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September 23, 2019

Secret Style Tools Every Man Needs
[0:00:00] So, I need to ask, do you have the right security
clearance? Because in today’s video, top secret style
tools that every man needs to have in his closet. [Music]
First up on my list, edge dressing. So, you don’t know what edge dressing is? Okay. You spend a lot of time shining cleaning up
your boots, but the side of the boots right here on the sole, it still looks bad. It just got discoloration, happens over time. You apply some edge dressing, all of a sudden
it looks like new. That is the power of edge dressing. Next up, let’s talk about sole protectors. So, the way that I walk with my dress shoes
when I put miles on, I start to basically tear on the edge of the sole. This could have been stopped this could have
been prevented if I would have used a very inexpensive sole protector. Basically, they’re going to tuck right in
and they add a layer of protection so that you don’t have this happen to your expensive
shoes and then you’ve got to get them resoled and rebuilt. Next up, let’s talk about sole grips. I love a leather sole, but I love the traction
that I get with a rubber sole. However, I have a lot of leather shoes and
we get inclement weather here, I am going to slip and fall unless you use something
like a sole grip. And that basically goes right here on the
base of the shoe and gives you more traction. But, it may not be enough for some of you
guys, so know that actually you could take a rubber sole and attach it to a leather sole
using a cement added basically adhesive that’s made specifically for that and that could
work and get you through a winter. Next up, we’ve got the button extender and
that’s for that dress shirt that you haven’t worn for awhile. When you go to button that top button to wear
a necktie and you realize this thing has shrunk in the collar. No, you probably gained a little bit of weight,
but in any case, you need half an inch. A button extender is going to give you that
extra half inch so you can button it and wear that necktie. Next, we’ve got the emergency sewing kit. So, my hack here, every time I check into
a hotel, I ask for the emergency sewing kit. They’ve got ones that they’re just going
to give you. You get to take it with you and what’s nice
here, you’ve got needles you’ve got thread you’ve got buttons. Everything you need to do an emergency sewing
operation. Colored shoelaces, it’s a fun and easy way
to add life into an old pair of shoes. Next up, let’s talk about a nice electronic
razor that’s compatible with wet shaving so much better than dry shaving. So, guys, if you’ve got an electric razor
and it has that capability, give it a shot. Next up, let’s talk about neutral polish. This is going to have no dye in it, it can
be used on any color of shoes. So, this is great when you’re traveling
and you’ve got black, maybe you’ve got oxblood together or maybe you, you know, you
like the light brown with the black, you actually only have to take one polish with you to get
the job done. So, the next secret weapon in staying stylish,
gentlemen, the shirt stay. I’ve talked about this before, this company
right here KKandJay, the paid sponsor of today’s video. I have worked with them for a long time because
they make an amazing tool, not only does it keep your socks up, but it keeps your shirt
tucked in all day. It doesn’t matter what you’re – in fact,
you want to see an example? Check this out. I could jump up and do a set of pull ups. I know, I probably could have knocked out
a hundred. This is why I love KKandJay, whatever you’re
doing in the office doesn’t matter, your shirt is going to stay tucked in, it’s going
to stay looking good. Guys, military and law enforcement have been
using shirt stays for years to maintain a professional appearance while they’ve got
to move around. So, if you’re moving around the office and
your shirt is coming untuck and you’re tucking it in multiple times a day, this is going
to solve your problems. Free shipping, free returns, handmade in the
United States, and a satisfaction guarantee. Guys, I’m linking to KKandJay down in the
description of this video with the best deal you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. I absolutely love this company, I know the
founders, and I love what they stand for helping you dress better and be more confident. Next up, let’s talk about sleeve garters. A little bit old-fashioned, but they can be
useful actually to roll up your sleeves and if your sleeves are too long, they can help
get rid of some of the excess material. The next top secret tool for a well-dressed
man, the right hanger for the right job. So, a suit hanger, it’s going to have a
bar going across for your trousers and the width right here is going to be perfect for
your shoulders. You do not want to go with a thin shirt hanger. Why? Because that’s going to deform the shoulders
on a suit and there’s not bar to hang your trousers. This right here, it’s a jacket hanger it’s
made out of plastic which is fine. But, notice, it’s got that right here, this
is great for a leather jacket not so much for a suit, it doesn’t have the bar. The next top secret tool, a steam-resistant
shower mirror. What’s nice about this is if you’re in
a hurry, you’ve got to shave in the shower, you’re not going to miss any spots and you’re
less likely to cut yourself. So, the next top secret tool, a good iron. Now, this iron right here is pretty good,
but this iron is amazing. How can I tell the difference? It’s all about the base plate. So, if you look at the base plate here, you’re
going to see a lot more holes than you’re going to see here. This is all about the steam function and the
quality. Now, a good iron is sometimes going to cost
three times more than an average iron, but if it’s something that you take care of
your clothing, you want to make the investment. [0:04:57]
The next top secret tool of stylish men, they invest in nice little cases that protect their
other tools. So, this protective case right here, protects
a disposable razor. It doesn’t seem like much, but a disposable
razor if the blades are bent, this can really jack-up your face. And, it’s not just razors, whenever you
go to buy something, make sure it comes with a nice little case that protects it because
whenever you drop it whenever you want you’ve got things that you would lose, you keep them
right in the case. I think it’s worth paying a little bit of
extra for an item for a tool that comes with its own protective case. Next up, we’ve got liquid stitch and I’m
going to throw in super glue as well. So, whenever you’ve got a small tear, you’ve
got a loose thread, you’ve got something coming undone, you can use liquid stitch to
stop it in its track. Now, what’s interesting is you can also
do that on super glue and you can simply just, again, that loose thread just put some super
glue on it and all of a sudden, you don’t have to worry about it unthreading. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, this is great for
any type of white shoe or sneaker. So, use that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it
basically is a bit of an abrasive and it’s going to go in there and it’s going to get
rid of any of those stains. It does a great job. There are also suede erasers. So, if you’ve got suede shoes, you’ve
got to get the tools which are going to protect them and take care of them. And let’s talk about the top secret tool
to protect your footwear. What you want to find is a solution that you
can put on your shoes that has hydrophobic. Hydrophobic means that it’s going to push
away the water. Now, anything with a wax base is going to
be great is going to do a good job of keeping and creating a layer of protection on the
shoe. But, what if you got shoes made from a lighter
colored leather or maybe a leather that’s a bit more delicate. In that case, always make sure to test whatever
product you put on them on the tongue of the shoes to see if it discolors at all. And, silicone, those sprays are actually pretty
good as long as you apply after every couple of wears. They do wear off very quickly. Next up, let’s talk about the shoetree. Not only a top secret, but a tool that most
men do not use and that’s too bad because when you use a shoetree, you actually maintain
the shape of the shoe which you can lose its shape after every wear. But, all of a sudden you put that shoetree
and it’s going to maintain the shape of the shoe and they’re going to last a lot
longer. Next up, we’ve got the shoe horn. The point of the shoe horn is when you put
your shoes on, you do not damage this back heel area. This is just going to prematurely age your
shoe, all of a sudden it’s just, yeah, they’re going to look bad, they’re going to start
to get bend marks in here and I think it makes the shoes a lot easier to put on in general. Next up, we’ve got collar stays. You’re going to see two main types out there
– plastic and metal. The point of the collar stay is to give your
collar some shape. Now, here’s the deal with plastic. I like it over metal even though it’s not
as rigid, it really comes down to if you forget they’re in there and you wash them. Plastic collar stays are not going to damage
your shirt, metal collar stays can rip or tear your shirt. Stain removers, this is a top secret weapon
that’s so few guys utilize. Okay. So, they’ve got stain removal pens, they’ve
got sprays, the key here, strategic placement because a stain will set very quickly and
it’s about speed, it’s about reaction. So, whenever you spill that coffee on yourself
or you open up your drawer you’ve got that stain pen. Guys, it’s all about speed, it’s all about
taking action here. So, on average men are taller than women,
so whenever you meet a woman, she immediately kind of looks up a bit and what does she notice? Your nose hair coming right out. No, you do not want that. Guys, this is a nose hair trimmer, use it
once a week make a part of your routine. So, it’s getting cool you pull out that
great-looking sweater you bought last year and all of a sudden you noticed you’ve got
peeling all over that sweater. Guys, make your sweaters look great. Sweater shavers they work they’re awesome. Sweater stones, they work as well. And if you don’t want to even buy one of
those, use a disposable razor, run it over a sweater it will get rid of the peeling. RFID shielding. So, if you’ve got a credit card, it has
a chip, you can actually have your information accessed. RFI shielding whether it’d be just a basic
shield that goes over the credit cards or if you actually look at clothing and they
do have clothing, they’ve got wallets, they have bags that are RFID shield so when you’re
traveling that information can’t be swiped. All right, guys, what do you think? Did you learn something new? Let me know down in the comments and if you
want more, a hundred style tips in less than seven minutes. Yes, you read that right, guys. This video, I blow through and I give you
tons of other style tips. And, don’t forget go check out KKandJay. I’m linking to them down in the description. I absolutely love this company and they even
got pairs that if you’re not even going to wear socks, guess what? They still got you covered. These will wrap around your ankle, so if you’re
going to, you know, you’re in a hot area you’re wearing no-show socks and you still
want to keep that shirt tucked in, they’ve got you covered over at KKandJay. [Bleeping sound]
So, the question is can you actually shave with a sweater shaver? [Shaving sound] No, I’m – ooh, yeah. It didn’t cut me, did it? That’s good. I should have had a mirror. Where’s my mirror? I need to find that mirror. [0:10:00] End of Audio

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