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10 Top Tips to Pass Your Road Test First Time | Road Test Smart

October 11, 2019

TOP 10 TIPS TO PASS YOUR ROAD TEST FIRST TIME Hi there, Rick with Smart Drive Test
talking to you today about the top 10 things that you need to do to be successful on a road
test. For the purposes of a road test must demonstrate to the examiner that
you have due care and control of the vehicle at all times. Underpinning due care and control of the
vehicle at all times is speed and space management. You must have control of the speed of the vehicle appropriate to the environment and the
traffic in which you’re in. And you must have space management: you must not get too close to other fixed objects or other vehicles on the road. Be right back to tell you what those top 10 ways to be successful ways to be successful on your road tests are. Introductory music. Hi there, welcome back. The number one way to pass your road test and be successful is practice. Practice, practice, practice! The more
practice you get driving the vehicle that you are going to road tests on–whether it’s a bus, truck, or car, or a motorcycle–practice. Get as much driving time as you can. Driving a vehicle is NOT a spectator sport. You
can’t watch somebody else do it and learn how to drive. You have to get
behind the wheel, you have to get comfortable with the
primary controls of the vehicle, and you have to develop a hazard perception
catalogue, a catalogue of different scenarios that come together in any
combination of the six driving task criteria–and you can see that in another video–that can get you into danger. So practice practice, practice! The second way to be successful on your
road test is slow speed manoeuvres. Go out to a parking lot, set up some cones, do
some forward figure eights, back around corners, reverse figure eights, into stall
parks, drive in tight laneways. Anything that you can do that will help you to do
slow-speed maneuvers. The ability to control the vehicle at a slow speed in a
tight space – all of those skills that you learn to do that are
transferable and will make your overall driving better. Practice slow-speed
maneuvers. The third way: parallel park. Ohhhhhh…..The dreaded parallel park. Everybody hates the parallel park. It is the most difficult slow-speed
maneuver that you have to conduct on a road test for a class 5 or a G1
license. Parallel parking, if you don’t know how to do it and you don’t get
clear instruction from your parents or other people who are helping you and
your family, go to a driving school, get professional help and they will help
you to parallel park. Now, when you’re practicing in a neighborhood in your
parallel parking off a car, do it two times and then move on and find another
vehicle. But you have to be able to parallel park, regardless of the fact
that we know as traffic authorities that seventy percent of drivers will never
parallel park again. But it is the key to you as a new driver demonstrating to the
examiner and the authorities that you have due care and control of the
vehicle. Practice parallel parking. The fourth way to be successful on your road test. Back up as
much as possible. Begin backing up in straight lines, then
back around corners. One of the things you’re going to have to do is do a two-point
reverse turn. So you’re gonna have to pull past the driveway or a laneway or a
parking space and you’re gonna have to back around the corner and then reverse
in the opposite direction. So back into the laneway and then drive forward and
pull out again. Backing, the more backing you can do the more comfortable you
become the vehicle and the primary controls: the steering wheel, the throttle,
the brake. Back up! And when you get really comfortable with backing, go out to the
parking lot, set up your cones and do reverse figure eights – reverse figure
eights. When you think you’ve got it all figured out and you can master those, then you’re probably ready for your road test. Number 5. The other way to get better at driving is parking. Parking in mall parking lots are any congested parking lot is a good
way to learn more about the vehicle. You see lots of people backing out of a
parking space in a mall parking lot and they get into a tight corner, or the
fronts just gonna miss, and you see them in the car and the car sucks in. No, the car doesn’t have the suck-in feature where it gets smaller. Actually what happens is, as they get into a tight space they slow down and the slower any vehicle goes, the sharper
it turns. So keep that in mind when you’re parking, you’re backing up, or you’re doing
any other slow-speed maneuvers. The slower you go, the sharper the vehicle
turns. So the sixth way to be successful on your road test is shoulder checking. I cannot stress this enough: you must shoulder
check! You cannot do too much shoulder checking, but if you do too little you’re
not going to be successful. So every time you make a lateral movement, shoulder
check; every time you make a turn shoulder check as you’re coming up to
the turn and then shoulder check immediately before the turn. So if you’re
turning right, shoulder check to the right and then shoulder check again as
you make the turn. You don’t need to turn more than 90 degrees; just turn your head
90 degrees, your peripheral vision will take care of the rest. But shoulder check, shoulder check, shoulder check. That is the sixth way of being successful on a road test. Number 7: to be successful on a road test, do a mock test. If you haven’t been involved in driver training with a professional
driving instructor, go to a school and tell them that you want to do a mock
test and go out with an instructor and do a mock test. They will be able to
identify the gaps in your abilities and skills and tell you what you need to
brush up on, or work on to be successful on a road test. Remember, driving instructors prepare
people for road tests everyday. They know what skills and abilities you need to
have to be successful on a road test. So number 7, do a mock road test. Number eight, on the day of your road test do a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle. Check the lights, check the horn, check the
windshield wipers, make sure that everything is good. Make sure that you have the registration
and insurance in the glovebox; make sure that you have a license plate on the
front and the rear of the vehicle, if your province or state requires that you
have a license plate on the front and the rear. Make sure that the decals are
valid; make sure that the seat belts work; that the seats are secure; that nothing
is floating around in the car. Get rid of all of the garbage, because examiners do not wanna sit in a car that is filthy dirty. Leave the pets at home. Make sure
that you do a pre-trip inspection because you have a signal light out, or
if you have a brake light out, they will not go out on a road test with you.
So make sure that you do a pre-trip inspection! Don’t just get Uncle John’s
car and show up at the road test, because you may not be able to
go on your road test. So take the time, do a pre-trip inspection in the morning
before you show up your road test. If you’re going with a driving school, make sure that you ask the driving
instructor if he or she has done a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle
before you show up for the road test. Number 9 is the correct paperwork.
Make sure that you have your paperwork to show up for the road test so you can
take your road test. You’ll need your learner’s licence, you will need a
secondary piece of ID, and I would even bring a third piece of ID if you’re a
new driver, just in case. You will also need money because there’s a cost involved in taking the road test. And any other paperwork that you think that you might
need. If you’re unsure, contact your local authority–the MTO in Ontario, ICBC in
British Columbia, the Ministry of Transportation in Alberta, and so on and so forth. Have the correct paperwork. You don’t
want to show up and not have the correct paperwork. Because if you don’t have the
correct paperwork, they won’t let you take your road test. So check to make
sure that you got your paperwork. And number 10 is: poop, breathe, visualize! When you go in for your road test, sign in, take the time, take a moment & go to the toilet.
There’s nothing worse than trying to do a road test if you gotta go to the
bathroom. Pretty tough to be successful if you get your legs crossed. So… go to
the toilet. Remember breathe: in through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathe to your navel. This will force you to relax. You’re very nervous, so breathe. And
finally, through all of your practice visualize the instructor saying to you:
“You passed!” If you visualize it in your head it is much higher probability that
you’re going to be successful on your road test. So the last one: poop, breathe, visualize! Go to the toilet, breath: in through the nose, out through the mouth. Breath all the way into your navel. Visualize passing your road test! So, in conclusion, the top 10 ways to be
successful on your road test. 1) practice driving; 2) slow speed maneuvers; 3) parallel park; 4) backing; 5) parking; 6) shoulder check. 6) Do a mock test. Figure out where the gaps
might be in your abilities and knowledge for a road test. 7) Before the road test, do
a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle. Don’t get caught out because you can’t
go on your road test because the vehicles not up to standard for the
authority where you’re taking your license. 9) Paperwork – make sure you have the right paperwork before you show up for the road test. Finally, poop, breathe, visualize! Go to the toilet, breathe, visualize yourself being
successful. Good luck on your road test! I’m Rick with Smart Drive Test. Remember: pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer. If you like the channel, subscribe
below; hit the like button. Thanks very much for watching. Have a great day! Closing credits & music.

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    I went out and bought a new MTO Driver's Handbook and carefully looked through it.What an eye-opener! It made me realize how sloppy my driving habits were. I started digging around online and found some useful stuff such as a bootleg copy of the road test score sheet and some good and some bad instructional videos. It did not take me long to figure out that driver awareness was a huge part of the testing procedure. Then I found your videos and was impressed by your attention to detail in all of the lessons.They matched up exactly to the contents of the Driver's Handbook.
     I made lots of notes and then embarked on an intensive 10 day ( I am retired) re-training program for myself.That also included some after-hours reverse parking practice in the local DriveTest parking lot…. along with some shadowing of other drivers who were being tested. I wanted to see where they went and what they had to do.When the day of my test arrived I was not over-confident but felt I knew enough to do all of the requirements….as long as I paid attention. By the time my 25 minute test was over, I felt pretty good.The examiner did not appear to be writing much on the tablet score sheet as I completed all the instructions. All that was said to me when I shut down my vehicle was that I had passed.
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