5 Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

December 4, 2019

– Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna share five ways to increase workplace productivity. Hey, I’m Sam and this is Emma. (clicks tongue) So, Emma, what are your tips on how to increase workplace productivity? – Well first I wanna point out that oftentimes companies
fall into this pattern of doing things that are trendy. So, while the ping-pong table and the fire pole to slide
down to the second floor can be fun and amusing, it doesn’t have quite the long-term effect that we’re going for. So, I wanna dive into five strategies to really hone in on improving
workplace productivity. – So, Emma, what’s your first tip? – So, first tip to increase
workplace productivity, Go natural. This is a great time to remind yourself, go outdoors, get some natural lighting, also, add some flowers
or plants in your life. You can put that on my desk, please. A little greenery will really
help to keep the natural vibe and increase workplace productivity. – All right, so what’s next? – Making sleep a priority! This is something that
I cannot stress enough, definitely let your employees end their workday when they
should end their workday, cause you know what happens after work, your employees still have to run errands, maybe do things for their family, do things in their social life, and then you still gotta
fit in dinner and sleep. So, sleep should be a priority. Also make sure that they
have the financial needs to invest in a great mattress. I know, I feel like I sleep
on pillows of air at night and it keeps me productive. Also, I would encourage your employees to really time out when
they are off of work and what I mean by that is, don’t check emails when
you’ve left the workplace. Also, de-stigmatize naps during the day. – Yeah, so I know I feel totally recharged after just a 15 minute nap. – You know what they call that? – No. – A nappachino. – So, naps are good, but what
other tips do you suggest? – I strongly encourage downtime. One thing that I see even my coworkers do, and I’ve kinda gotten in
the habit of being like, “stop doing this!” is, don’t eat lunch at your desk. Take that time to go outdoors, change of scenery, it will really help refresh your brain and your productivity. Also, I’d encourage
working, like, 52 minutes and then taking a 17 minute break. 52 minutes, 17 minute break. – That’s easy to remember. – 52 minutes, 17 minute break. And I also would encourage to go outside, maybe do some yoga, that has been really helpful
for me to just clear my head. Also, I, I sit at a desk a lot of the time or I’m standing presenting, so it’s just good to get in
other positions, stretch it out, and it will also help to
increase your productivity. – So, we’ve talked about, ya
know, mental and, ya know, resting, but what are
some other physical tips of how to increase the
workplace productivity? – Ergonomics! I know at the GoDaddy office, we are great at doing this, from having the right size desk, you could do stand-up
desks, sit-down desks, even certain chairs are
good for your lumbar. And then also having the computer screen 24 to 36 inches away from your eyes so you’re not straining them. And even down to the mouse
you use, that’s important, and the keyboard. Avoid the carpel tunnel. All right Sam, so that actually
brings up the next tip, which is all about workplace environment. And I know I’ve been to
your office in Austin and I can already see
why it’s a great place for productivity, based on how the workplace is set up. What are some of your favorite things about the workplace in Austin? – So, at Austin, I enjoy the fact I don’t really have to stay by my desk. We can actually, ya know,
they have other rooms that you can work in. – Oh, the private rooms. – Exactly. – Comfortable chairs, bean bags. – Oh, gotta love the bean bags. But it’s all about, ya know, along with the changing the scenery, get up and, ya know, go to another place and, ya know, you can
let that creativity flow and be in those other areas. – Yeah, and then we have
that big, open breakroom with the ping-pong table and
snacks, there’s a barista, and then there’s long bench tables so you can work with even
some of your friends, or some of your teammates. And then we have the offices as well, where you can have the group meetings and another change of scenery of the big white marker boards, I always love doodling on those. – And I really enjoy here now, Zoom. Ya know, you’re able to talk to your other colleagues in other offices and you’re able to communicate
over, ya know, video. – All right, comment below, let us know, what do you wish your workplace had that you think would
increase productivity? Also, while you’re at it,
be sure to like this video, subscribe to our channel. – And ring that bell so that you know when we have our new content comin’ out. – This is The Journey.

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