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17 Things Only People With An Alpha Personality Do

September 11, 2019

17 Things Only People With An Alpha Personality
Do Alpha, beta and omega personalities are usually
reserved for the study of animals. Among animals, the alpha individual is the
leader of the group. Being the alpha gives them certain benefits
like preferential access to food and mates. They’re usually the strongest and most aggressive
in the group. Does this sound like you? Maybe you’d like to change your personality,
become more confident and learn how to be an alpha male or an alpha female? Well, this video is for you. But first, before we begin this video, don’t
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at the end of the video! But Bestie, we hear you cry, aren’t alpha
and beta just for animals? How can a person like me become an alpha male
or an alpha female if, well, I’m a person? Through those thoughts in the bin, chum. Those are beta thoughts. Recently, there’s been a movement around
alternative ways to describe personality types. This includes using the “alpha type” to
talk about people with dominant personalities. Alpha people can be said to be the same as
people with a Type A personality. Those who fall under this classification are
ambitious, outgoing, and aggressive (just like an Alpha animal). So, if you’re wondering whether you’re
an alpha personality or not, this list should help you. If you want to step up your game, get confident
and learn how to be the alpha male or alpha female you deserve to be, then this list is
for you. Here are some things only people with an alpha
personality do: 1. Speak Your Mind. The first alpha trait we’re going to look
at is letting people know how you feel. If you’re an alpha, you speak your mind without
holding back. That’s not to say that people with alpha
personalities are rude and don’t care about people’s feelings. They do! But they’re not ashamed, to be honest. Betas hold back and cower in the corner. 2. You Act Instead Of Talk. Our second trait on the path of how to be
alpha goes back to the old adage: actions speak louder than words. As an alpha male or an alpha female, you’re
guided by actions, not words. When you say you’re going to do something,
you do it. Not only that, but you have the self confidence
to act on whatever you’re doing, no matter what other people say. You also expect the same from other people. And if you’re an alpha who acts when they
say they will, your actions will give others the confidence they need to follow through
as well. 3. You’re Hands On. An alpha personality can be organized and
keep a list, but they’d much rather get up and get it done with. You won’t find an alpha personality making
excuses for not doing something that needs to be done. 4. You Like Alone Time. Your personal time is your chance to unwind
and relax, so you make it count. You also need to be confident when you’re
alone, to have the self confidence not to need to be around people all the time. Meditate, discover new things about yourself
and the world, then return to the public a stronger person. 5. You’re Not A Pushover. You’re respectful, but you don’t let other
people step all over you. You’re very good at sensing when someone
is about to try to take advantage of you, so you put a stop to it right away. Be confident and know that you’re your own
person. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, especially
if you don’t want to do it. 6. You Have Strong Beliefs. They can be political, social or philosophical,
but there’s a topic you’re very passionate about. You stand by your opinion and defend it always. Have self confidence in the things you believe
and don’t let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise. 7. You’re Passionate. By which we mean you do something you love. This doesn’t mean that work-wise your life
is perfect. In terms of hobbies, you’re more fulfilled
and passionate than anyone you know. As for if anyone makes fun of your hobbies,
make sure that you’re confident and most of all– in the know. Nothing is more beta than someone who brags
or talks about something they know nothing about. If you’re going to have a hobby, make sure
you throw yourself into it. Passion is not only alpha, but it’s also pretty
darn sexy as well. 8. You’re Self-Confident. Also, you don’t pay attention to what people
think about you. Because you’re strong-willed and you know
yourself very well, you don’t let other people’s opinion of you affect you in any
way. As an alpha, you have the self confidence
to know their opinions don’t matter. 9. You Are Protective. Whether it’s of your belongings, your space,
or people, you include certain things into your circle of caring. Anyone who crosses something or someone that
matters to you will have to face the consequences. 10. You’re Considered Bossy. Or at least people misinterpret your passion
for bossiness. Sometimes, when you’re just trying to do
something in the most effective way possible, people might not see that. So they label you as bossy. 11. You’re A Perfectionist. You don’t do this to annoy others, you simply
want to make sure you leave no stones unturned when performing a task. You also know that as an alpha, sometimes
your opinion might be worth more than the betas around you. But remember– a strong leader is someone
who doesn’t put others down. Sway opinions with your powerful words, don’t
dominate people. 12. You Work Hard. An alpha is someone who throws themselves
into whatever they’re doing. You’re a hard worker (in fact, you’re bordering
on workaholic). It’s easy for you to put a lot of work into
everything you do. This means making sacrifices to make sure
everything gets done. 13. You’re Courageous. Keep in mind, to be an alpha you don’t have
to be fearless. There’s no one on planet earth who is completely
without fear or insecurities. There will always be something that scares
us, something we’re afraid to lose or something that we don’t want to face. The alpha is the person that in spite of fear,
still takes on whatever task they’re asked to face. The alpha will be afraid that their dreams
aren’t going to come true, but will chase them anyways. The alpha will be scared that their new venture
is going to fail but will try anyway. Don’t be fearless, but don’t be afraid of
fear. Embrace it and conquer it. 14. Controlled Emotions. Life throws us some curve balls sometimes. Occasionally, you’ll get fired, or dumped
or we’ll fail miserably at something. These moments in our lives can affect us pretty
harshly, but it’s the way that we deal with them that separates the alphas from the betas. A beta will lash out emotionally, tear up
the world around them and dig themselves a grave. The alpha, on the other hand, will simply
take a few deep breaths, then calculate their next move. 15. Physical Health. Personality isn’t the only thing that makes
an alpha, they have to be physically strong as well. Not only because this makes you more intimidating,
but it makes you feel strong. If you feel strong on the outside, then there’s
a good chance you’ll feel strong on the inside as well. It also shows the people around you that you
care about your body and you’re not letting your mind and physicality waste away. We here at Bestie have a bunch of videos to
help you stay in shape, take a look at them and start on your perfect alpha body! 16. Know Your Weaknesses. An alpha isn’t good at absolutely everything. Not knowing your weaknesses sets anyone up
for failure, and the alpha knows this. However, this doesn’t mean that the alpha
will dwell on their weaknesses either. They’ll discover them, then work to improve
themselves. They also, while enjoying alone time, know
the value of the pack. Others can help you overcome weaknesses, especially
if they happen to be strengths for them. Don’t be afraid to seek help, lots of people
will be coming to you for aid, but there’s no shame in going to them if you need it. 17. Strong Posture. Finally, and this cannot be stressed enough,
you need to have a good posture. Betas are hunched over to hide themselves
from the world but alphas need to look and feel dominant. Straighten out that back and stand tall–
be a beacon of confidence, let everyone see what an alpha you are. And that’s it! What did you think of our list? Did you learn some self confidence? Did you learn how to be an alpha female or
alpha male? Or were you already an alpha, and did this
list just confirm your suspicions? Tell us in the comments section below what
you thought. No betas allowed. Bestie friendship quote: The holy passion
of Friendship is so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through
a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money. -Mark Twain

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