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10 Ways to Avoid Making Stupid Mistakes on Exams – College Info Geek

August 17, 2019

We are rapidly approaching
final exams right now, so hopefully you are
aspiring to greatness because greatness
is what precedes the growing of a great beard, so if you feel a little bit
of prickly stubble coming in, well, you know your aspirations
are in the right place. Anyway, today we
are gonna talk about how to not make dumb
mistakes on exams. I’ve been emailed about
this question a lot, and I wanna tackle
10 ways that you can stop making those
stupid mistakes. But first, a quick recap. – [Voiceover] Just last
week, Thomas released a video on test anxiety. As you may be aware,
stress and anxiety are two of the leading causes
of stupid mistakes on exams. Therefore, if you have
not yet seen that video, it is highly recommended that
you click the card right now and glue your eyeballs to it. Also, this is not
Thomas, it is obviously the announcer guy from
The Legend of Korra. Would I lie to you? – All right, so
that out of the way, let’s get into our first
tip, and just to warn ya, some of these might seem
a little bit obvious, but as is my M.O., I wanna
be pretty comprehensive in addition to brief, so even
if you’ve heard these before, try to put them into practice. So number one, be aware
of the time you have for your test, and
aim to finish early. Put some time
pressure on yourself. Just like with your
homework assignments, time pressure can help you
in the context of an exam. So if you’ve got 50 minutes,
prepare to finish in 45. That way you’ve got time
to double check later. Speaking of double checking,
that is tip number two, so put the kabash on the “I
don’t feel like it” mindset when it comes to doing
it because I know it’s a pain in the butt,
but five extra minutes in the testing room
going over your answers can mean the difference
between an A and a B, and what were you
gonna do with that extra five minutes
anyway, like, go on Reddit back at your dorm or something? So double check those answers. Tip number three
has to do with tests that use Scantron bubble sheets, and it’s something that I
used to do in my own tests. So basically when you’ve
read a question on the test and if you’ve figured
out the answer, then you’re about to transfer
it over to that bubble sheet, first either lightly touch
your pencil or your finger to the letter of
the answer, and then say the letter in your head. That will drastically cut
down the chance that you’ll bubble in the wrong answer
on your Scantron sheet, which is an incredibly common
error on that test format. Tip number four has
to do with the work you do on scratch paper,
and it’s simply to draw a box around each
problem’s work. That way when you’re looking
at your scratch paper to fill in an answer,
you don’t accidentally pull data from a
different problem. Tip number five is to slow down
and read the questions fully and watch out for trick wording. A lot of questions might
say, “Which of these is not?” instead of, “Which of these is?” So if you tend to read
questions too quickly and you’re making
mistakes, then use a pacing device
like your finger. Simply move it along
the text of the problem and let your eyes be
paced by that finger. I do this every single
week when I’m proofreading the emails I write for
the College Info Geek newsletter subscribers
because if I’m sending out an email to 17,000 people, I
don’t wanna make a mistake, and it’s pretty easy
for me to put typos. Tip number six has to
do with your essays, and it is to, no matter how
easy the essay seems at first, create an outline for that
essay before you start writing. Yes, it’s good for organization, but the big thing it helps
with is staying on topic. A lot of students
immediately take the prompt and then start
writing from scratch, and the stream-of-consciousness
style writing often ends up with their
essay going into territory that the professor didn’t
want them to write about. Now, while I’m all for
freedom of expression and creativity in your writing, if you’re not really staying
on topic with the essay, you’re not gonna
get a good grade. So make sure you’re
staying on topic, and use an outline. Tip number seven, seriously,
cut down on your test anxiety. Tip number eight is
to check your spelling and grammar on
essay-style exams. Wait, did I really
put that on my list? That is way too obvious. Anyway, moving on, tip number
nine is to do a sanity check after you get your
answers on math problems. Before you go through the actual
work of solving a problem, you probably have a general
ballpark idea in your head of what the answer should
be, so when you actually get that answer, compare
it to that ballpark number. If it’s way off the mark,
it doesn’t mean your answer is necessarily wrong,
but you should probably double check your work
just to make sure. And finally, tip
number 10 is to simply know your own brain. Do you have specific mistakes
that you tend to make a lot? Maybe you get the order
of operations wrong, or maybe you tend to
multiply things together that should be added. Whatever they are, do
your best to notice them when they happen, and
then when you’re taking your next test, pay special
attention on those areas. So, now that we’ve gone
through those 10 tips, and you’ve got
some ways to combat making stupid mistakes
on your next exam, here’s a big related question. If you’ve already
written down an answer, and now you have the
compulsion to change it, should you actually change it? Well, there’s actually
research on that topic, and we’ll be covering
it in next week’s video, so subscribe to this channel
if you haven’t already, and hey, thanks for
watching this one. (techno music) Hey guys, thanks so much
for watching this video on how to combat making
stupid mistakes on your tests. If you liked this video,
you can support it by leaving a like
here on YouTube, and also if you want to
get new videos every week on being a more
effective student, you can hit that big red
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improve your grades, I also wrote a free
book on the subject, and if you wanna
get a free copy, just click the picture of it. You can find links to
anything I’ve mentioned in this video at the
companion blog post, which you’ll find by clicking
the orange logo right there. Last week’s video
covered test anxiety, and it’s really
related to this topic, so if you missed it, click the
thumbnail and check it out. Lastly if you have questions
or ideas for new videos or just wanna connect,
you can follow me on Twitter @TomFrankly
or leave a comment below. See you in the next video. (techno music)

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    More Power and God Bless…

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