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4 Time Management Techniques to Get Things Done (Vlog # 9)

August 10, 2019

What exactly I’m going to tell you in this particular video about 4 Time Management Techniques to Get Things Done Feeling stuck? Try these methods mentioned in this video to get your work done before the deadline ends Hey guys what’s up? My name is Jamal and I love to make videos with my best buddy that is PAPU Technique # 1: ABC Analysis Make 3 categories (A, B and C) and put tasks of high importance in A category and then of less importance in B category. Put all those tasks that are not very important to be done that day in C category and make things clear to you. Technique # 2: The Eisenhower Method Draw four boxes and name each of them Important, Unimportant to the left vertical side Urgent, Not Urgent to the upper horizontal side Write tasks which are important and urgent in box # 1 then those tasks which are important but not urgent in box # 2. In the same way, write tasks in box # 3 that are urgent but not important and put tasks in box # 4 that are neither important nor urgent Just leave the 4th box’s task and start with box # 1’s task. Technique # 3: Pareto Analysis Write down all your tasks in shape of a list and then state a reason for each task to be done that day. Give high points to those tasks which have solid reasons or short deadlines to be done now and decrease the points according to the reason for the rest Technique # 4: POSEC Method POSEC is a contraction of P for Prioritize like work due O for Organize like personal and professional life S for streamline things you ought to like duties or things you ought to do E for Economize like social activities C for contribute like social obligations It shapes a form of a pyramid and gives you a clear plan that what you need to do and why are you doing it. To read the detailed article, go to our website that is Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And also do subscribe our YouTube channel that is PAPU KI BAATAIN

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