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4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life! Part 9

December 1, 2019

– Oh gosh. Oh, it’s all going wrong. What the heck is that? And in the words of the Spice Girls, we’re gonna let two
become spice up your life. (orchestral tune) (groans) Hello. Welcome to another 4,3,2,1 video, the video playlist in which I try and do videos of three recipes, four… I’m tired. If you’re wondering why I’m tired, yesterday the clocks, no last
night the clocks went back. You spring forward and
you fall back, don’t you? In some countries, America
do it different times. Last night that happened to us. 1:00 a.m. I woke up
thinking it was 7:00 a.m. which was actually now 6:00 p, 6:00 a… I’m tired. I couldn’t sleep. That’s basically it. I look absolutely, I feel so tired and
I’ve just got a feeling that I might be a little bit crazy today, a little bit coffeed. I had a lot of coffee
just a minute ago, sorry. And if you’re wondering what I did between the hours of 1:00 and 5:40, 1:00, I fell asleep for one hour, I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto and watched some Louis Theroux. So there we go. I’m now like a VIP on GTA. I’m like yeah. Don’t get to play that much
’cause the kids go on the telly. So yes, we are doing the
4,3,2,1 playlist today. And we have got some absolute stonkers and I’ve got to be
completely honest with you, I came up with them
about five minutes ago. I wasn’t gonna film today, I’m so tired. But we’re gonna push on and do it, I think the ideas I’ve come
up with are insanely good. And I really love this 4,3,2,1 playlist because a lot of the people
that been enjoying it, particularly are people that
are just starting out cooking. There was a guy that
cooked for his first date a whole 4,3,2,1 video, which was amazing. I just love the fact that you can adapt, and actually get creative
with the ingredients and produce some pretty good stuff. I just realised everything’s
vegetarian today. You can always add meat if you want. This is a saucepan. We’re gonna make the world’s easiest soup. Well, it’s not the easiest. It’s gonna be a soup and I’m
not gonna put any salt in it. All right. Oh my gosh. – Should I do that thing when
you’re feeding your children and you go– – I mean, I want to but I was
referencing the hacks video from the other day. (playful music) All right, the cardboard
is not an ingredient. Sorry folks, don’t wanna tease there. This is a tub of chopped tomatoes. And it’s Italian chopped tomatoes with onion and garlic added. So this is our way. If you can find so many different variations of this in a supermarket. So this is our way around
adding more flavour in with just one tub. Obviously if you just
have chopped tomatoes, you can add the garlic and onion. So we’re gonna go for two of those. Nice. I went originally in to
look for some kidney beans or some cannallani, cannelani? Cannelloni, cannellayo! (chuckles) Sleep. Beans. And oh, what the heck is that? Instead I found some mixed
bean salad in a vinaigrette. So one tin, you’ve got
all these beans in there. I wanna see how strong
the vinaigrette was. I’m not gonna drink from the can. ‘Cause if that’s mild,
that’s gonna run some extra. Oh, wow, that is gorgeous. Normally I’d be in water, which is fine, because we want the water in there, that’s actually gonna be
our extra ingredient later. You know, I’m saying water
is not always an ingredient, but it’s fine. We might use some more if we wanna sort of simmer it down low. So from just two ingredients, I mean, they are now cast ingredients for me because they’re one item in the shop. They’re just adding these bits in. That’s what I love. Hi Boston. This is some curly kale. Sounds like a character in a cartoon, but no, it’s one of the most underrated sort of salady vegetables. It’s a bit butch, a bit rough. I’m gonna give it a wash. Yeah, straight in the bag as well. But just to show you, and I think I’ve used this before on videos before, it’s kind of like rough and furry. It takes a long time to
break down, which is good, because we can stick it in our soup. What’re you doing over there? I’m gonna grab one big
handful of the kale. The rest, I’m gonna keep and we’ll have that for tea tonight, to be honest. Right, you’re moving everywhere today. At least you’re awake. What I’ve done is half
filled one of the tubs of where the tomatoes came from with water. So I’m just gonna add that in ’cause you just need a little
bit of moisture in there. So here we go. Well, it’s much more watery
now, but that’s fine. We just wanna kind of
get the kale in there. You wanna try and get the balance right between not overcooking it so much that the beans fall apart, but
also getting the kale tender. You can add the beans later, but I’m trying to make this super lazy. Oops. Gotta be completely honest, I did just lick that wooden spoon and I got a little bit
of vinaigrette taste. That’s really really nice. I’ve never thought of doing that before. So all I’m gonna do stick it down here. And then, flame up. See that. And I’m just gonna put it on a low heat. That is our soup cooking away. Well, it’s not cooking right now. We’re gonna bring it up to a simmer and keep it on a steady simmer, whilst we do lots of other things. We’re gonna leave the main till last because it’s best served hot there. And even though I’m gonna
do my best to serve it hot, it’s not gonna happen, because basically, I have to take pictures and stuff for Instagram and other social media. In fact, if you’re not following me on Instagram or other bits, do consider following me. There’s links down below if
you wanna have a little look. And I think I might have done this before on the 4,3,2,1 playlist but I literally have to say, you’re lucky. You’re lucky you’re getting a video today. ‘Cause even if three of the recipes are ones I haven’t done before, then this, I don’t know, I
remember doing pineapple before. I think it’s just the thing about me and my dedication to the
combination of pineapple and mint. And also a fluked here. I forgot ice cubes. Luckily we have some leftover. So this is one of the ingredients. This is some mint leaves. I only need a few, but I’m gonna make sure I get the stalks off. Smell so good. And if you ever grow mint
fresh in your garden, make sure you do it in a little pot. Otherwise it just goes bleh. You can’t stop it. It’s like the cabbage
patch film kid thing. So so far we have got H2O, we have got fresh mint
with the storks removed and a little bit of tearage
just to help our food processor. But it doesn’t matter
because the food processors gonna do its job, it’s
gonna whizz it up anyway. (playful piano melody) And we can take, this
is two pineapple rings, we’ll do it for four, and also because in its own juice, we can add just about a tablespoon of that in there with it as well. That is gonna be blooming nice. And now we want you down there. Come on, mate. You’re doing it. (processor blending) It’s not breaking up me ice cubes. What’s going on? Oh gosh. Don’t lean it forward. Keep it on a flat surface at all times. (processor blending) Yeah, so I’m just gonna keep
that in the fridge for now. Is that like the Ninja
Turtles second film? The really old school from the 90s, the canisters they had. The ooze. Was it? Yes, I am gonna use my tripod
as a microphone for this one because I’m mighty proud, ladies
and gentlemen of this one. This is a chocolate orange trifle. The idea came to me in the supermarket. The actual theory is quite simple. In fact it’s not really a trifle. You’ve got that three classic layer. You know you normally have the biscuit layer that’s whizzed up, and then you have like a fill in, like a jam or jelly, something like that, and then a cream topping. Well, I thought I don’t
feel like eating dust or sand today, you know? Because that’s what you get
when you whizz up biscuits. That was what we were gonna
go for the biscuit base. I did a dessert like that fairly recently, and that is fine. But sometimes when you get to that, it’s kind of like a bit like, I am eating a beach. You want a bit of texture there, especially with the trifle,
you have sponge fingers. So I stumbled upon, I don’t
know if you’ve ever heard of it, I’ve kind of made a giant one in the past, Jaffa Cakes. Oh, shiver me timbers. We’re gonna whizz them
up because with them, you’re gonna get the chocolate, you’re gonna get the Jaffa orange and the sponge base in it,
all on your bottom layer. And bottom layer sounded like an innuendo as I started to say that. It’s fine. It’s fine. Wow, these are getting smaller. They’ve bumped the price
up and they put in less, there’s less jelly disc in there. Why is everything getting
smaller and thinner and they charge you… I don’t know, let’s not get onto that. But there we go. If you don’t know what a
Jaffa Cake is, there you go. There’s that sort of sponge base that I’m talking about, okay. Chocolate on top, and in the middle, there is an orange flavoured jelly. I’ve never whizzed one up before. I normally just eat them. Let’s whizz ’em up though. Okay, so this is my mini food processor and I kind of love this. It reminds me of a French
student that once told me, “Barry, you are a little shitter.” I’m just ripping up the Jaffa Cakes just to help the blades a little bit. These aren’t as powerful
as the other blender we used for the ice just now. I mean, you could just rip it up and stick it in the bottom like that. That will be fine. Can you tell we’re making
this up as we go along? Yes, a little bit. Okay, here we go. Can you whizz Jaffa Cakes? (processor blending) Why, yes you can. Look at that. Oh, it’s like a nice mixture
of crumb and like chunky. I’m gonna probably keep
it like that actually. Because it’s a little bit fine but then there’s also the chunks too. Whizz it up fine if you want but then you’d probably get
another beachy texture again. But that is soft sponge. Yes that really is pretty cool and I’ve referenced it
before on the channel. These aren’t classed as cakes, even though they’re in the
biscuit aisle in the UK, because there’s different taxes on there. And to prove that they were actually what they’re supposed
to be they supersized the Jaffa Cake in court. You can Google it, I’m tired. In other news, I’m just taking the lid off of this soup just so it can simmer down a teeny weeny bit. But it’s looking good. It’s smelling so good. Smell it. Smell that? Okay, so, ah, I love that combination of thick and crumbly like that. That’s nice, look at that. Does it look appetising? No. I’m not a supporter of Manchester United. But I heard a rumour that they have a room full of Jaffa Cakes that
they have at halftime because they’re pretty good for their energy boosting and then stuff. Well let’s just shiver in it but, there we go, I’m loving this. So we got a nice chocolate
spongy jelly base. Now, when I was a baby,
my favourite baby food, my mum told me, was chocolate pudding. So I was trying to find that. I actually legitimately
looked for chocolate pudding in the baby aisle, it
was really expensive. So instead I got some chocolate
custard, which was on offer. So that’s gonna be our middle layer. And of course, if we
wanted to, we could like mix in Jaffa Cakes with
this, but I’m just, oh my gosh, look at that. And all good trifles needs to be topped with thick, clotted cream. Ah, I don’t know if you guys remember, I actually did a video on how to make your own homemade clotted cream. Spoiler alert, just use
your oven for hours. Look at that. Oh, that is so naughty. If I had a few more ingredients, like you could grate chocolate
on and stuff like that. But no, we must let it stay true to its Jaffa Cake roots, and we will just push a
Jaffa Cake on like that. Oh, that’s my eye patch. I’m a pirate and I
approve of this pudding. Three ingredients. Wow that’s blooming cool,
I bet it tastes great. Put it in the fridge. I’m not even gonna hide it, ’cause this is the sort of guy I am today, I was just like, just
got a little munchies, I just drank some of the
custard out of the tub and there you go. It’s good. I’m gonna tell you something
else that’ll be good is mixing this together. Oh my gosh. I’m sorry I need this today. This last recipe kind of doubles back to the last video I did where I kind of let myself go a little bit. Not oh my gosh like that. But I kinda sort of allowed myself with seasoning and things like that, and I really really wanna
add so much more to this. But this is gonna be… What pasta was it? Hang on. I wanted fettuccine ’cause I believe that’s what the original recipe was for, but we’re gonna use tagliatelle, fresh, egg pasta. Nice, cooks very quick, very good. We’re gonna do a tagliatelle Alfredo. And I think Alfredo was
invented by a guy called Alfredo and it’s something to do about
cream, Parmesan and butter, amongst a farmer making a gorgeous sauce. I was gonna try and skirt around it by not using the butter, but
we only need a teeny weeny bit. So if you don’t mind, I
think butter everything. Everything should be
covered in butter, even you. You know, cut me some slack. This is what a small
frying pan looks like. This is what a pot of 300 mils of cream, guesstimated about 200 mils looks like. This is what 50… Oh no. I looked it upside down. I left the wrapper. Oops. That’s what 50 grammes
of butter looks like. And this is what 50 grammes
of Parmesan looks like. I’m just gonna use some
scissors and snip it off. I don’t know why I’m doing that. Ah, damn it. Boston, your tongue was so far out then. It was longer than your tail. It was like aah. I was about to go, “And this is what a pug with
a big tongue looks like.” Doesn’t matter. This is what a simmered
down soup looks like. If I let that cool down
now, it might look watery, but once it actually does cool down, once you take it off the
heat, it’s deceptive. It can thicken up a little bit. Oh, so I would say that
it’s pretty much ready, now. Wrong one. That is what a pan of water looks like that’s coming up to
boil to cook the pasta, which isn’t fettuccine. What we will do is take this pan of butter, cream and cheese. Wow, all the fats. Get it going. There we go. Look at that. The buttery stream. Breaking it down. That looks really naughty now, doesn’t it? Then maybe I should have grated
that Parmesan to be honest. But it should eventually give way. You’ll notice I’ve moved the soup away to give myself more time to sort of, well, not burn myself and make sure I can get the pasta ready. But other than that, just concentrate on this for the minute. Enjoy the process. Enjoy it, look. DJ pasta sauce. Waka waka waka waka fresh. Oh, there we go. I left it for about a
minute, and look at that, it’s picked up a simmer really quickly. It’s all broken down. And there was a bit of a skin forming. So I would suggest that
we do keep this stirring over a low heat actually. And I really, really
think I will season this, just to show you what
it looks like because the pasta is pretty much the
same colour as the sauce. All right, what I’ve done is
just taken that off the heat. But obviously the hob
is still gonna be hot in that area from it. So I will stir it from time to time. But my water is just
about to boil over there. Oh, that is hot. I’m gonna put it on to the smaller hob, just so it’s close to me. Gotta be more controlled. And you can’t see very well. There we go, that’s a bit better. Fresh pasta in my hand. I’m gonna plunge that right in there. And that’s gonna cook
in about two minutes. It’s so good. I know you guys aren’t gonna really wanna know my pasta preferences, but it wasn’t until I started
doing my YouTube channel that I realised that fresh pasta existed. Like this stuff is ready,
like I say, in two minutes. It is super stonking. So after this phase,
initially on the channel, you could go back and watch it, I’ve dried pasta all
the time, which is fine, and then I discovered that. This is life changing. Then I learned how to make my own, which if you can make
the time and the effort, you can do different
coloured ones with spinach, you can do green pasta,
that is really fun. It’s like edible Play Doh. But for normal pasta, I’ve actually diverted
back to the dry stuff. That’s my pasta talk. Well I’ve kinda dumped it in, so it’s a little bit untidy. But just like that, our pasta is done. This is where he jumps in and he goes, “Hey, that’s my line.” For those of you that don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about with that little action
figure man of a chef, his name is Chef Al Dente. He’s a gadget that actually tells you when your pasta’s cooked. He shouts, “Pasta done.” It sings. It’s pretty good. So I’m gonna just drain
this pasta off now. Probably need two handed. All right, so I’ve left about a tablespoon of the water in there just
to keep it a teeny bit moist. I’ve got the heat up
on this thing as well, just to warm up for, see that skin? Yes, we’re gonna stir that through. We’re just gonna warm this up just a trickle, for about a minute. And then the words of the Spice Girls, we’re gonna let two
become spice up your life. All right, in that goes. Oh, my gosh. Yes. Now I’m using a spatula here, but I’m trying to one handed and I’m moving the pan. Not good, not good. Oh, it’s all going wrong. Gosh. Amy, learn how to use a
tripod, mate, will you? All right, we need to get this sauce in and coating that pasta
as soon as possible. We don’t want it to cool down. I love how that’s clinging and hugging it. Through that whole scene, the
hob was on one of the things. I very nearly just burnt my arm. Get some help. That was a note to self. So what I’m gonna do is get some tongs and just pile that pasta up. Oh my gosh. The smell is phenomenal. And that sauce is just
so simple and glossy. That is a lot of pasta. Let’s get rid of some of that. I don’t know if any Italian man ever says that’s too much pasta. That’s really boring. But what we can do is
grate on some Parmesan. Like that. Or Grana Padano. And I’m gonna do it, I don’t care. I wanna show some
contrast of colours here. Just a little bit of pepper on top. But you could put salmon in here, chicken, anything you want. This might steam up the lens,
but I’m just gonna push in, oh my gosh… The soup. I made a little bit of a
mess pouring that in there. But look, this smells so good. From the fridge, I’ve just
got my Jaffa Cake trifle and this glass and I really do again hope I’ve got enough, because, I’ll give it another shake. It will probably settle
if you leave it too long. This is our pineapple and mint juice. Oh, there’s still a
little ice cube in there. I love the colour. I don’t think I’ve done this. And I’m just gonna put a
little sprig of mint in on top. Ah, we did it. We did it. Okay, so let’s taste it. But before we do, Boston has finally succumbed to the temptation of his bed, which is probably where I will be later on this afternoon. I’m gonna fight it, but
it’s gonna happen, isn’t it? It’s gonna happen. But I can’t believe, seriously, when I was about sort of seven
o’clock walking the dogs, thinking, yeah, it’s
gonna be a struggle today. I didn’t think I was gonna film. But we did it. And if you’re not subscribed
to the channel already or know someone that should be subscribed, do tell them about the channel, it would be much appreciated. This smells so fresh. Oh, wow. I don’t think I’ve made
something like that before. It’s kind of like a semi
skimmed pina colada. It’s got the real sort of
nice slush puppy texture. You know, like a whizzed up icey drink because the ice has kind
of crumbed in there. And by keeping it cool,
it’s maintain that texture. Nice. The soup, which remember,
the tinned tomatoes had, no, the beans had vinaigrette in it. The tinned tomatoes had
garlic and onion, didn’t they? Smells so good? Wow. The best thing about it,
the beans are still intact. We got sweet corn in there as well. Nice. The kale has softened. Amazing, super flavour packed. A real winter warmer, especially
with the clocks going back. Don’t know if I mentioned that. This has gone a teeny bit cold. You do wanna eat it straight away. Yeah, it’s a little bit granular. That is nice. I was trying to say you got to eat it like you’ve got a Santa Claus beard. That is so good. A bit of chicken with
that, let’s say salmon, oh, yeah baby. But on it’s own like that, is fine. Garlic bread. This is what I’m really hoping for. I’m gonna scoot right down here. Try and get… Oh, have I got some? Yes. So we haven’t got sand this time. We’ve got pudding. We’ve got cream and whizzed up Jaffa with the orange as well in there. Yep, I’m suddenly now awake. The textures that the
thickness of the cream, because it’s a little thicker. It’s kinda like the thing
that holds it all together. You’ve got the softness, the
delicateness of the chocolate, and then that texture, the
grittiness, the spongelessness, and the jellyness, and the chocolateyness of the Jaffa all working together. I probably would grate some
sort of more orange zest on top, if we had that chance to, but that that that that is nice. It’s really really nice. Oh my god. Remember, the theory of
these recipes can be mixed up and it was only what I saw on the shelf. I was gonna just get
biscuits but I was like, “No, Jaffas.” Just make it and mix it and
personalise it to your own. If you try any recipes
or any video ever done, please share on social media with me. I love to see your attempts. It’s great. It’s good to know that I inspire. Goodbye. I’m going to bed now. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee, ♪ ♪ Maybe all three ♪

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