6 NEGATIVE Alpha Male Traits | How NOT to be an alpha male

November 10, 2019

there are two types of males out there
alpha males and also want to become alpha males this is the truth everyone
arguing with it is either a fool or simply in denial and those people should
be left behind or even better locked up for good it
would be an exceptional improvement if you believe different and be sure to let
me know in the comments below if you’re a youtuber into a video reply so we can
argue this through I already have it all lined up so if you’re up for a challenge
go for it what’s going on powerful people my name
is Benjamin and I welcome you to another video on my channel here you’ll find
everything related to personal development today we discuss six- yes
I repeat negative traits that alpha males often adapt or develop over time
if you’re one of my regular subs then you might be a bit confused and this
confusion will increase during this video I’ll advise you to watch until the
end so you might understand it the first negative trait of an alpha male is
arrogance becoming arrogant is not really an option if you’re at the bottom
of the food chain because there’s simply no one below you by moving up in the
food chain and sports or even in social circles you will receive more respect
and honor respect and honor exceptional and they can open many doors but if we
leave them in our head without supervision
then we might become overly arrogant arrogance leads to ignorance and being
unaware and both of them can be our downfall we simply don’t see the dangers
anymore we think we’re on top of the world until an unfortunate event brings
us down until our competition runs us over and until we treat family and
friends so badly that they are going to leave us luckily I can guarantee you
that this is preventable for me and everyone else simply by being aware and
watching my videos they are perfect for the right alpha-male mindset so you
better stick around by hitting the subscribe button the second trait is
recklessness which can be a direct result of arrogance we’ve grown up in a
poor environment and through hard work we got into a wealthy position but
eventually we become reckless we begin spending it on cars vacation sex and
drugs until we’re completely broke but this does not only apply to money we
could also become reckless with our own or even worse the health of someone else
we are so confident that nothing is going to happen as a result we might get
robbed or we become a reckless driver and sacrifice the life of our
or we screw our health with the big dose of steroids recklessness is one of the
deadliest traits for every alpha man training 3 is being overly dominant or
not respect status money muscles and relationships all have one thing in
common they grant us power in one form or another with power comes control over
others and if this comes too quickly then might get out of hand if an alpha
male is about to lose something or someone and he’s going to do his very
best to prevent this met includes dominating and even suppressing others
that’s why some dictators crush freedom of speech it might induce a revolution
and this has to be prevented and that’s exactly what I’m going to do if your
comment is inappropriate this can occur and beta males too but it’s an even
bigger danger for alpha males because they usually accumulated more than betas
more means also more to lose check out the following video to see how a tiger
reacts once he has something to fight for men might not be roaring but they sure
as hell do everything to defend their property number four is intense rivalry
competing in itself is perfectly fine and we men compete in pretty much
anything but this can get out of hand in some situations rivalry is just not
appropriate in some situations it’s even counterproductive but if we develop this
intense need for competition then we might not be able to turn it off
furthermore losing becomes increasingly harder we just want to compete and we
want to win this can be especially toxic in friendships some light competition
between buddies is one thing but desperately trying to crush everyone is
an entirely different story if you’ve enjoyed this video so far then hit the
like button if you truly despise me and this video then be sure to dislike it
trait number five is ruthlessness alpha males have a purpose and plenty of goals
goals want to be achieved and alpha males can be quite ruthless to achieve
them they are priority number one and they are willing to sacrifice the needs
of others in order to fulfill their own dreams again it’s a balance game we
can’t reach all our goals and please everyone at the same time therefore we
need to find a balance between our own needs and the needs of people around us
lastly we have perfectionism alpha males want it all and they want to do it right
and generally that’s a good approach but again it’s not always beneficial there
are some tasks that don’t need to be perfect we always have to keep the 80/20
principle in mind which says that we can achieve 80% of our goal with only 20% of
the work to get the last 20% right we would need to spend the remaining 80% of
the time the perfectionist always aims for 100
percent and therefore spends quite a bit of effort on trivial tasks not
everything needs to be perfect sometimes it is smarter to save the time
and invest it into another endeavor an extremely funny example that I’ve heard
from my girlfriend is that she can dry dishes with a towel because there
remains small pieces of cloth and tiny stains sometimes a tiny amount of water
she’s a perfectionist and she can stand as little fluff this
tiny piece the small amount of water so if she has to dry him she spends
significantly more time just to get them dried perfectly aye
you watched until now so I’m willing to tell you the truth this video was an
experiment in the introduction I said that there are only alpha males and
those want to become alpha males additionally I said that only ignorant
people would argue with it and that everyone else should be locked up I even
challenge people to try arguing with me I included arrogance dominating behavior
intense rivalry and perfectionism in this video and lastly I applied
recklessness by uploading this video most people will never listen to this
part of the video therefore they’ll assume I’m actually a dumb fool which in
turn screws my youtube channel you could say that’s a little bit reckless this
was a way of testing how far I can push unrealistic over exaggerated
generalizations this video used and more aggressive approach compared to my other
videos additionally I wanted to see if the average viewer actually recognizes
what I’m doing I talked about the dangers of the alpha male and at the
same time I viciously applied them I’m hoping for some butt hurt comments so
let’s see how this turns out once again this was an experiment and I hope you
enjoyed it if you did and be sure to subscribe and like if you haven’t
already I have two actual videos for becoming an alpha male on the screen
right now I wish you a wonderful day and I will see you in the next video

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