likely understand when for instance
an INFJ occasionally needs space and wants to withdraw for a bit. The INFJ for their part will likely be able
to show tolerance for the ENFP’s penchant for being very friendly with a lot of people
and attracting too much attention from admirers. INFJs can operate in that world as well and
don’t have to feel threatened by ENFP’s popularity. Thanks for watching! Please like this video and subscribe to this
channel for more!

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