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5 Tips To Managing Huge Projects | Project Management Methodologies | Getting Things Done

August 15, 2019

Gentlemen, today we’re going to talk about. How to manage and how to accomplish a huge
project. Over the last few months, I’ve had numerous
men reach out to me and say “Antonio, I see that you got StyleCon coming up. Hundreds of people coming into Atlanta from
all over the world. You’ve got dozens and dozens of speakers. How in the world did you get this going while
running your company, while having a family with four kids? How did you do all of this?” I thought about it. There was a time years ago I wouldn’t have
been able to do all of this, but through proper project management. The five tips I’m going to share with you
today, guys, I think that you can apply this to anything in your life. Project management — I know it doesn’t sound
sexy. But when you think of “Hey, I’ve got to write
a 50-page paper” or “I’ve got a project at work. It’s going to be over two months, and it’s
going to involved 20 people on three different continents”, those are big projects. How can you more effectively manage them? In this video, guys, I’m going to give you
the five tips on how I’ve been able to effectively manage and create and get this conference
up off the ground. This is going to be a third time we’re doing
it. I can tell you that this was the easiest time
I had planning, or so it seemed. Now, don’t forget. I support this with an article over at Real
Men Real Style. That article I’m going to go into a lot more
detail. I’m going to support it with some of the research. I’m going to talk about some of the studies
that I’ll allude to here in this video. Tip number one is to be motivated. Actually want to do the project. I know you don’t always have a choice, but
if you do have a choice, make sure you say “Hell yeah” or you say “No”. What you’re going to find is when you’ve got
that as your criteria, you are going to say “No” almost all of the time. Why do you want to say “No” all the time? Because one of the worst things you can do
is say “Yes” when you don’t mean it. You’re involved in a project that you don’t
want to be a part of. A couple hours in, you’re just thinking, why
in the world? Most of you guys, you’re the kind of person
that you want to stay true to your word. You’re going to push your way through it,
but you’re going to resent it. Guys, when you are not motivated to be a part
of something, it is hard. Now, let’s talk about reality, which is probably
in many projects, you do not have a choice. You’re at school. You just got assigned that 20-page paper. You’ve got your work. You’ve got two months to complete this project. You’re trying to pull in people that some
of these people don’t want to be a part of it. How in the world can you be motivated? Well, one of the ways to be motivated is to
actually get paid or to set up a reward system. In the case of StyleCon, we actually reached
out and we found sponsors very early on. I reached out to people I knew, and I said
“Hey, who is interested?” The guys over at go check
them out. They’ve been support on my channel for well
over a year, and they make some amazing straight razors. But rose their hand in
the first week and said “Antonio, love what you’re doing. We want to be a part of it.” Mike over at RibbedTee you guys know I love
his undershirts. I’ve worn his undershirts. I’ve known Mike for about seven years. I’ve been a big supporter of RibbedTee. The guy said “Antonio, I’m going to be one
of your early sponsors.” The guys over at Dazzle Pro reached out to
us in the first week and said “Guys, we’re going to get you the money to make this a
possibility. When you’ve got the money in the bank that
already has taken care of a lot of worries, guys, that is an awesome motivator. I know you can’t necessarily do that at school. It would be nice if somebody paid you, but
what you can do is say “You know, I’m going to reward myself. I’ve been really wanting to get that nice
suit.”, or “I’ve been wanting to go out to dinner.” “I’ve been wanting to go to that concert or
go to that club. If I get this done, I am going to reward myself.” Now, you can also set up a penalty. The penalty is a very strong motivator. In fact, some of the research shows that penalties
actually are more powerful than rewards. I don’t really like to go that route personally. I find that I do enjoy the rewards more. But Tim Ferris talked about this how you can
actually say you’re going to donate to a cause you do not agree with if you do not accomplish
that. Tip number two is to plan, and if need be,
adjust. I threw out initially when we were planning
out StyleCon spent about a day, and we planned out exactly what we would need, created this
big, long checklist, a couple pages long. Then I reached out to two people I respected
who I knew ran very successful conferences. I spent an hour on the phone with each of
them. One of the key questions I asked is “Where
did your conference almost fail at the early points? In a sense, where is the risk in a conference?” What I learned is that you need to get butts
in seats and really work to get the number of people. Both of them said they thought they were going
to get 500 people, and they ended up getting 150. It’s better to have a small space and to start
off small than it is to rent out some huge space and not fill it and it feel empty. Knowing that, we actually planned to have
a great space. We kept it in Atlanta to reduce risk, because
that’s Aaron’s hometown. We took that advice to heart, and we adjusted
the plan. Instead of going for 500 people initially,
we said “You know, let’s get 100 people. Then this year, we’re getting 200. Next year, we’ll look to get 400.” You realize you have your plan, you have your
idea, but you adjust after you go out there and you get some great advice. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Tip number three is to break this huge project
up into small, measurable pieces. Two keywords there: “small” and “measurable”. Why small? Because sometimes, you only have maybe an
hour to work on the project. In that hour, you want to be able to accomplish
something, to be able to check something off the box. Studies have shown that nothing is as motivating
as progress. Just the feeling of checking a box off gives
us this internal high that really makes it worth it and will drive and motivate you sometimes
when nothing else will. Now, measurable. If you can’t measure it, it’s just not going
to get done, or it’s not going to be something that you’re going to know when you get to
the end of it. Make sure you’re clearly defined what you’re
going to do. Tip number four: have an accountability partner
or hire a coach. Have somebody that is going to hold you accountable. Aaron Marino over at Alpha M Image Consulting
you guys know his channel. He has been a great accountability partner. I’ll tell you, nobody works harder than this
guy. He’s up Sunday mornings at 5:00 in the morning
and works seven days a week more than I do. That’s not the kind of lifestyle I’ve got
four kids, and my wife won’t let me work that much. But Aaron has done a great job holding me
accountable. Every Thursday at 1:00 pm Central, we have
met. We have talked for at least an hour to go
over what needs to be done, who’s going to accomplish it, and what it’s going to look
like when it’s finished. “Okay. I’ll talk to you next week.” Have somebody you can go back and forth with
and to hold you accountable is key to getting the job done. All right. Tip number five is to have a team. Have a group. Get support to identify your weaknesses. I realized I am one person and there are certain
things I am incredibly weak at. I’m really bad when it comes to typing and
emails. I’m not the greatest video editor. I am really bad when it comes to technical
stuff in websites. Guess what? I have a team, and I brought them in to help
me get done what needed to get done. Yuri did a great job building up the StyleCon
website. Jamie did a great job answering emails, responding
to people. She literally sent over 1,000 emails. Thomas came in and did the video editing. Jane came in and she basically did the social
media promotion. Tina, she came in and she did all the artistry
work. Yes, they’re part of my team, and I paid them
for it, but you can find people who will come and want to support you. If you are a student and you need some help,
reach out. I really do think students should work more
in teams, because that’s how you’re going to work in the business environment. If you’re in the business environment, bring
your team. Keep them involved. Communicate well with them. Leverage each other’s strengths. The end product is going to be so much better. Guys, that is it. Go check out the support article. I go into more information there about project
management, how to get things done, and to avoid procrastination. I think you’re going to enjoy it. If you’re in the Atlanta area, come check
out StyleCon. Guys, you can quickly sign up. There is still time. Would love to have you come out to meet me,
to meet Aaron, to meet all the amazing people that are going to be at StyleCon. That’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Next year in school we are supposed to start a real company.
    Real ideas, real money.
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    I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had during college to stretch myself to develop and hone many of the skills/tactics you mentioned. It seems many people graduate and start their careers and are afraid of taking on or being given lots of responsibility.

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  • Reply Bryce Van Velson March 9, 2016 at 1:46 am

    These are some good tips – and they really are just that, tips. They will be helpful if you can already manage projects to some degree. I'm in a class currently where project management is a focus, and we discussed a basic project management framework. I'm going to share a little bit of that here.

    1. Define your requirements. What does the project need to accomplish? Be as quantitative as possible so that you have clear targets to shoot for.

    2. Establish a work breakdown structure. Take what you are trying to accomplish and determine the individual tasks that need to be done in order to accomplish your goals. For Antonio's conference, this might include finding sponsors, booking speakers, booking the venue, advertising the conference, and booking all the amenities. Each of those tasks might have tasks subordinate to them that need to be done to complete that task. And so on. Break down the work to the lowest reasonable level. For the task finding sponsors, you probably don't need to go so far as to put down "Call sponsor 1. Confirm their support. Send contract. Receive contract." and so on. But you need to go further than just "Find sponsors".

    3. Schedule the project. Take the tasks from the work breakdown structure and order them so that you complete the lowest level tasks first and move on to higher level tasks after that. Assign a time frame to each task and determine where you have slack and what the critical path is. The critical path is where there is not any slack, and those tasks must be accomplished on time or else the project will be delayed.

    4. Assign the project a budget. Estimate the costs of the project and secure funding, if you don't have it already. Assign dollar values to the tasks so that you can be held accountable to the budget.

    5. Do the project. Get the job done. Here, you could practice earned value management if you know what that is and how to do it. But that'd be too deep for an already in-depth YouTube comment.

    One of the resources for the class I'm in is "Fast Forward MBA in Project Management" by Eric Verzuh. That's where I got most of this information. You can apply this to all projects that you do, even personal projects that you probably wouldn't think of being so formal with. But, my instructors told us about how they've used this methodology in their own personal lives successfully.

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